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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Join Cindy Rushton for a super show today! Cindy has lost 58lbs since January. Want to know what she is doing? Well, join her for this show. She will share her secrets with you. Don’t miss this one!

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The Secret to Thriving in the Current Economy with Cindy Rushton and Cheryle Touchton Cindy Rushton as she interviews Cheryle Touchton. Expert Cheryle M. Touchton shares the ancient Biblical secret to success, called “The Sh’ma”. Her book Pocket Full of Quarters, explains this secret, which applies not only to the economy, but every area of life. Ms Touchton, former CEO of the internet technology company, Path Tech Software Solutions, now travels the country sharing this secret with business owners, helping them to be more successful. Cheryle will offer practical solutions and spiritual suggestions that will help you cope with the current financial crisis. Don’t miss this AMAZING show!

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Secrets to Balance (in an Overloaded, Busy, Chaotic World) with Cindy Rushton


Join us for a fun and very practical show! Let Cindy take you by the hand and show you the secret to restoring balance to your life. You will LOVE this show! Cindy will show you the little things that knock everything out of whack. She will also show you her secrets to managing marriage, motherhood, ministry, business, and homemaking. Grab your Bible, get your tea going, this is one show you will not want to miss!

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SAMPLE SESSION! Re-purposing and Monetizing Your Online Writing to the Max! with Nicole Dean and Monetizing Your Online Writing to the Max! with Nicole Dean

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Ready to make the most of your hard work? Well, you MUST tune in for this session. In this session, Nicole Dean will take you by the hand and show you some of her biggest secrets to success. Come join her to learn how to re-purpose that hard work you put into researching. Learn how to monetize your online writing to the MAX! This is a MUST workshop!

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Procrastination Attack!

The biggest enemy to productivity is procrastination. Join Cindy as she shares her secrets to attacking procrastination and stopping it in its tracks. Grab your journal and pen. Cindy will give you an action plan that will help you make this year your most productive year ever! Don’t miss this one!

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Want to hear a few past shows?

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