Sooo excited! Today we pressed past 1000 followers on our Facebook page!! Yay! Yay for each of you! I am so blessed to be connected with each of you.

Soooo, in celebration, I want to bless you with one of my favorite sets from the past. It is perfect for TODAY! This one is called REACH YOUR RESOLUTIONS. It is complete with audios and an action guide. In fact, the audios are right on time for this important time of year.

Ready for your treat?

Listen Here (Click the drop-down to access each of the audios)!

Download audios here:

Download your Action Guide here: Reach-Your-Resolutions-Action-Guide

Want MORE of our resources?

  • We have a bunch of them back available here on our site! AND…you can save 50% with our discount code: ALLTHINGSNEW (enter when making any purchase!).



Happy NEW Year!

Happy NEW Year!

I pray that your holiday season was simply spectacular! I am fresh off of my vacation. I was blessed with PTO time AND time out of school. I took my last final and headed south to Florida to enjoy the holidays with my grands…oh, and children! 🙂

During the holidays, I not only made a lot of fun memories, but I also geared up for this New Year. One of my biggest resolutions was/is to re-launch the ministry, ready-or-not (I may or may not have struggled with perfectionism, which delayed the re-launch for far too long. Ok..I DID!).

Soooo….I am excited to say that ready-or-not, I am digging into the New Year with ALL THINGS NEW! I have gazillion things that are NOT done before we re-launch this ministry. The good news is that I am sticking to my commitment to be “back-in-the-game.”

So, today…

We re-launch! 

What can you look forward to?

  • Something NEW everyday! Yep! I felt that the Lord was very specific in relaunching. He was just as specific as He settled my fretting heart and spoke the words, “ONE THING A DAY.” So, that is my commitment. It may be something on social media. It may be something here. It may be something live in person. However, I commit to something every single day. Just imagine what will be back in motion at the end of this year!
  • Podcasts! Oh! I am beyond excited about this! We have two podcasts that are being prepared for you this year. Join my email update lists and follow me on my social media. We will have all of the details public very soon. You definitely will NOT want to miss this!
  • NEW and OLD products! We had a really big “hit” 3 years ago. Our site was maliciously hacked. We completely lost most of our websites with their product download pages and membership sites. Talk about a devastating loss! Rather than try to have “everything” up and going for this launch (which is truly a formidable task), we are starting now with some of our oldies that you guys love and we will be launching NEWBIES and bringing back other OLDIES along the way. We have two things we are doing to make this a “sweet” deal for each of you.
    • First, we are offering a fun discount on our products right now. The discount code is ALLTHINGSNEW. Type it in with any order and save 50% of your order of any size. No limits on how many times you use it or the size of your order. You just save!
    • Secondly, the oldies will feature major revamps. They are being updated and expanded. If you purchased them in the past, you will not have to purchase again, but you will receive the updated versions. That is our commitment to serve you in excellence. We love our supporters. You are family. We appreciate that you support us through the years and through whatever comes our way.
  • I am available for your events/shows/coaching needs. We are developing my schedule at this time. If you would like for me to join you, contact me at: cindyrushton@gmail.com with the subject line: SCHEDULE CINDY. We will set it up!

Ready for all things new? Let’s do it! Let’s make this year the very best ever!

Wishing you God’s richest blessings!

Note to You…SALE….and Holiday Recipes!

Cindy2015Hello Sweet Friends!

Are you enjoying a sweet week? I am! I have been working hard to get ready for our Thanksgiving. I made a goal last month that I wanted to work bit-by-bit so I did not have a big, exhausting frenzy the last few days. Well, I am glad to announce that SO FAR, SO GOOD! ha!

Today has been a lazy day–quiet before the storm? ha! I spent the day finishing up some updates for my shopping cart. My to-do actually read, “Add the newest products to the Shopping Carts online.” Well, I had NO IDEA that there were so many of my newest sets that were not available all year long. AND–these are the very best EVER! You guys are going to LOVE these! More on that in a bit.

Do you ever have times where you do not even realize how much you HAVE gotten done? Ever have those times that you may even feel disappointed by all that HAS NOT been done yet? I began this year with HUGE plans. Now, I KNOW that I have been working hard and being very intentional about everything that HAS gotten done. But, there is THAT LIST–KWIM?

Well, I am SO glad that I got this time to really look back over this year. It has truly been our very best ever. Both my son and son-in-law are back from the Middle East from serving in our military. In fact, my son-in-law IS our son-in-law (I do prefer to call him our son-in-love). He and Elisabeth are blissfully married. Joshua is now not only walking and trying to talk, but he is RUNNING and just two weeks ago said the sweetest word–MIMI! 🙂 Harold is doing great in Law School. And, not only do we have over 25 new products (REALLY!), but they are carrying an anointing that is very special. Just looking back over them makes my heart soar with excitement. I KNEW God was moving and working, but these just blow me away! I am fired and inspired to wrap up this year and countdown to 2012. I am SO thankful for an amazing year!

Speaking of thankful, I have a super Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale going on from now until Midnight on next Monday.

Special Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale!
Yes! Let’s celebrate another great year! Just use our Coupon Code on any of our sites and for ANY of our products and you will save 66% off our regular prices–yes, that leaves EVERYTHING just 1/3 of regular price!! Yep! Here is the coupon code so you can stock up:


Here are the links to my Online eStores:

CindyRushton.com eStore


Yesterday I sent off a big package of yummies to Elisabeth. She and her sweet husband, Howard, live in South Dakota–he is in the Air Force and stationed there in Rapid City. Tomorrow, she and I will be “Skyping” as we cook together long distance. I am SO proud of her for digging in and making her first Thanksgiving Meal, complete with turkey. 🙂 I sent her a big package of her favs so we could bridge the miles. Although I miss her BEYOND crazy, I am so thankful that we can creatively make memories across the miles.

We are also excited that Matthew is back from Iraq safe and sound. We are SO thankful to have him HOME just in time for Thanksgiving. It gives us sooo much to be thankful for this year. I am excited that Matthew, Whitney and my sweet GRAND, Joshua will be joining us for Thanksgiving Dinner. I am SO ready for all of the yummy dishes. It will be fun to see how Joshua likes all of the Holiday dishes. Yes–I will take TONS of pics!

Speaking of the Holiday dishes…

I was gathering my recipes to send to Elisabeth and found this printable that may help you as well. It is Our Holiday Menu. Ready for a treat? Every year we have the following meal for our lunch meal at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I make plenty to have left-overs for a week! This is pretty much the same menu that my mother always has for her holiday menu, only I have added in a few Rushton favorites to my menu! Hope you enjoy!

Download at…

Well, I pray that you have a simply WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with your family. Don’t forget to take some time to just be still and thank God for the blessings He has given you this past year. You may be like me, not even realizing how much HAS been done and accomplished. Take some time to just soak it all in. Enjoy every moment. These ARE the days that we will remember!

Have a super Thanksgiving!

With much love,

Happy Birthday to ME (and BIG Savings for YOU!)!

Cindy2015Hello Dearies!


I promise to be quick because as soon as I shut this computer, I am OFF–for my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!! Yes! I will be turning 44 tomorrow on the 22nd! Gotta LOVE that!

Because of that, I wanted to have a big Birthday Sale. Of course, 44 is a WONDERFUL age, but it isn’t a super discount for you. Also, I have WAY MORE than 44 products. Soooo, how about a 66% discount coupon on ALL of my products from ALL of my eStores? Yep! That works! And, It is easy to use. Just…

1. Go to my stores:

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2. Place Your Order.

3. Use our Coupon Code: bday

Yes! And, you save 66% OFF your entire order, and as many orders as you want to place!!! Wooohooo! Happy Birthday to Me! 🙂

It is definitely time to stock on up on all of those goodies on your wish list. Hope you enjoy!

Now! I am out of here!  Have the best weekend EVER! ((HUGS))

Love ya’ll tons!!

Happy Birthday to ME! And, BIG savings for you! Wooohooo!

Marriage 911! A Crash Course for Those Whose Marriages are Crashing or a Lesson in Aerobatics for the Show of a Lifetime

Cindy2015Dear friends,

Marriage stats are not looking great. 50% of all marriages end in divorce. This stat is no different for Christian or non-Christian marriages. The sad thing is that getting a marriage license is much, much easier than getting a private pilot’s license. It can be obtained in minutes in most states whereas typical pilots take over a year or more to obtain their Private Pilot’s License.

My husband is a pilot. Several years ago, we went on one of his “cross-country” flights, one of several that was required for his licensing. As we flew, I had a Bible Study that changed my marriage, and ultimately, my life. That was the birth of this study. Now, after 7 years this study is now available.

We have made this study simple and easy to use. You can join me at YOUR PACE and at YOUR CONVENIENCE. You can study self-paced through our “flight plans” that are prepared with the purpose of coming alongside of you, teaching you the lessons, strategies, and secrets to building a marriage that lasts forever!

Why This Study?
1. We all need an intense program to help us understand God’s plan for marriage–His design, His secrets to success, how to biblically love our spouse, what to do in the event of “problems” along the way, and what we are working toward.

2. We need someone, “a Private Pilot Instructor,” to “ride” with us while we learn and instruct us on the secrets that will make it easier.

3. We all need a different view from time-to-time. Up in the air, things look totally different. We can see a bigger picture. We need someone to take us up away from the myriad of details so we can get a different view–a bigger picture.

That is EXACTLY what this course is all about. So, we lovingly introduce our newest online study:

Marriage 911! A Crash Course for Those Whose Marriages are Crashing or a Lesson in Aerobatics for the Show of a Lifetime

You are going to love, love, love this study. It is designed with the busy wife in mind:

1. Go your own pace! Study through with me–I will give you a new lesson every month. This gives you time to dig in and enjoy the lessons without being rushed. Of course, if you need more time, just take it. This is YOUR pace! The lessons never expire!

2. We bring everything to you. Every month, you will receive an email with the link for your new download page. It is ready to download and enjoy!

3. Everything you need is included. We include everything you need, well except for your Bible, journal and mp3 player. If we mention an article, audio, or any other resource needed, we include it on your download page–FREE! It is right there waiting for you. You don’t have to purchase anything extra for this course.

4. Never have to worry about missing a lesson. Let’s face it, sometimes we just get TOO busy for a while. Well, we make it very easy for you to catch up at any time. Each week, we list the links for your previous lessons on the download page. You don’t have to worry about missing lessons from the past. In fact, in the event of a computer crash (we pray you never have anything like that happen), you can pick up right where you are in the study. The links for all of the past “Flight-Plans” are included on the download page. Easy. You don’t have to give it a second thought.


Wow, Cindy, I just got the new Marriage Flight-Plans, and I am so blown away by the content! You are such a blessing to me and my family. Thank you for all of the content and bonuses that you included. This is exactly what I have been needing. You did it again.

Thanks again,



Thanks so much for these wonderful “flight-plans.” Steve and I just downloaded the first one and listened to it while having a picnic lunch -you call that “pow-wow.” We had a wonderful discussion about how we would purpose to connect with one another. This is already helping our marriage today. I can’t wait for the future “flight-plans” to arrive. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


PS. Steve now thinks we should take flight lessons. WINK

Speaking of “Flight Plans,” we have amazing lessons on the horizon. Want to see a list of just a few? Sure….

The Plan
“God’s Plan for Marriage”

* NOT GOOD! God’s Plan for Intimacy
* It’s a Covenant Thing
* Helpmeet or Hurtmeet???
* Completer or Competer???
* Leave, Cleave, Become One
* Love and Respect
* A Gentle and Quiet Spirit
* Wither Thou Goest…
* Lessons from the Wayward Woman
* Heirs for Life
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

The Supplies
“Essentials for the ‘Course” of Study”

* A Look at 1 Corinthians 13–LOVE
* God–A Three-Fold Cord
* The Word–Your Flight Manual
* Power-Up with the Holy Spirit
* Fill Your “Home” with Good Things
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

The Lessons
“Lessons Heart-to-Heart”

* Fire Up Your Marriage!
* Submission…DO WHAT???
* Castles Under FIRE!
* Make TIME!
* Build Your Home
* Study Your Spouse
* Guard Your Home
* Dangers that Destroy
* 3-Legged Race
* Standing in the Storms
* Maintain Your Home
* Rebuild from the Rubbish
* Build a Legacy
* Invest Your Very Best!
* Love Is…Unconditional
* Love Is…A Decision
* Love Is…Passionate
* Love Is…Intentional
* Love Is…FOREVER!
* R-E-S-P-E-C-T
* Forgiveness
* The Godly Helpmeet
* Pulling Out of a Crash 101
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

“Test-Taking 101”

* Forgiving the Unforgivable
* Pulling Out of a Crash 101
* Standing Through the Storms of Life–Together!
* Dealing with Life’s Curve Balls
* Fight RIGHT!
* Rebuilding from the Rubbish
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

Extra Credit
“Bonuses that Build a FOREVER Marriage”

* Establishing Common Interests
* Romance Toolbox!
* Forging a Forever Friendship
* Firing Up the Romance Fires
* Get Connected
* Date Your Mate
* Priority
* Purpose
* Vision
* Faithfully Yours
* Little Things Make It Great!
* Duct Tape YOUR Mouth!
* Pow-Wow with Your Spouse
* Laughter
* Let’s Make a Memory
* Family Stories
* Honey Do’s
* How to Help Your Man Be All He Can Be
* You Made It–Cheerleader!
* Make Your Bedroom Super Special
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

Making The Grade
“Keys to Making the Grade”

* Never, Ever Quit
* Mind Your Marriage
* Be Intentional!
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

Continuing Education
“Lessons Along the Way”

* Seasons
* No Quitting
* Best Friends Forever
* Write a Beautiful History
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

Getting Your Masters
“The Ultimate Accomplishment”

* Building a Legacy Together
* Glory!
* Make Your Marriage SOAR!
* Destroy Your Man in Just 5 Years…OR Help Your Man Be ALL He Can Be???
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!


Cindy, I have felt so lost as a wife. I have prayed and prayed for someone to help me learn lessons like this. What an answer to my prayers. I am with you all the way. I want a marriage that soars!

Dianna Smith from VA

Love it? I do! I am so excited about this course. And, we have finally found the perfect format. Here is how it works:

Every month, you will receive an email with the link for our new “Flight Plan.” A “Flight Plan” is simply a lesson (on the topics above). We send one “Flight Plan” every month. That gives you plenty of time to listen, take notes, listen again, and really soak in the lessons. You are going to love it!

1. Short And Easy To Digest (OK, some are longer, but they are broke up into several parts).
2. Includes Everything You Need.
3. Builds As You Go.
4. Forces You To Succeed Long-Term.
5. Helps You Make Real Progress.

Each lesson is designed to be “to the point” and immediately actionable. You will be able to use each lesson immediately in your own marriage. Just peek at the outlines of our first Flight Plan:

Get Connected with Your Spouse-

* You’ll learn how to intentionally connect with your spouse–why you should and how God intends for us to connect with our spouses.
* You’ll learn about the importance of planning time to pow-wow with your spouse and how to make it happen even in a very, very busy home.
* You’ll learn about how to make the most of your time with your spouse so you make sweet memories and bond even closer.
* You’ll learn how Harold and Cindy stay focused and stick to their priorities by pulling aside in the busyness of life to dream, brainstorm, and plan together.
* You’ll learn how to connect with your spouse by intentionally bringing romance into your relationship.
* Plus, much, much MORE!

That is not all! The first flight plan includes extra bonuses: articles, a “Love Journal” assignment, and a fun Romance “Cheat-Sheet.” And, that is only the FIRST “Flight Plan” in our study! You can dig in TODAY!

Wonder what it costs?

This is the best part!

We wanted to make our “Marriage Flight Plans” as affordable as possible. So, we decided to make them less than the price of a pizza. Yep! Only $4.95 per month!

You will be set up on a membership that bills you directly each month. You don’t have to do anything after you join, but enjoy!

We will send your “Flight Plans” every month! Oh! Actually, some months along the way, you will receive bonus goodies that are completely unadvertised. It may be an additional audio that takes you deeper into the topic. It may be that your particular “Flight Plan” ended up being a “mini-retreat” and we included the entire recording as your download. There are even weeks that you will receive bonus ebooks, articles, and downloadable goodies. You are going to LOVE this series!

The One Limitation…

Yes, we have one limitation that you need to know about up front. We set up this study in a format that begins at lesson one and continues until all of the lessons are taught. Because of the format, if you sign up, you will begin at lesson one. You will receive a new lesson every month. The only limitation results from this format. If you cancel your membership, you will have to begin at the very beginning again. We can’t drop you into the sequence where you left off.

Just in case you are wondering, if you need to change your email address, that is ok. We will gladly help you change it out.

One final thing…we have already been asked if these audios will ever be available individually. The answer is yes and no. Some along the way MAY be available for purchase, but these are being recorded specifically as part of our course. It would be very rare when we make these available since it is hard to pull a teaching from the middle of the course and really make sense.

The retail prices for all of these items individually is $1974.85+ and growing each month (we keep adding even MORE to this course!)!

Join us now! Marriage 911: A Crash Course With All of These Freebies!

Get Ready for the “Show of a Lifetime!!” (Cancel at any time and we will still be friends!)

(Even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Saturday)

Marriage 911! A Crash Course for Those Whose Marriages are Crashing or a Lesson in Aerobatics for the Show of a Lifetime - Online Membership Course
Marriage 911! A Crash Course for Those Whose Marriages are Crashing or a Lesson in Aerobatics for the Show of a Lifetime - Online Membership Course
Marriage stats are not looking great. 50% of all marriages end in divorce. This stat is no different for Christian or non-Christian marriages. The sad thing is that getting a marriage license is much, much easier than getting a private pilot’s license. It can be obtained in minutes in most states whereas typical pilots take over a year or more to obtain their Private Pilot’s License. Join Cindy Rushton as she comes alongside of you as your Marriage "Flight Instructor." She will inspire, encourage, and equip you for your call as a godly wife. Don't miss this course! Click on the title of this course for more information.
Price: $4.95

You will be able to dig into our very first “Flight Plan” that is waiting just for YOU!

See ya on the inside!

Cindy2015Cindy Rushton

This study promises to be your most favorite marriage resource(s) EVER!