Big Week Ahead…

Ready for a big week? We have an amazing week coming up! Here is the schedule:

Tuesday: Talk-a-Latte Preview Chat with JoJo Tabares
TOPIC: Let’s Talk about Mother/Daughter Communication
WHERE: Talk-a-Latte Conference Room (download here:
TIME: 1PM CST [Read more…]

Coming Up! Training Sons, Training Daughters!

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There is not a week that goes by that we don’t receive an email or letter from a mother who wants to be sure that she does not lose the heart of her son or daughter. She realizes that there is more than just letting them grow up, disciplining them, and homeschooling them. She wants the secrets to training up her son or daughter.

How would you like to sit at the feet of a dear friend who will share the secrets to training up godly sons and daughters? Well, dear friend, that is what this seminar is all about! There are many events that you may want to pass up. However, you will want to make plans to join this one. In fact, this is one that you will want to invest in the audio recordings. It is going to unveil the secrets to training up godly sons and godly daughters.

Sooo…want to step up to the call? Need some practical how-to’s? Need some mom-to-mom encouragement? This is the seminar JUST FOR YOU! Make plans to join us today!

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