A Letter To A Newlywed… from Danny and Lucia Claborn

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A Letter To A Newlywed…
From Danny and Lucia Claborn

This “article” has a bit of a story behind it. Lucia was sharing with me a while back about the precious “gift” that her church was preparing as a bridal gift for a young couple in their congregation. Each of the members were writing a “letter” to the couple. This letter SO blessed me that I begged for it to be added to this issue (isn’t it perfect?). I know you will enjoy Danny and Lucia’s wisdom.

Dear John and Jenyne,

What a blessed time in your lives! Everything is fresh and new with your relationship, as your two lives intertwine to become one. We encourage you to write down all of your sweetie’s positive qualities while they are still fresh and vibrant. If [when] the challenges come nad things are not quite as “fresh” as they are now, this will be a good reminder of each other’s strengths and positive attributes. John, your strengths will cover Jenyne’s weaknesses, and Jenyne, your strengths will cover John’s weaknesses. That’s part of God’s plan, too. Jenyne, although the world tells us women we are to compete with men in every area, God says you are not made to compete with John but to complete him. So, be understanding of each other’s differences and realize God has put you together to build-up and encourage each other to overcome these weaknesses. [Read more…]

Forgive… by Elisabeth Rushton

Betrayal and hurt. They seem to come in a “bow-wrapped package” that life throws at you.

No matter how young or old you are, you have more than likely known a friend or two to betray you. But how did you handle it? Did you forgive them the second that it happened? Did you go on like nothing ever happened? Or did it take a little more effort?

If you have been really painfully hurt like I’m talking about, [Read more…]