Ready to Kick Off of Your Own Affiliate Program? Let Me Help! Sweet Friends!

I have a fun announcement to make!

I remember the first time that I heard the word “affiliate.” I think my eyes glazed over instantly. As my dear friend began to explain what an affiliate program was and why *I* needed to set up my own affiliate program immediately to take my business to the next level, I remember thinking, “TMI!” It was just too much information. It seemed so foreign to me. I had no idea just HOW key my affiliate program would be to my business.

I researched. I studied. Slowly I crawled out of the mire. Yet, I still had so many decisions to make before kicking off my own affiliate program. I wanted to set up the best program. I wanted it set up “the right way” from the very beginning. However, there were so many options, so many things to think about, so many decisions. What to do? I hired a coach–Jimmy D. Brown. Jimmy was pivotal in my business. He came alongside of me helping me to set up an affiliate program that I am very proud of. In fact, it really speaks for itself. The first two days our doors were open, I had an immediate sales army that brought in the money to pay cash for my long-awaited Chevrolet Tahoe and still had cash in the bank–over $56,000 IN JUST TWO DAYS! :) The rest is all history–my history. My business has never been the same again. Can we say that my friend, “Told me so?”

Now, years later, probably one of the most common questions that I am asked is how to start an affiliate program. Oh! I SO know the mire of decisions and the confusion that awaits you when you begin to set up your own affiliate program. That is why I have set up a jump-start group coaching session to help you get started on the right track. You are going to love this session. I suspect that it is just what you have been looking for. Just look at all that we will cover in our live session:

Kicking Off Your Own Affiliate Program
Today is THE DAY!
Let’s Make it EASY!
No-No’s for Successful Affiliate Programs
Tools Make a Difference–HELP Your Affiliates Take You to the Top!
Secrets to Affiliate Success
Secrets to Helping Your Affiliates be a Success
PLUS! We will answer all of your questions!

That is not all!

Setting up your own affiliate program consists of so many aspects that are left out of the typical program. Because of this, I am including video or written tutorials that will guide you through every step of the process. You will love it! Just look at the tutorials included in this set:

A Look in my Affiliate Toolbox
The Sales Process (and What You will be Needing)
Getting Ready to Sell
Easy Salesletters
How to Upload Your Products

Yep! We have EVEN MORE! We also have 16 audios in our QUESTION BOX. Look at what they cover:

The Question Box 1 – How to Begin??? (Beth, Sarah)
The Question Box 2 – Dealing with the Poverty Mindset (Donna)
The Question Box 3 – How to Jumpstart Program and Affiliates? (Sheila)
The Question Box 4 – Do We Move Our Products to Clickbank? (Susan)
The Question Box 5 – How Do You Promote Your Product on Facebook and Twitter? (Martha)
The Question Box 6 – How Do I Get Set Up and Get Traffic on Clickbank? (Donna)
The Question Box 7 – How Do I Train My Affiliates? (Carol)
The Question Box 8 – What Should Be On My Affiliate Site? (Carol)
The Question Box 9 – Do I Set Up One Site or Multiple Sites for My Various Products? (Carol)
The Question Box 10 – How to Set Up Your Own Email Address (Dawnita)
The Question Box 11 – How to Set Up Individual Sales Pages with ClickBank? (Susan)
The Question Box 12 – Questions from Stephanie (Stephanie)
The Question Box 13 – How Do I Help My Affiliates to Sell? (Felice)
The Question Box 14 – Can You Help Me Find a Previous Interview on Affiliate Programs? (Angela)
The Question Box 15 – What About Pricing? How Can I Entice My Affiliates? (Donna)
The Question Box 16 – Do You Promote Your Affiliate Program on Your Sales Pages? (Donna)

Are you ready to propel your business forward? You can do it alone, but if you will dare team up with others who believe in you and your products, you will take years, actually decades, off of your success curve. Join me as I take you by the hand and show you how to kick off your own affiliate program. Your business will never be the same again!

Want to join me? Grab your membership today!  You will  be able to access our Complete Membership Site (with access to our session audio replays plus our video tutorials, and other resources)? Grab the set today:  $99.95

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