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cindyA quick question – do you sell stuff on ClickBank as an affiliate or a vendor or both?

If yes, you may want to check out the ClickBank Y.E.S (year-end-sale) by my friend, Adrian Ling – the author of EasyClickmate.

You may have heard of it before or if you are one of my affiliates, you have experienced it! I LOVE Adrian’s program, EasyClickmate. Adrian helped me set up my Affiliate Toolbox almost 5 years ago. His program manages EVERYTHING for me. And, you won’t believe how reasonable his program is! AND, it is even MORE reasonable this week. Well, stick with me!

EasyClickmate is one of  the most robust and well known tools for ClickBank vendors. It has been around since 2002, and it’s what I use to manage my affiliate program, affiliates, and my affiliate toolbox. (If you have not seen it, check out my affiliate program today at

Sweet friends, if you have been wanting to begin your own affiliate program OR if you need help revamping your affiliate program so it is easier for you to manage and for affiliates to grab the tools that they need OR if you’ve been thinking about getting a copy of this program now is the best time because of this incredible deal.

Take a minute to check it out:

This software tool won’t make you rich overnight, but it is an essential pieces of software that makes your ClickBank business run like clockwork FOR YOU.

Check out his offer – there’s no hype on his letter. Adrian’s not much of a copywriter, but he’s a great programmer and a very REAL guy. I like that about him. His program instantly set my affiliate program on the right track. You have GOT to grab it for yours!

You can also read all the other comments posted by his customers on that page. Real customers, real comments. In fact, look for mine there as well! :)

Have a great day! Go grab this set now or you will be very, very sorry. It is an ESSENTIAL for business online! Here is that link again:

With Much Love,

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