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Cindy2015Hello Dearies!


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Happy Birthday to ME! And, BIG savings for you! Wooohooo!

You, Yes YOU, Called and Equipped to be a Godly Help Meet! by Cindy Rushton

Cindy2015The first introduction to the word “help meet” in the Bible is found in Genesis 2:18-25…

“And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him. And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field, but for Adam there was not found a helpmeet for him. And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made He a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

What a beautiful picture of God’s provision for man!

God had literally given Adam the whole world but He knew that was “not good” because man was still alone. So, in great provision, God created a “helpmeet” suitable for Adam. Not a helper to work in the garden for Adam so he could spend his days playing golf (or hunting!). Not a doormat to walk upon! Instead, God provided Adam with a “helpmeet,” with a very special purpose of being the completer of Adam!

What is a Helpmeet?

Help in its verb form means “to aid or supply that which the individual cannot provide for himself–conveying the idea of aiding someone in need.”

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines helper as “one who helps (gives assistance, strength, promotes, delivers from difficulties or distress, advances a purpose, relief, to contribute strength or means, aids or assists, furnishes or administers a remedy, one who supplies with anything wanted.”

Meet comes from the Hebrew word meaning,  “opposite… according to opposite of him, meaning that she will complement and correspond to him, she is to be equal to and adequate for the man.”

The meaning of this is also deepened in Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, correspond: “to suit, to answer; to agree; to fit; to be adapted to; to be equal; to be adequate or proportioned.”

A Helpmeet is to provide what is needed or lacking. She is fit for her husband. She is suitable for him. She is adapted for him and she is adapted to him. She is compatible to him. God created her for his companion, his partner!

Look at the various ways that we come alongside our husbands as their helpmeet…

The Praying Helpmeet…

A helpmeet is marked by a life of prayer. She will pray for her man! I am not talking about a simple little “God bless him” prayers, I mean earnest, continual, unceasing prayer. Prayer with a burdened heart until you “pray through” for him. Committing to fast and pray for different needs in his life. So often, more time is spent grumbling and complaining about one fault in our husbands than we spend in prayer for them in a whole year! A helpmeet will be busy praying and fasting for her man.

Let’s do a check–up:
–>  Do you pray earnestly, continually, and unceasingly for him?
–>  When was the last time that you prayed about a problem of his until it was answered?
–>  Do you care enough about his struggles, his dreams, his concerns, and his desires to pray and fast for God’s answers?
–>  Do you take your concerns to the Lord or try to handle them yourself?
–>  Would your husband call you a woman of prayer?
–>  Can he depend on
you to be praying for him?

May we commit to become a praying help meet today!

The Supportive Help Meet…

A few years ago, my husband and I were talking about the needs of men as I was preparing for my book “Hidden Woman.” (Grab your copy here.) It was very interesting that his first response to the needs of men was that they needed three things…prayer, encouragement, and support.

Wow! He went on to share other things…which are the outline of this article (and the book) but he felt that he could not withstand the demands of his job in Law Enforcement or now the demands of his business if those three ingredients were not primary in our relationship.

I agree here on this one! Our husbands’ heartbeats must by our heartbeats. We must really believe in them when the going gets tough! We must purpose to stand beside him EVEN when we have a different plan, or shall I say, ESPECIALLY when we have a different plan. This support must be unconditional too–not based on our moods or their performance.

To check up on this area, ask yourself…
–>  Do you really care about things that are important to him (his job or hobbies or dreams or concerns or his heart’s desires)?
–>  Does your spirit motivate your husband to be the true leader in your marriage or do you just “take over” when you think he can’t do it himself?
–>  Do you trust in his ability to handle decisions and provide for ALL your needs?
–>  Does he know that you are on his side?
–>  Does he feel your support or does he feel all alone?

Oh, sweet friend! Purpose to be that support structure that he can lean upon as he walks his Christian walk!

The Help Meet Who Respects Her Husband…

The area of respect is the area in which many women unknowingly begin to hurt their husbands. As a result, many begin to destroy their own home in the process. Instead, let’s become like the Proverbs 31 woman and create even more respect for him! Proverbs 31: 23…”Her husband is respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.”
Respect for our husbands begins at home. They should be fully confident that we would never harm them with our tongues or attitudes. Trust me, if you ever say anything bad about your husband everyone will immediately get their little evil minds going and think 100 times worse than you are saying. Be real careful about this. Our husbands deserve our loyalty in this area. If others see that you honor and respect your husband, they will too.

OK, check yourself in this area…
–>  How do you speak to your husband?
–>  What about your attitude, what does it say?
–>  Do you roll your eyes…act disinterested in what he says…do you correct him the whole time he is talking?
–>  How do you speak about him…Praise? Complain? Whine? Admire?

Make it your ambition to be like the Proverbs 31 woman by creating respect for that darling man!

A Helpmeet Admires Her Man…

I heard a message not long ago by Denny Kenaston in which he said, “Every man should know what it is like to be a king! He ought to be a king in his own home!

Well, what is it like in your home…is your husband king? We ought to have our days wrapped around things which bless him. We should admire Him exceedingly. Esteem him. Respect him highly. We will get much, much farther with our husbands with admiration than with nagging, comparing, complaining or whining. We will find them drawing near to us as we treat them with the respect that God created them to need.

Yes, God wants our marriages to be a picture of the church’s relationship with King Jesus.

So, how are you doing…
–>  Is your husband the “King of His Castle?”
–>  Do your actions and words show admiration, esteem, and respect?
–>  Do you stop what you are doing to listen to him?
–>  Do you create an atmosphere of excitement about Dad coming home?
–>  Do you treat him like you would KING JESUS?

The Love of a Help Meet…

I know, I have finally gotten to a “given” with this point…of course, we LOVE our husbands? RIGHT? Well, I am afraid if it were always that easy the Bible would not have commanded that the older women teach the younger women HOW to love their husbands. We must learn how to really love our husbands.

True love is loving them unconditionally–EVEN when they do not perform as we might want. It is pouring our whole life into him–making HIM great. Honoring his wishes. Pouring our whole life into loving him. Oh, how much tougher–it will take purifying our hearts to fill this great need.

I Peter 3 says that it is the conversation, manner of our life, that will win them over. This requires that we focus on KNOWING God, becoming conformed to the image of Christ, and becoming holy. As we purify our hearts, we will find his heart changing into a heart seeking after us!

What about it dear friends? How are you doing?
–>  Do you miss him while he is away?
–>  Do you willingly do what he asks?
–>  Do you honor his wishes even when he would never know?
–>  Do you revolve your life around him?
–>  Do you love unconditionally?
–>  Is your heart pure?
–>  Are you purposing become like Christ or are you too busy trying to help God conform your husband to your standard of LIKE CHRIST?

Let’s purpose to become our husband’s helpmeet by surrendering ALL to God…waiting on God to do the work necessary in our husband’s lives…becoming our husbands’ friend as they step heavenward…never slipping into the flesh by trying to MAKE our husbands into our idea of what God wants!

The Encouragement of a Help Meet…

This was another one of those biggies that my husband shared with me that was vital for him to be successful. I have to agree. Boy, this one is important!

I see those fears that no one else sees. I see those struggles that no one else could ever imagine were there. I feel the pain that is just quietly aching. That is why God gave me that extra dose of encouragement just to help him!
Your husbands are no different! Let’s encourage them to fulfill their goals, to reach for their dreams, and to go where God is leading. Let us be faithful to encourage them with our prayers and let them know that we have been praying for him. Let’s seek God for HIS WORD for them and encourage them with scripture. It is always a blessing to get a copy of the scripture that God has given you to encourage him. Psalm 37 was a special gem that God gave me when my husband was going through a very difficult time. It was an encouragement to know just how God sees things and how He works! This is so encouraging for our husbands when they know that we care enough to go to God on their behalf, to seek God’s Word of encouragement just for them. It really shows them that their struggles are our struggles. As you see him struggle, write notes of encouragement or even love letters about his strengths that you admire.   Let him know that you are with him, cheering him on all along the way. And, never underestimate the power of hugs! They are always an encouragement!

So, how do you do in this area?
–>  Are you praying for your husband’s struggles?
–>  Are you God’s vessel of encouragement for your husband?
–>  Do you share special gems from scripture with your husband?
–>  Does your husband ever hear what you like about him?
–>  What does your husband think of when he thinks of you–she is happy to be my wife, she has faith in me, she needs me, or she would rather do her own thing, she doesn’t have to have me, all I am is a paycheck…I can’t please her?

The Helpmeet Promotes Her Man…

What is the real difference between the feminist and the Christian Help Meet? I think it is WHO is built up and promoted.

The help meet can get her fulfillment in God’s design for her life–His purpose. The help meet doesn’t have to strive to promote herself, her rights, and her own life. She can relax, trust God, and forward her husband. She can dare to advance her husband. Contribute to his growth, enlargement, or excellence. She values him. She exalts him. She elevates him. She raises him up before herself.

How are you doing?
–>  Which are you busy promoting…yourself? The kids? Or you’re darling husband?
–>  Are you willing to take the back seat as you forward and advance your husband’s call?
–>  Are you willing to set aside all your own dreams to help him pursue his?
–>  Are you ready to change your plans to go along with his?
–>  Are you willing to pour all of your gifts, strengths, wisdom, etc…ALL into pushing him into the front?
–>  Are you willing to be a hidden woman?

The Helpmeet Affirms Her Man…

Have you ever-paid attention to men? I think that they all have a great need to have that one person who affirms their manhood–their leadership abilities, their masculinity, their sexuality.

Be the one to comfort any of your man’s insecurities. Let him be your hero. Let him know that no one else can take his place. Make him firm- steady, fixed, constant, stable, unshaken, not easily moved, solid, not giving way.

Establish Him as a leader. To establish is to settle or fix what is wavering, doubtful or weak, to make good. Submission will establish him. Through your submission, he will take leadership and will be strong, unwavering, sure, and strong. Affirm him by being loyal to him. Be loyal even when he makes mistakes, when he is facing difficulties, when he is suffering, when he is excited.

How well do you affirm your husband?
–>  Does he know that you appreciate him as a man?
–>  Does he believe that you cannot live without him?
–>  Do you really need him?
–>  Are you encouraging his leadership? –>  Are you surrendered to his leadership?
–>  Are you loyal to him?

The Inspirational Help Meet…

Our husbands need for us to believe in them and inspire them to go for their dreams. They need for us to inspire them to absolute greatness. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines inspire as “the infusion of ideas or direction.” This definition helps us to see our role very seriously.

We should be encouraging them to have ideas, goals, and dreams. We should be the first one to encourage and embrace his ideas, goals, and dreams. Sweet friend, have a vision for all that God calls him to do. Often this is the little spark that they need to really know that they can do what they dream of doing.

How do you know if you are doing OK in this area?
–>  Do you believe that your husband is really great?
–>  Can God use you to share direction with your husband?
–>  Do you encourage your
husband to have ideas, goals, and dreams?
–>  Do you lovingly embrace his ideas or beat him down?
–>  Have you ever really seen God’s Vision for your husband’s life?

Why not create that spark?

The Challenge of a Help Meet…

In so many marriages the only challenge that a man might get is when he is doing something he believes in and the wife does not like it! Yuck! I am not talking about that being the kind of challenge of a godly helpmeet. A godly helpmeet can challenge her husband spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Take a peek at 1 Peter 3:1-2…

“Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the Word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation (manner of life!) of the wives; while they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear.”

Yes, this kind of challenge spiritually is not the nagging, fussing, complaining, whining, bossing that so many women use to BE the Holy Spirit for their husbands. Instead, it is becoming godly yourself, allowing him time to spend alone with God without becoming jealous, and letting GOD deal with any disobedience in your husband’s life. This means that we dare to be the REAL DEAL. It means that our faith inspires them to step heavenward. It means that instead of being a stumbling block for them, we become a stepping stone–being that person that inspires them to grasp on to all that Christ died to give them.

The mental challenge comes in as we purpose to know our husbands. Not just know about them, but this means getting to KNOW them. Becoming a student of them and their life. This includes getting to know what he does for a living so that you can understand his job/business AND so you can understand his struggles along the way. This means taking interest in his hobbies enough to “talk” about them. It means that we get to know about current events so we can carry on a decent conversation with them. This means staying sharp!

The physical challenge comes as we challenge them to stay fit and healthy. We influence their health in so many ways–in what we prepare for them to eat, in how active we stay as a family, and in making time and priority as a family to hit the gym. We can make it easy OR very, very difficult for them to stay fit and healthy. Our call is to challenge them to stay fit and healthy.

What kind of challenge are you?
–>  Do you challenge him to be godly or do you chase him away from God?
–>  Do you keep yourself so close to God so he can respect your godliness?
–>  Do you know about things he is interested in?
–>  Are you stimulating?

The Honor of a Help Meet…

I will never forget the influence of my husband’s grandmother who became my best friend until she died. Her marriage relationship was a model of what I believe God wants for us in our homes. She was an honor to her husband. Others would make demands of her but it was Papaw’s wishes she always honored in spite of her desire. It may have been actually her fault that these Rushton men are so spoiled because she showered her husband with attention and all these guys think that all women should do the same. 🙂 I watched her and began to see a model of honor that we could all follow. Her honor for her husband set her marriage apart.

Create excitement about them. Wrap your day around them. Do special things-bake cookies, etc. to surprise Daddy. Pray for him with your children- for his safety, his courage, his ability to minister to others, for his wisdom in making decisions, for his health, etc. Lift  up your husband before others–especially your children and other young women!

Remember Titus 2:3-5? You cannot teach others to honor and love their husbands any better way than by your example. It is an ornament for you to honor him with your words and attitudes and actions. It is SO UGLY for you to tear him down and that is SO easy to do. Remember that honor is not based on performance but on position. Treat him like you would treat Jesus. Our homes hurt from a lack of honor. Satan chips away at the home and the man when we talk about them or rebel against them-THIS IS A LINE TO NEVER CROSS!

What about the area of honor?
–>  Are you honoring your husband as you would Christ?
–>  Are his wishes priorities?
–>  Do you create an excitement over his homecoming each day?
–>  Are you doing the little things that build HIM up?
–>  Are you wrapping everything around him?
–>  Are you being a good example for your children and other young women?

–>  Are you watching your attitude so that it does not communicate something different than what you deep-down desire?

A Challenge…

Sweet friend, I know that this article is a lot of heart surgery but where are you? How are you doing?

You are so priceless. You are so vital. Your husband NEEDS you.  Your husband needs for you to be ALL THERE.

How are you doing? Are you so busy doing everything else that you can not take the time for your sweetheart? Are you recognizing the need to build that relationship?

The good news is that God is more than willing to do that work in your life, in your marriage. He has created and equipped you to be a godly helpmeet. Today, step up to that call. You have an incredible journey ahead–I will be cheering you on all along the way!

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Let’s Make a Memory…Over Books! by Cindy Rushton

Cindy2015Hummm…was it the giggles the whole way through adventures with Pooh? My constant sobbing through every page of The Little Preacher? Our total addiction to every single page of Pilgrim’s Progress? The giggles and strategy as the children would run off to “play” every single bit of Daniel Boone’s life—with stiff warnings from Mom that NO ONE really got the hair-cut! Peeking outside to see the hard, hard work as forts were raised and mud pies “baked” for our beloved “soldier.” Oh, the precious, precious memories! Precious memories that are OURS forever!

Why not make it a priority to curl up as a family over the pages of a great book each day? Get the water going…pull out some nice snacks…settle down for tea (or hot cocoa!!)…and dig into great books! Game? But have no idea where to begin?? Come home with our family and get a picture of how easy AND awesome building a memory—over a great book—can be!

Decide a Good Time for Read Alouds…

Over the years, I have found that even though I LOVE great literature and believe passionately in the power of a great book to inspire us toward greatness, teach those facts in a palitable manner, and feed our hungry minds with great ideas, there has still been a constant battle with distractions from our beloved typical family reading time. Constant phone calls…friends dropping by…never the same day to day family life because of constant interruptions…the list could go on and on! I found that we needed a more consistent time to read, study, and cuddle. A time that was just ours!

The best time for this was at the end of our busy day. Our family reading tradition began years ago when my husband worked as a State Trooper. We found ourselves up until very late hours. Those last few hours before he came in seemed perfect. They were not likely to be times for calls, errands, or drop-by guests. They were the easiest to preserve for our special time whether we were on the road traveling or cuddling on our sofa or snuggled in my bed for a nice, long read aloud! Those moments were the perfect ones for our family. Now, since the children are almost grown up, the schedule is more complex than ever, and dad is now retired and running the family business the ONE constant that we all cry out for in the midst of busy or chaotic or even the most hum-drum day is our evening family read aloud and pow-wow time!

So, the first things to decide–what time would work best for your family? Look at your schedule? What time of the day is the most constant…the most uninterrupted…the easiest to settle down? Set that time aside—you have a treasure house of memories coming your way!


Perhaps a set time is not the problem. Perhaps the greatest need is dealing with the struggles that make read-alouds an utter impossibility. An ideal! Certainly not a reality! You know…settling down the children…containing the messes long enough to finish one small part of a story…getting their interest? The habit that becomes a treasured tradition begins bit-by-bit! Here are a few ideas that may help:

* Get to know YOUR family and their interests. Each and every family is completely unique. What we love to read as a family, your family may not like at all! Our children may be completely different ages as yours. Our family preferences may be completely different than yours. In fact, our choices for read-alouds now that our children are at these ages are very different from the choices we made in the early years. The key to a sizzling read aloud program rests with getting to know YOUR family and their interests and then basing your choices upon where you are.

* Use a reading list! Have no idea which books to begin with? TOTALLY confused with all of the options? We have a couple of recommendations. First, we recommend our book The Never-ending Rushton Reading List (soon to be re-released in ebook format after being TOTALLY revamped–working on that now!). It is very reasonable, compact, simple, and easy to begin using today. It includes suggestions that are perfect for teaching every subject with great books AND it has a basic list of recommended read alouds that EVERY (smile!) family should read through! As they get older, another recommendation that we have is our book Inspiring Our Children Toward Greatness Using Great Literature (also, out of print right now–look for it to be re-released in ebook format very soon too! One powerful book!) which has an extended list of recommendations for life-transforming literature and great books that you won’t want to miss. You can also find great recommendations in other books, catalogs, and at your local library.

* Make it FUN! Reading need not resemble the drudgery from our school days. Rather, it can be a great big family party! We have a daily “tea time” with our read alouds. When the children were little, I found very soon that our children were much more attentive if their bellies were full and their hands busy. Being a “tea-time addict,” it was almost the “given” thing to do! This may seem a bit artificial to your family. Find what works. Some families settle down with snacks like our family. Others entertain the children with play-doh to keep their hands busy while mommy reads. Other families give their children sketch books to “draw” what they imagine while mommy reads the book. Just make it a FUN family time! You will be amazed at how much the children will learn while making a memory!

Choose the BEST! Great Literature!

The still, quiet spirit of our home was only the first part of this special family tradition! Great books were musts! My children love to read. We have a library just for them filled with books that they can choose during their free time. They cover a wide-range of studies just by using whole, living books full of ideas and great information. For our read alouds, I did not want a repeat of those books. Instead, I wanted life-changing literature. Because of this heartbeat, I am extremely selective to choose the very BEST books for this special time.

I have a very simple test for discerning if the books are life-changing. I ask myself, “If these were the last moments that I had with my children, would this be the book that I would want to be the LAST ONE?? Would this be the memory that I want for them to carry with them?” “Is this book capable of teaching those life-lessons that they need to carry them through life?” This limits my choices to those books that are absolute MUSTS for my children. Those books that all well-educated children should dine upon. Those books that feed the spirit…challenge the soul…and encourage us to keep on persevering through it all!

I have been amazed at the way the Lord has led us by His Spirit to each book that He has wanted for us to read as a family. From The Hiding Place to Basket of Flowers to The Elsie Series to Hedge of Thorns to Passion and Purity to great poetry to Christmas stories to a multitude of biographies…God has had specific direction for us right when we needed to know His next choice!

Once I know which book we will read next, I usually hunt for a nice, large print edition, if at all possible. These are wonderful for helping us take turns. My son used to be so intimidated by small print in books. The large print editions are easier for him to read comfortably from. They also make great texts for copywork lessons. I saw the advantage to the large print as we read from Corrie Ten Boom’s The Hiding Place. There were so many wonderful quotes that I felt were important for the children to copy into their copybooks. While we read aloud, I simply marked them with a highlighter. On those mornings that the children were drawing blanks for copywork ideas, all they had to do was open that book to find a plethora of excellent choices! I found that to be helpful for my writing and speaking as well because I could easily find those great thoughts that had been planted in my mind while we read!

We usually take turns reading. This is the perfect way to help beginning readers ease into reading aloud for others. Their work can be so mundane if they practice with readers or insignificant reading lessons. A great book invites children to read with expression. When I would notice them tiring out, (you probably know that time because that is when they get REAL monotone…AKA boring!!) I would join in and read for a little while. That usually brightened up the pace so that when they would begin again, they would sound expressive and enthusiastic. Now, I absolutely LOVE to listen to them read aloud. It is neat to hear them stress those words that I would stress…or pause as I would pause! What a treasure!

Well, that is only part of the treasure! One thing that I love about this precious time with my children is that I find out just what they think, feel, and believe. We have tremendous discussions almost nightly about great ideas. I remember this being a goal for my children as they matured into adulthood. I never dreamed that I could have this blessing with little children! It is during these quaint moments of reading while sipping our tea, that I get a peek into their heart! I see their heart’s desires…their struggles in their character…the depths that God’s Word has worked in their lives…and their instant choices when faced with adversity (through the pages of the books). I can also help them trouble-shoot making decisions that may prevent them from irreparable errors later in their lives! Yes, those are the gifts that come with serving up great literature to our children.

Just This Easy…

Our daily read aloud time is just this easy. We don’t make it complicated by tests…by book reports…by written narrations on all we read. We are not even legalistic that our time be limited to books. We have been known to cuddle up with art prints JUST like we do our books. When we include art prints, we simply cuddle up to “listen” to the artist as he or she communicates through the canvas. My little ones have been known to sketch or paint the recent art print with their own style while I read a section from a great book. We also LOVE biographies, so we have enjoyed reading sketches about artists or the latest composer that we are getting to know! Each day, we use this time to also read through the Bible together as a family. This only takes minutes, yet the results have been overwhelming in our lives. Just a bit here and a bit there has helped to carry us into our world with a little bit more understanding about the worldviews of our culture! Not to mention, great art and music feed our minds with ideas that keep us growing into the vessels that God can really use in our culture!

Well, why not put on a little Classical Music in the background. Warm some water…EVEN if you prefer to use it for hot chocolate with fluffy marshmallows! 🙂 Dust off those poetry books or that book you keep putting off for another day. Curl up with your little ones…there is NOTHING quite like the memory that can be made over a great book!!

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Marriage 911! A Crash Course for Those Whose Marriages are Crashing or a Lesson in Aerobatics for the Show of a Lifetime

Cindy2015Dear friends,

Marriage stats are not looking great. 50% of all marriages end in divorce. This stat is no different for Christian or non-Christian marriages. The sad thing is that getting a marriage license is much, much easier than getting a private pilot’s license. It can be obtained in minutes in most states whereas typical pilots take over a year or more to obtain their Private Pilot’s License.

My husband is a pilot. Several years ago, we went on one of his “cross-country” flights, one of several that was required for his licensing. As we flew, I had a Bible Study that changed my marriage, and ultimately, my life. That was the birth of this study. Now, after 7 years this study is now available.

We have made this study simple and easy to use. You can join me at YOUR PACE and at YOUR CONVENIENCE. You can study self-paced through our “flight plans” that are prepared with the purpose of coming alongside of you, teaching you the lessons, strategies, and secrets to building a marriage that lasts forever!

Why This Study?
1. We all need an intense program to help us understand God’s plan for marriage–His design, His secrets to success, how to biblically love our spouse, what to do in the event of “problems” along the way, and what we are working toward.

2. We need someone, “a Private Pilot Instructor,” to “ride” with us while we learn and instruct us on the secrets that will make it easier.

3. We all need a different view from time-to-time. Up in the air, things look totally different. We can see a bigger picture. We need someone to take us up away from the myriad of details so we can get a different view–a bigger picture.

That is EXACTLY what this course is all about. So, we lovingly introduce our newest online study:

Marriage 911! A Crash Course for Those Whose Marriages are Crashing or a Lesson in Aerobatics for the Show of a Lifetime

You are going to love, love, love this study. It is designed with the busy wife in mind:

1. Go your own pace! Study through with me–I will give you a new lesson every month. This gives you time to dig in and enjoy the lessons without being rushed. Of course, if you need more time, just take it. This is YOUR pace! The lessons never expire!

2. We bring everything to you. Every month, you will receive an email with the link for your new download page. It is ready to download and enjoy!

3. Everything you need is included. We include everything you need, well except for your Bible, journal and mp3 player. If we mention an article, audio, or any other resource needed, we include it on your download page–FREE! It is right there waiting for you. You don’t have to purchase anything extra for this course.

4. Never have to worry about missing a lesson. Let’s face it, sometimes we just get TOO busy for a while. Well, we make it very easy for you to catch up at any time. Each week, we list the links for your previous lessons on the download page. You don’t have to worry about missing lessons from the past. In fact, in the event of a computer crash (we pray you never have anything like that happen), you can pick up right where you are in the study. The links for all of the past “Flight-Plans” are included on the download page. Easy. You don’t have to give it a second thought.


Wow, Cindy, I just got the new Marriage Flight-Plans, and I am so blown away by the content! You are such a blessing to me and my family. Thank you for all of the content and bonuses that you included. This is exactly what I have been needing. You did it again.

Thanks again,



Thanks so much for these wonderful “flight-plans.” Steve and I just downloaded the first one and listened to it while having a picnic lunch -you call that “pow-wow.” We had a wonderful discussion about how we would purpose to connect with one another. This is already helping our marriage today. I can’t wait for the future “flight-plans” to arrive. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


PS. Steve now thinks we should take flight lessons. WINK

Speaking of “Flight Plans,” we have amazing lessons on the horizon. Want to see a list of just a few? Sure….

The Plan
“God’s Plan for Marriage”

* NOT GOOD! God’s Plan for Intimacy
* It’s a Covenant Thing
* Helpmeet or Hurtmeet???
* Completer or Competer???
* Leave, Cleave, Become One
* Love and Respect
* A Gentle and Quiet Spirit
* Wither Thou Goest…
* Lessons from the Wayward Woman
* Heirs for Life
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

The Supplies
“Essentials for the ‘Course” of Study”

* A Look at 1 Corinthians 13–LOVE
* God–A Three-Fold Cord
* The Word–Your Flight Manual
* Power-Up with the Holy Spirit
* Fill Your “Home” with Good Things
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

The Lessons
“Lessons Heart-to-Heart”

* Fire Up Your Marriage!
* Submission…DO WHAT???
* Castles Under FIRE!
* Make TIME!
* Build Your Home
* Study Your Spouse
* Guard Your Home
* Dangers that Destroy
* 3-Legged Race
* Standing in the Storms
* Maintain Your Home
* Rebuild from the Rubbish
* Build a Legacy
* Invest Your Very Best!
* Love Is…Unconditional
* Love Is…A Decision
* Love Is…Passionate
* Love Is…Intentional
* Love Is…FOREVER!
* R-E-S-P-E-C-T
* Forgiveness
* The Godly Helpmeet
* Pulling Out of a Crash 101
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

“Test-Taking 101”

* Forgiving the Unforgivable
* Pulling Out of a Crash 101
* Standing Through the Storms of Life–Together!
* Dealing with Life’s Curve Balls
* Fight RIGHT!
* Rebuilding from the Rubbish
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

Extra Credit
“Bonuses that Build a FOREVER Marriage”

* Establishing Common Interests
* Romance Toolbox!
* Forging a Forever Friendship
* Firing Up the Romance Fires
* Get Connected
* Date Your Mate
* Priority
* Purpose
* Vision
* Faithfully Yours
* Little Things Make It Great!
* Duct Tape YOUR Mouth!
* Pow-Wow with Your Spouse
* Laughter
* Let’s Make a Memory
* Family Stories
* Honey Do’s
* How to Help Your Man Be All He Can Be
* You Made It–Cheerleader!
* Make Your Bedroom Super Special
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

Making The Grade
“Keys to Making the Grade”

* Never, Ever Quit
* Mind Your Marriage
* Be Intentional!
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

Continuing Education
“Lessons Along the Way”

* Seasons
* No Quitting
* Best Friends Forever
* Write a Beautiful History
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

Getting Your Masters
“The Ultimate Accomplishment”

* Building a Legacy Together
* Glory!
* Make Your Marriage SOAR!
* Destroy Your Man in Just 5 Years…OR Help Your Man Be ALL He Can Be???
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!


Cindy, I have felt so lost as a wife. I have prayed and prayed for someone to help me learn lessons like this. What an answer to my prayers. I am with you all the way. I want a marriage that soars!

Dianna Smith from VA

Love it? I do! I am so excited about this course. And, we have finally found the perfect format. Here is how it works:

Every month, you will receive an email with the link for our new “Flight Plan.” A “Flight Plan” is simply a lesson (on the topics above). We send one “Flight Plan” every month. That gives you plenty of time to listen, take notes, listen again, and really soak in the lessons. You are going to love it!

1. Short And Easy To Digest (OK, some are longer, but they are broke up into several parts).
2. Includes Everything You Need.
3. Builds As You Go.
4. Forces You To Succeed Long-Term.
5. Helps You Make Real Progress.

Each lesson is designed to be “to the point” and immediately actionable. You will be able to use each lesson immediately in your own marriage. Just peek at the outlines of our first Flight Plan:

Get Connected with Your Spouse-

* You’ll learn how to intentionally connect with your spouse–why you should and how God intends for us to connect with our spouses.
* You’ll learn about the importance of planning time to pow-wow with your spouse and how to make it happen even in a very, very busy home.
* You’ll learn about how to make the most of your time with your spouse so you make sweet memories and bond even closer.
* You’ll learn how Harold and Cindy stay focused and stick to their priorities by pulling aside in the busyness of life to dream, brainstorm, and plan together.
* You’ll learn how to connect with your spouse by intentionally bringing romance into your relationship.
* Plus, much, much MORE!

That is not all! The first flight plan includes extra bonuses: articles, a “Love Journal” assignment, and a fun Romance “Cheat-Sheet.” And, that is only the FIRST “Flight Plan” in our study! You can dig in TODAY!

Wonder what it costs?

This is the best part!

We wanted to make our “Marriage Flight Plans” as affordable as possible. So, we decided to make them less than the price of a pizza. Yep! Only $4.95 per month!

You will be set up on a membership that bills you directly each month. You don’t have to do anything after you join, but enjoy!

We will send your “Flight Plans” every month! Oh! Actually, some months along the way, you will receive bonus goodies that are completely unadvertised. It may be an additional audio that takes you deeper into the topic. It may be that your particular “Flight Plan” ended up being a “mini-retreat” and we included the entire recording as your download. There are even weeks that you will receive bonus ebooks, articles, and downloadable goodies. You are going to LOVE this series!

The One Limitation…

Yes, we have one limitation that you need to know about up front. We set up this study in a format that begins at lesson one and continues until all of the lessons are taught. Because of the format, if you sign up, you will begin at lesson one. You will receive a new lesson every month. The only limitation results from this format. If you cancel your membership, you will have to begin at the very beginning again. We can’t drop you into the sequence where you left off.

Just in case you are wondering, if you need to change your email address, that is ok. We will gladly help you change it out.

One final thing…we have already been asked if these audios will ever be available individually. The answer is yes and no. Some along the way MAY be available for purchase, but these are being recorded specifically as part of our course. It would be very rare when we make these available since it is hard to pull a teaching from the middle of the course and really make sense.

The retail prices for all of these items individually is $1974.85+ and growing each month (we keep adding even MORE to this course!)!

Join us now! Marriage 911: A Crash Course With All of These Freebies!

Get Ready for the “Show of a Lifetime!!” (Cancel at any time and we will still be friends!)

(Even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Saturday)

Marriage 911! A Crash Course for Those Whose Marriages are Crashing or a Lesson in Aerobatics for the Show of a Lifetime - Online Membership Course
Marriage 911! A Crash Course for Those Whose Marriages are Crashing or a Lesson in Aerobatics for the Show of a Lifetime - Online Membership Course
Marriage stats are not looking great. 50% of all marriages end in divorce. This stat is no different for Christian or non-Christian marriages. The sad thing is that getting a marriage license is much, much easier than getting a private pilot’s license. It can be obtained in minutes in most states whereas typical pilots take over a year or more to obtain their Private Pilot’s License. Join Cindy Rushton as she comes alongside of you as your Marriage "Flight Instructor." She will inspire, encourage, and equip you for your call as a godly wife. Don't miss this course! Click on the title of this course for more information.
Price: $4.95

You will be able to dig into our very first “Flight Plan” that is waiting just for YOU!

See ya on the inside!

Cindy2015Cindy Rushton

This study promises to be your most favorite marriage resource(s) EVER!

Let’s Make a Memory…Over Tea! by Cindy Rushton

Cindy2015A cup of tea???

Tea…What comes to your mind?

As I think back over the years since that first cup of tea, I think beyond the various types of tea…the beautiful tea rooms and homes that have welcomed me for the ritual…the unique cups and teapots, each with its own story…all those details blur. But, one thing brings me back to “tea” over and over again…relationships! Relationships forged over moments shared over a cup of tea. Sweet, sweet memories that forge forever relationships.

My very first memories of tea were on the front porch, truly Southern Style with Iced Sweet Tea. There was never a meal served or a family gathering without plenty of Iced Sweet Tea. Just visiting Mamaw, I could always expect a big, tall glass of Sweet Lemon Tea whether we were working in her kitchen or swinging on the front porch enjoying her flowers and sweet conversation.

My very first cup of hot tea was typical Southern Style as well. At the end of my first year of homeschooling, I spent a wonderful day with a dear fellow homeschooler. We were preparing dresses for her to hand-smock for her youngest little girl. Her precious pre-teen came in mid-afternoon to ask if we would care for any tea. Being the TRUE Southerner that never passes up a great cup of tea, I said, “Sure!” She went on preparing tea, as was usual in her home. When she brought it out, I had to ask for directions on how to “take tea.” That moment my true love for tea was born!

Since that moment, I have developed a true passion for ANYTHING to do with tea of ANY kind! I love the different types of tea. I love the books that all share little tidbits about the fine art of tea. I love collectables that each have a story to make them more and more endearing. I love the recipes for goodies that make a nice addition to ANY day. I love the versatility of tea for all ages, all settings, all occasions. Want to see me in pure bliss? Take me to a tea room! But, most of all, I love the many sweet, sweet relationships and precious memories that have been forged over cups of tea, both hot and cold!

Tea truly meets us right where we are. If we love to collect antiques, we can’t help but to fall in love with the little dainties that are hidden away in all of the antique stores around. If we are looking for a healthy treat, none can be greater than tea! If we want to take a moment away with our children to build relationships and memories, tea is a must! If we want a perfect touch to a holiday, tea makes the day. If we want a theme for a party, tea always step forward with its touch of femininity. If we just want to minister to a friend or relative, tea ministers to their belly while “we” pour forth into their heart!

My prayer is that you will see the beauty, grace, encouragement, tradition, and fun that is awaiting you. I pray that you will find that touch of tea. I pray that you will make sweet memories with those you love the most, over a cup of tea.

So, my friend, do you hear the call beckoning to you? Take a moment, pour a hot steamy cup and come apart with me…

…it is time to make a memory over a cup of tea!

With Love, Cindy

“You prepare a table before me…my cup runs over.”
Psalms 23: 5 Amplified Bible

Ready for Tea? Let Cindy Help! Grab her best-selling book, A CUP OF TEA. Includes her easy recipes and fresh ideas for your tea-time!

A Cup of Tea
Ready for a cup of tea? Do you just LOVE tea?? This NEW book was a blast for Cindy to write. She wrote this book as a gift to Elisabeth, her daughter so she would have all of the “Family” recipes and ideas that have been part of their family traditions. Now, this is available for you and your family as well! If you are intrigued by tea and want to bring the tradition into your home, this is your book. If you want lots of recipes and ideas for tea time or even a tea unit study, this book is just what you are looking for. Even if you are looking for that perfect gift idea, this is one that you will find perfect for anyone, any age, at any time of the year.