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Hi, Cindy, I believe in the Info Products class you briefly mentioned using the tags feature in WordPress. What are your thoughts on tags and how to use them, or if to use them? Thank you.  Stephanie


Hello dearies! It has been a WHITE WEEK for us here in North Alabama! Hope that all of you have stayed warm and productive!

Steph, I am so sorry for the delay in answering you. I have been working on some of my big projects behind the scenes. Sorry it took a bit to get to email. 😉

This is a great question! I love the new “tag” feature in WordPress. First, you can tag each and every post as you add it to your site. Second, you can now add a widget to your sidebar that displays a “Tag Cloud” for your site. Wondering about the perks? Here are a few:

1.    Search Engine Optimization! Yes! Your tags should be key words that your prospective site visitors will be looking for as they search for that topic. Now, don’t get hung up on this like so many people do. But, look back over the article/post. Ask yourself what key words are discussed in that particular article/post. Use those for your tags. Talk about a great way to instill what your site is really all about. Who knows—you just might surprise yourself!

2.    Branding. People are looking for the “go-to” person for each and every topic. When they come to your site, you have just moments to communicate what you are all about. Have your tag-cloud on the sidebar REALLY communicates what you have to offer quickly. It also draws them into your site. I recommend having the tag cloud right there close to your mailing list sign-up box. Those two things will really help you to snag those casual visitors.

3.    Site Navigation. I guess that I am getting spoiled. I really like the convenience of finding what I am looking for. I have been studying websites lately. You will see why very soon. I have been looking at many important attributes of sites that I am just finding. One thing that makes a big, big difference is how easy it is to find what YOU are looking for. Yes, I DO want to know all that someone has to offer. That is very important. I (and others) want to know what is there for me to “connect to.” That is important. But, first-things-first, I want to know if you have content that I NEED and WANT. The best way to communicate that is through tags and having a tag cloud there—If those are used, I can click around on TOPICS of interest. This is EASY site navigation. Imagine the mom who is desperate for help in climbing out of the mess in their home? If you have tags that clearly articulate that, she has a quick action plan for getting started on your site. THEN, your job is to close each post/article with an invitation to CONNECT/STAY CONNECTED  with you. Tags get you going.

Tags are relatively new features. I have been really optimizing them a lot in some of my newer Membership Sites. I used them last year for my Ultimate Homeschool Expo to help attendees find “Learning Tracks” for topics of interest like teaching elementary students, discipleship, high school, special needs, taking care of mom–you get the idea.  I have used them for other sites, like Families-in-Business, to help site visitors to navigate my site and search out topics of special interest. I am sure that there are a million other reasons that you MUST begin using the tag feature on your site. I hope that these will get you going. I suspect that you are clicking off this email already and setting them up so, more later dearie!

Love ya!

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