Time to Back-up Everything–How to Back-up Your Mailing List

The image ?http://www.cindysdesktop.com/wp-content/uploads/CoffeeLaptop.jpg? cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Hey Cindy,

Are you feeling any better now? I hope so and am praying for you!

I wanted to ask how you how I would do a backup of my subscribers (their email addresses) on my subscribers list on Aweber and also is there a way to backup all my Gmail emails? I was thinking the other day that I’ve never written down my subscriber’s email addresses and thought there is probably a way to do that.


Hi Beth!

How wonderful to hear from you!

Thanks so much. I am still not 100%–still feeling weak—but, I am so much better! Thanks for praying. I can feel the prayers.  :) This stuff just zapped me!!

These are SUPER questions. I am going to also post this on my www.Families-in-Business.com site. I am sure that others may have this same question. If not, they may want a reminder to back-up their lists—at least annually. This is a great time to back up EVERYTHING—computers, websites, mailing lists, documents, email, etc.

You will love this! Aweber makes backing up your subscriber lists very easy. Here is how you do it:

First, log into Aweber.
Click the list that you want to download (see this list is my Mommy Club)
Click the tab (along the top) that says SUBSCRIBERS.

Take a peek at this picture:

Click the file to save into your computer.
If your full list does not show up in the download, you can scroll on down the page and click up to increments of 100. See here:

It may take a bit to back-up the list, but it is really worth backing it up regularly—at least once a year.  And, this is the PERFECT time for backing up everything. 😀

For backing up Gmail emails, oh, I am not quite sure how Gmail works. If it is like most programs, you might be able to download into Outlook each day. That could be backed up—I do that regularly as well (just had too many computers crash-ha!). I am sorry that I am not a lot of help with Gmail.

Hope this helps!



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