Romancing Your Woman—Easy Ideas for You Guys! by Cindy Rushton

Needing a few ideas for romancing your woman??? Well, these are sure to bless her! Give them a try!

  • Open the door for her! Yep! Take that extra step to make her feel special!
  • Make a CD collection of “YOUR” love songs.
  • Treat her to a Bed and Breakfast for a weekend! Let her decide what she would like to do if she could anything she wanted for a whole weekend…do it!
  • Grill out for her! Send her off for a long, hot bubble bath. Get the kids fed and ready for bed. Grill out your favorite meal. Serve her dinner by candlelight!
  • Begin a LOVE Journal for her. Buy a pretty journal. Begin writing entries for her. For example, “Things I Love About You…” “I Want to Grow Old With You Because…” “Character Qualities I Most Admire In Her…” “You Bless Me When You….” This may sound mushy…but, just try it! She will LOVE it! It will become one of her most favorite treasures ever!
  • Brush her hair for her! Just nurture her for a bit!
  • Bring home pizza or Steak-Out and a movie. Snuggle up with the kids for one movie. Tuck them into bed early. Then, stay up for a movie and mommy/daddy time!
  • Go for a long drive! Drive in the mountains…in the country…along the beach! Play your “love songs” in the background while you talk!
  • Cook dinner for her. Give her a night off and treat her to a home-cooked meal by you! Yep! Romance can begin in the kitchen!
  • Bring home flowers! Or Chocolate! Or just a little trinket!
  • Give her a long massage!
  • Try Breakfast together. Take time with each other regularly to have a morning devotion and breakfast before the kids get up! Set aside enough time for real communication of your hearts. Really listen!
  • Bring home ice-cream or “fixins” for Banana Splits. Make her a big surprise!
  • Sleep in! Snuggle up and enjoy holding each other.

Five Free Ways to Show Hubby Your Love

Husbands need love, too. They work hard for their families and deserve to have a little appreciation. As wives, we know all about the need for appreciation. Here are some ways that you can show that love and affection to your significant other without spending a dime.

  • Tell him that you love him. We don’t say it near enough to each other. For most, the words are “understood.” The flaw in that train of thinking is that the understanding can get confusing as time goes on and there is no communication. Tell him when he leaves and when he returns home. End your emails and calls with a special I Love You! Even write a note for him only.
  • Send him off properly. Have his work items next to the door so he won’t have to go searching for them. If your husband is anything like mine, he makes a wide grid search for his keys every morning. Help him out by having his briefcase, keys, and cell phone next to the door and ready to go. You will be helping him get out of the house and on his way to work on time without the stress of forgetting something.
  • Fix him breakfast in bed. This is something we see on television but many don’t even think to do. They sell those breakfast trays for a few dollars in most home stores. If you have kids to get ready in the morning, then do this on the weekend. You can surprise him with a simple breakfast of cereal (cold or hot) and juice on one day during the week. Rotate the schedule so that he doesn’t get used to your breakfast treats on any certain day.
  • Meet him at work for lunch. If your man works close by and your schedule allows for it, have lunch together. This requires a bit of forethought since most people’s work schedules don’t mesh without some finagling. Fix a picnic lunch that can be eaten outside at a picnic table or on the grassy knoll. Choosing a few of his favorites gives him something to look forward to besides your bright shining face.
  • How about a foot massage? Feet have a hard time. They take on the pressure of our entire bodies on a daily basis without any thanks. Give his tired feet a well deserved rest with a foot rub. Contrary to popular opinion, men like that spa-like attention. For women who are squeamish about touching or handling feet, soak his feet in some warm water and foot scrub before beginning the massage. You can do it before bed or while you talk about each other’s day.

Love doesn’t have to be expensive to have meaning. Sometimes, the simplest things have the most lasting effects. Trying even just one of these suggestions to sure to help your husband feel more appreciated and loved. Who knows he might just start returning the favor. 🙂

How To Help Your Husband to Be All He Can Be!! by Cindy Rushton

NOW we are talking! OH! Beloved! If there is ONE person that has made ALL of the mistakes on the last page and can only thank God for His grace, it is ME! I praise God every day for the blessing that I have as the wife of my very best friend. It can only be described as AMAZING GRACE! I am so thankful that Harold KNOWS me inside-out and still chooses to love me. Just TOO awesome! Makes ME want to help him to become ALL he can become. Well, that is exactly what these tips are all about—helping our husbands become all they can become. Check it out and see if you find some ideas along the way

  • Become VERY BEST friends! Enjoy his companionship. Endeavor to become a good companion!
  • Find things that you can enjoy TOGETHER. Breakfast each day…walks at sunset…hobbies…work…etc. Constantly tie strings!
  • Look for his strengths…share them over and over! He can never hear them enough!
  • Show gratefulness! Let him KNOW that you really appreciate what he does for you and your family.
  • Get rid of any seeds of disrespect, jealousy, and comparison! You are in this thing together!
  • Help him! God created woman to be a “help meet” for man—meaning that she is the one who “completes” him and is “fit” for him. Find ways that you meet your husband’s needs. Find ways that you help him to fulfill his life purpose from God.
  • Pray for him! Circle him in prayer. Pray and fast when things are tough. Celebrate and praise when God breaks through. Seek God with him. Constantly build hedges of protection around him through prayer.
  • Support him! Become his personal cheerleader! Believe in what is on his heart. Cheer him along when things are tough and not looking too good! Cheer him on when he makes the mark!
  • Respect him! Respect comes through in little things: our tone of voice, our facial expressions, our words, our behavior. Respect your man! You will in turn build your man!
  • Admire him! Let him know the things about him that you really love. Let him see how you admire him by the way you look at him! Enjoy him!
  • Encourage him! Literally INFUSE courage into your sweetheart! You KNOW the things that really mean a lot to his heart. Be sure to do and say those things that will bring courage and strength into his heart and soul!
  • Promote him! Become his very best marketing agent! Be the one who knows his worth, his gifts, his talents, his strengths and shares them with others! When the whole world “feels” as though it is crashing in, be the one who believes in him and continues to help him keep on keeping on!
  • Inspire him! Be his sounding board of ideas. Listen and help him brainstorm when he is void of ideas.
  • Ask God to help you see all that he IS and all that he is becoming!
  • Catch his vision! See those things that are not existing now! Be the one person who can see what God has in store for him!
  • Strengthen him! When he is tired and weary, be the one to underguird and support him. Pour all you have into giving him his second breath! Use all of your gifts, talents, and strengths to make him whole!
  • Work with him! Be his “partner.” Find ways to help him work and build the family name and legacy.
  • Constantly consider ways that you can help him make the most of the finances that you have. Follow the Proverbs 31 model by creatively finding ways to make the most of the resources that you have.
  • Submit to him! Submission has great power! It unleashes your husband to take the lead and become the man God created him to be. It also unleashes God to use your family in a mighty way. Submission is not weakness. It will not create a monster in your husband. It will bring the peace and unity that will make your relationship everything that God had in mind when He designed marriage! Plus, submission will help your husband to become all that God designed for him to become!
  • Defer to your husband! Always defer back to your husband. Have a decision to make? Unsure about what to do? Need help pruning your life and your schedule? Defer to your husband. Let him be your first place that you run to for counsel. Let him give you his wisdom and viewpoint. Not only will you become all you can be and find great contentment, but you will find that he will show himself as your knight-in-shining-armor!
  • Reverence your husband! See him as precious! Fall passionately in love with him! Revere him and his position as your precious husband. Watch him blossom!
  • Pour all of yourself into him! There is no accident that YOU are married to your husband! So often it is easy to focus on what they are not—probably because that is what WE ARE. Yet, as we pour ourselves into them, we find how incredible we are TOGETHER! Pour all of yourself into your husband–Your spirituality, strength, power, prayer power, support, lifting him up, gifts, personality, intelligence, insightfulness, communication skills! The true secret to building a godly spiritual leader is to pour all of yourself into him. To get under him, to support him, to build him! Pride will want to push ahead or push him aside. God’s Spirit motivates us to get behind our husbands and let him succeed as God’s mighty man!

So, what do you think? Ready to build your man? Oh! Become the student of your husband and watch him become ALL God created for him to become! You will DEFINITELY enjoy the journey!


How to Destroy Your Man In Just Five Years! by Cindy Rushton

Ok! Got your attention? Wondering if I have gone off the deep end? No…this one is JUST FOR FUN!

SPECIAL NOTE: No ideas shared in this article are intended to be used in any way! We guarantee results—so beware of implementing them unless you want to fail in marriage and totally ruin that man of your dreams!

  • Make it your ambition to NOT notice him!
  • Disregard what he says- Look the other way, bring something else up to talk about, DO NOT listen!
  • Reject Him…his ideas, his love, his protection, his wisdom, his opinions, his leadership!
  • Tell him ALL of his inadequacies AND how YOU can correct them!
  • Feed any of his insecurities WITH TRUTH about his weaknesses!
  • Each night when he comes home, go about your own business-it helps to be on the phone and keep right on talking! Don’t even get dressed, wear makeup, or brush your teeth!
  • Belittle him in private and especially in public! Let him “have it” when you think different than him!
  • Compare him to other men AND your daddy!
  • Get on the phone and tell ALL about him! Don’t forget to complain and belittle!
  • Dishonor him in public and private! Let the whole world know what a wimp he is!
  • Disobey him—what do guys know anyway?
  • Don’t put much value in him or in what he has to say—you know best!
  • Correct him in front of others—especially the children!
  • Find all his faults and tell him about them constantly!
  • Push him to get your way!
  • Never let him know he satisfies you (physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally…)—don’t ruin a good thing!
  • Lead him on!
  • Frustrate him ANY way you can!
  • Nag! How ELSE do you get a man to do anything? How ELSE will they ever HEAR you?
  • Complain! Make him suffer too!
  • Whine! Isn’t he SUPPOSED to encourage you?
  • Don’t waste your time understanding him!
  • Respond to him! ESPECIALLY to his offensive behavior!
  • Despise him for being such a weakling!

Don’t want this? Well, look on the NEXT article!! We want to help you as you seek to help your husband become ALL he can be!!! :D