Friday Freebie! Motherhood: Building a Legacy-Audio Workshop

Motherhood: Building a Legacy-Audio Workshop
with Cindy Rushton

Motherhood. You are building a legacy. Sound intimidating? Rather let someone else go for that? There is no getting out of this call. We all build. Either we are building a godly legacy or we are tearing down our home with our own hands. There is no in between. We are building a legacy for generations that we will never see.

Join Cindy Rushton as she encourages you to embracing the ministry of motherhood. She will share very practical ideas for capturing the heart of your little ones. She will take you by the hand to help you build a legacy of godliness! [Read more…]

Discover Your Family Heritage

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Discover Your Family Heritage
with Maridel Willer

Heritage…Yes, YOU have a heritage. There are real treasures that are just within reach. Are you thinking, “But Cindy, you don’t know MY FAMILY.” Oh! Join Maridel Willer as she helps you to discover YOUR family heritage. You will love, love, love this wonderful workshop.

Oh! And, I am including the Text Chat Transcripts that are full of wonderful ideas by the moms who joined us live for this recording. Don’t miss those!

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Text Chat Transcripts

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Training Sons, Training Daughters Virtual Seminar

Let’s Make a Memory Virtual Seminar (and our Talk-a-Latte Season Pass)

Homeschooling on a Shoestring

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With Cindy Rushton

How about a jammed-packed seminar with ideas for homeschooling that can work with a “shoe-string” budget? This is it!

Cindy packs more in this seminar than you can get in most seminars in a full weekend. Not only do you get ideas that YOU can do with what you have in your own home, but you get ideas that will breath life into your homeschool and add a lot of fun to every day! Join us today!

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Say Good-bye to SuperMom with Cindy Rushton

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Anybody tired of trying to be super mom? Anybody ready to shed their cape? Tune into this audio. Satan wants to snare and enslave you. He has several lures that tend to get us all. Cindy will take you through the common snares that lure us into the pit. Don’t miss this one! And…pass this one on to a friend…or two!

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