WordPress–Setting Up Private, Unlisted Pages

Good morning sweet friends!

I just got a great question in my email. It comes from one of my dear friends who is a part of my private coaching client circle. I thought that you might want to see my answer to her–it is actually something that I just found for my sites a few weeks ago. You will love this!

Does anyone know if you can make a “blind” page on WordPress?  I want to create one page just for family and friends.  I usually send out a Christmas letter each year but want to drive them all to my site this year.  I don’t want the general public to be able to view it, I just want to send an email to family and friends with the “private” page. I’ve messed around with it some in WordPress but thought I would go to the experts.  Hope you all are doing well!  Kay

Good morning Kay!

This is a super question! Actually, this was something that I researched just a few weeks ago. AND, I found a SUPER plug-in that does this for me. It is called:

Exclude Pages from Navigation

I use it to make private download pages or “Thank You for Your Purchase” pages. I love it!

Here is how you install it and use it:

Log into your WordPress Admin—Something like: www.CindyRushton.com/wp-admin

Search for: Exclude Pages from Navigation
A list of Plugins will pull up.
Find the plugin in the list.
A page will come up asking for your CONNECTION INFORMATION. Fill in the information that you use to access your CPANEL or to connect via FTP—This may be different from your WordPress admin information.
Once installed, you will need to ACTIVATE. If you don’t see an option for this after installation—go to PLUGINS.
Find the plugin in the list.

After this plugin is activated, it is easy to add a private, unlisted page. Here is how.

Go to PAGES.
Click ADD NEW.
Add your content for your page.
On the right side-bar, scroll down and you will see a box that is called EXCLUDE PAGES.
Uncheck the box if you do not want it listed for others to find on your website.
If you want the page password protected, scroll back up to the top of the right-sidebar.
Look for VISIBILITY. Click to EDIT. You can make it private or set a password there.

Hope this helps!

Have a wonderful holiday!


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