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Hello dearies!

I was just kicked back resting and working through my email (I don’t have a voice today–this cold is getting the best of me! So, I am enjoying a nice day INSIDE digging into my email–NICE!). I ran across this great question and answered it. I thought you guys might like to see this discussion. So, here it is…

I have been trying to figure out whether is worth it for me to use for a new product I’m launching about couponing. I’m using Paypal right now for the pre-launch, but I know there are issues with people not being redirected to the site for the download page. Ugh. And I’m not ready to put it on Clickbank.

So…does e-junkie do a better job with product delivery? If I don’t have a bunch of products (just want to start out with this one), can I redirect buyers to a page on my site after the sale? I’d like to start out with the $5 a month one. I have an account with them, don’t remember when I got it, but I haven’t seen very good info on how to setup the account. I know I can figure it out, but I’d rather follow some good instructions instead of playing the “trial and error” game. :o)

Have you had any issues with e-junkie? How challenging is it to setup? Is it feasible to think I could get it done in an afternoon? I’m pretty tech savvy.


Hi Susan!

Congrats on your new product. You are making tracks this year, dearie! 😀

I am not familiar enough with e-junkie to give any feedback, but I do have a great idea that may help you with your Paypal sales process. I recently began using an awesome plugin for my shopping cart at my websites. It is called WordPress Estore Plugin (Click the name, then when you are at the site, look at the top of the page for PRODUCTS. WordPress eStore Plugin is the first product listed). WordPress Estore Plugin integrates most of the payment processing options that we typically use like Paypal, One Shopping Cart, etc. I gave it a test drive and I LOVE IT!  I am using it with Paypal and  it is working seamlessly. I have had only a few burps—usually solved by a quick email. NOTHING like all of the work I was having each day!

WordPress Estore Plugin is integrated with WordPress. It works within your WordPress sites. I used it already on my,, and You can peek to see how they are all working. Just look for my eStores. If you find something you want to grab, use my coupon code: family for a discount of 50% off when you order. That is another thing you can do—offer coupon codes. NICE and EASY!

Not only can you set up your store with categories/depts. but you can really work this around the structure that you want. If you just want a payment button, you can have that. If you want to use it on a salesletter type page (in WordPress, you can set up a salesletter page if you are using the right theme). You can even set up a product shopping cart. I love it!

Each item is entered into the shopping cart with its name, price, description, and download information. You can also include autoresponders (so you can place all customers into an email list) and many other things. It even has an additional plugin that can be used to offer an affiliate program—I have not tested that because I LOVE Clickbank and my system for using Clickbank. It gives you lots of options.

I don’t know if I am supposed to share an affiliate link here on the list. I do not typically affiliate with just any program. This is one program that I just wish that I OWNED! Ha!  I will post this Q/A on my website. There you can find the link. I think that you will LOVE it! Here is the link to my website:

((Here is my affiliate link: WordPress Estore Plugin (Click the name, then when you are at the site, look at the top of the page for PRODUCTS. WordPress eStore Plugin is the first product listed).))

If you purchase through my link, let me know. Just email me at: I will add you to my private coaching group. Several of my clients are using this plugin for their shopping carts. They are sooo wonderful about answering questions and giving great ideas for making things work.

Hope this helps! Hope you have a very successful launch of your product!


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