Today I did what I said I’d NEVER do…

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Today I did what I said I’d NEVER do.

Well…I remember thinking in my godly little way that you would never catch ME dead doing that…

…so frivolous
…such a waste
…so superficial
…a total waste of time and money.

Well, has my opinion actually changed in 2 hours? I don’t think so. I think it was a slow fade over the past 7 years. [Read more…]

50+ Ideas for Taking Care of Mom by Cindy Rushton

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Tired? Weary? Need some fresh ideas for taking care of mom? Feeling that push and pull on you as you balance all of the many demands in your life? Are you great about taking care of others, yet not quite so good about taking care of YOU? Has it been a long, long time since you have done the little things to just fill your cup back up? How about a few fresh ideas for filling your cup and ministering to your heart! I promise that these will be easy for you to do! Here goes: [Read more…]

How to Serve Up Whole Books…

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Charlotte Mason wrote the following…

“…for the best thought the world possesses is stored in books. …our concern is abundant provision and orderly serving!”

Yes, the best thought, the greatest ideas, and a world of information are all captured in books. They are the very best textbook. They are the very best lesson book. We have at our fingertips a bounty to serve to our children. So, in your choices, give abundant provision! Consistently serve them the very best books.

But, where do we begin? How do we serve up whole books?? Let me give you some very easy tips that will get you started… [Read more…]

Romance on a Shoestring with Cindy Rushton is vital for a forever marriage. Satan has stolen romance and perverted the beauty in romance. He has made it look wrong, nasty. Even for those who do not buy into that lie, he has made it look out of reach for the Christian home. It is time to take it back! Begin by dating your mate!

Dates are an important part of any couple’s relationship, but especially married couples. Dates are fun and add a bit of spontaneity to a marriage. For couples with children, dates can be few and far between for a few reasons. It’s easy for couples to forget to make time to go out together sans kids. Then, there’s the money issue. With kids money can get tight, especially if you have to pay not only for the date but a sitter as well. If you’re having a hard time coming up with wallet friendly date ideas, try these seven. I think you will find them doable…

Seven Shoestring Date Ideas for Couples

1. See a Matinee
Want to go out and see a movie? Instead of running with the rest of the crowd to the eight o’clock show, take in a matinee instead. The theaters are less crowded and you don’t pay near as much for the tickets. There will even be money left over for popcorn and a soda. One cup…with two straws, of course! :)

2. Hit the Buffet
Buffets are not necessarily about how much food you can shovel in your mouth at one sitting, but about getting a good meal at a great price. Find a cozy table for two in the corner and have a meal for two that costs less than it would for one at a fancy restaurant.

3. A Walk in the Park

A change of scenery is good from time to time. Visit the local park on a weekend afternoon to spend time together. Watch the geese, take a ride in the paddle boats, or bring your bikes or hiking boots and explore a trail.

4. Visit a Museum
Culture doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. The local museum may have an art exhibit you have been longing to see. Broaden your horizons as a couple and create new memories taking in a bit of history.

5. Soak up Some Local Atmosphere
From big cities to small towns, there are always things going on around the community. Sometimes you just have to look a bit harder. Check out an outdoor concert with local bands or classical ensembles. Many localities have community theater groups who put on productions of famous Broadway plays for as little as five or ten dollars per ticket.

6. Night of Jazz Music
Find a nice downtown restaurant and listen to some good music. Some restaurants may have outdoor seating allowing you to enjoy the night air while listening to the sounds wafting from the inside.

7. Movie Night at Home

We all like to turn down the lights and enjoy a good flick. This type of date is perfect for parents of small children. Once the little ones are tucked in bed and off in la-la land, set the scene. Pop a large bag or two of popcorn and your favorite drinks and snuggle up on the couch or a blanket on the floor. Take turns watching each other’s favorite type of movies.

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Romancing Your Woman—Easy Ideas for You Guys! by Cindy Rushton

Needing a few ideas for romancing your woman??? Well, these are sure to bless her! Give them a try!

  • Open the door for her! Yep! Take that extra step to make her feel special!
  • Make a CD collection of “YOUR” love songs.
  • Treat her to a Bed and Breakfast for a weekend! Let her decide what she would like to do if she could anything she wanted for a whole weekend…do it!
  • Grill out for her! Send her off for a long, hot bubble bath. Get the kids fed and ready for bed. Grill out your favorite meal. Serve her dinner by candlelight!
  • Begin a LOVE Journal for her. Buy a pretty journal. Begin writing entries for her. For example, “Things I Love About You…” “I Want to Grow Old With You Because…” “Character Qualities I Most Admire In Her…” “You Bless Me When You….” This may sound mushy…but, just try it! She will LOVE it! It will become one of her most favorite treasures ever!
  • Brush her hair for her! Just nurture her for a bit!
  • Bring home pizza or Steak-Out and a movie. Snuggle up with the kids for one movie. Tuck them into bed early. Then, stay up for a movie and mommy/daddy time!
  • Go for a long drive! Drive in the mountains…in the country…along the beach! Play your “love songs” in the background while you talk!
  • Cook dinner for her. Give her a night off and treat her to a home-cooked meal by you! Yep! Romance can begin in the kitchen!
  • Bring home flowers! Or Chocolate! Or just a little trinket!
  • Give her a long massage!
  • Try Breakfast together. Take time with each other regularly to have a morning devotion and breakfast before the kids get up! Set aside enough time for real communication of your hearts. Really listen!
  • Bring home ice-cream or “fixins” for Banana Splits. Make her a big surprise!
  • Sleep in! Snuggle up and enjoy holding each other.