Friday Freebie! Children and Chores!

It is FRIDAY! Time for our Friday Freebie!  This freebie is my treat for you today!

First, I want to thank you for checking out my website. I hope you will come to visit each and every week. We have a freebie every Friday here on our site.

This one is fun. I think you will enjoy it. In this Friday Freebie, I am including printable pages from my book, Make Your Own Brain-in-a-Binder. I think these will really help you to plan out the chores in your home. If you want to grab a copy of the entire book, it is half off this week at this link (along with all of our other goodies!):

And…one more thing!

I recorded an audio workshop a while back on the topic Children and Chores. It is included in the download. So, make plans to enjoy that as well.

Ready to dig in? Here is the link:

Download by PDF

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  1. jneuman88 says:

    I enjoyed reading the pdf file, but when I clicked on the audio file links, I got a 404 error. Not sure if it’s me or the web address LOL!

  2. CindyRushton says:


    Thanks SO much. I hope that you enjoy. Do check back every week for our Friday Freebies.

    For the audio, it sounds like you may not have a default audio player on your computer. All you need is to download iTunes. You can grab it for free at Be sure to download QuickTime with the iTunes download. QuickTime enables you to click on a link in a document or on a website and it will automatically begin to play on your computer. It is very nice. It will also play videos on your comptuer.

    Also, be sure when you download to select iTunes as your default audio player. I have mine set to add all of the music to my iTunes library. Then, you can keep all of your audios organized much easier. I love iTunes. I never used a lot of online audio until I found it. It is one power packed program. BUT, it is easy for computer-challenged chicks like me! 🙂 Give it a try. I think you will enjoy it!

    Again, don’t forget to check back each week. This coming Friday we have a REALLY neat Friday Freebie. I think you will love it! See ya then! AND, leave a comment so I know how you like it!


    Love ya!

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