I Think I Am Solar-Powered…. I NEED The Son!!! by Elisabeth Rushton

I have always loved being outside and in the sun! I do not know exactly why, but I do!!

Hot weather. No prob! “The hotter the better” is always my mind-set!

Now getting a sun tan isn’t just about “ME” though. When I am suntanning, I usually do my quiet time, work on articles, read through and do my school work and copywork. I love that time to just have time to meditate on God’s Word and pray (talk) to Him!! Something about that time takes my focus off of the busyness, the pressures, and everything else that life can bring my way…and turns my complete focus upon Jesus.

I have been reading a book called “Wait for Me” by one of my favorite singer/writers, Rebecca St. James. She also expresses this in her book…


“On days off, from time to time, I visit a bed-and-breakfast. it is a wonderful time to be still, play, rest, sometimes fast, and just be…with God. I have had some amazingly memorable times when I’m there. One trip in particular stands out in my mind. I was sitting on the front porch of the house, watching the sunset. It was that time of day when you can face the sun without being blinded by its usual brightness. I had been gazing intently at the sky in the direction of the sun when a bird caught my attention in a nearby tree. I shifted my eyes to look at it, and all of the sudden, my vision blacked out for a moment. I had to blink my eyes a few times to restore vision enough to see the bird. I realized that my eyes had so adjusted to the brightness of the western sky that the things around me had faded into the background and could not be seen as long as my eyes stayed focused toward the sun. I felt God speak to my spirit with a spiritual parallel to this picture. When we focus our eyes on the Son, Jesus, then the things of this world, its temptations, fears, and hurts pale in significance. They fade into the background.”

Excerpted from Wait for Me by Rebecca St. James

What if we were to get an intense focus on the Son of God? What if we were to let all of the distractions fade away? What if we let go of trying to be the “godliest”… the “prettiest”… the “homeliest” person around? What if we stopped the competition between each other to just focus on God? What if we could look past the pain of our mistakes and focus on Jesus instead?

I have seen way too many people be way too uptight, as we all can be from time-to-time! We have such a tendency to get so caught up in the contest of life that we forget to look at Jesus, the only One with all the answers to everything–diets, true beauty, healing, love, happiness, EVERYTHING!

So, just for today. Why not join me to bask in the SON? Why not take a little time just to look at how Jesus spent His time? Why not slow down and just talk your heart out to Him–and let HIM talk to you? Why not take just bit of your day to look up at the Son and marvel at His beauty and light? Why not soak up His power? Oh, why not GO OUT TODAY AND GET YOURSELF AN AWESOME SUNTAN…or SON-TAN! Or…just do both!!

Jesus loves you so very much!!!

Luv ya tons,
Elisabeth Rushton

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