Hidden Woman of the Heart Bible Study

It all began as Cindy sat in a Ladies’ Retreat as a nineteen-year-old newlywed.  For the first time in her life, she was taught what the Bible had to say about godly womanhood. Sure, she never missed a church service from the time she was 2-years-old.  Sure, she was brought up in a Christian home. But, these things were never specifically taught to her.  Actually, if we are honest, these topics are not the ones that give warm fuzzies, thus they have been and still are avoided by many ministers and Bible teachers.

During that retreat, Cindy sat in prayer thanking God for teaching truth to her early in her marriage.  As she sat in prayer, the rest of the world going on around her, God whispered His call to Cindy, “Will you purpose to get to know what I have to say about womanhood? Will you teach it?”  You know her  answer…the rest is history!

The Hidden Woman of the Heart Bible Study is the result of Cindy’s quest to seek for real answers and an accurate picture of what God wants in a godly woman. Cindy has spent her entire marriage digging into the Word for God’s plan for godly womanhood.  After all of these years, her own study and notes are finally available for others to join her in this journey through Scripture. Want to “dip” into the study? We have each section of the study ALSO available in separate guides. (See the links below.)

These Bible Studies are written in the typical “Cindy Rushton Style.” You are sure to feel as though you have Cindy sitting there beside you with her Bible and Prayer Journal open pouring into you from the depths of her heart.   If there is one study that will change your life for the better, we, at Rushton Family Ministries, believe that this is THE ONE. So, buckle up. Take your time. God has many treasures in store for you during this study.

Includes the Following Topics:
Who? Me? A Virtuous Woman???
Marriage 101: Hey! What’s This All About???
Ministering to the Heart of Your Child
Enlarge the Place of Your Tent…KEEP Your Home!
Spiritual Mothering: The Call to Mentoring, Mothering, and Ministry
YES! YOU! A Vessel God CAN Use!

(Includes the all of the above single titles in one study manual. If you want all of the studies,this is our recommendation!  You will love these!)

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