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September 11, 2001

You probably know that date. My beloved daughter turned 11 years old. It was her “Golden Birthday.” Everyone remembers Elisabeth’s birthday that year. In fact, our world will never be the same.

Oh, don’t worry. I know the you don’t remember Elisabeth when you think of 9-11. Instead, you think of a very decided, calculated, cunning, intentional attack on the American people, its leadership, and its economy.

I remember hearing the first responses–

“Something must have gone wrong!”
“Something messed up!”

People were astonished that four planes could go down, as if it were the planes and not the people behind the attack.

Yes. It was an all-out attack.

My husband is a pilot, he calls learning all of that stuff and flying FUN. Only a wife of a pilot will “get” that statement–the hours and hours of hearing the flying videos, and the sheer exhaustion of looking at the control panel. 🙂

911 did not just happen. The planes did not go down because the pilots were disabled. There are systems in place that ensure that those planes will not just hit a building, much less make a hit on a building. It was a planned, intentional, orchestrated, and highly professional hit on more than a building–it attacked our way of life.

The enemy hates us. He hit the core of what HE THOUGHT we are as a country. Praise God, we are MORE than the enemy thinks we are. But, as you can see, this enemy is not happy with one attack, they have continued to hit us with things they THINK are at the core of our being. They will not prevail. The hit may be a “blow,” but never take us away from greatness whether it is oil, insurgents, our economy, and even the upcoming decisions that our country will be making that erode our values. They may seem to have a good hit, but it will never succeed. They cannot take away what we REALLY are and what we REALLY value. Unless they take our lives. Even then, it is all gain for those of us in Christ!

Dear friends, I sent a note last week. I was purposefully vague to be kind and take the high road. I hit the toughest battle I have ever had in my ministry. I had to step up to battle.

First, I wanted to protect you–several of you have been hit and whether it was because you love me OR because this is just the character of those involved, it was time for the abuse to stop and not move on to one more person under my watch, whether my supporters or my fellow speakers/writers. Also, I was desperate for your prayers–you are prayer warriors and I am happy to report that God has broke through for me here! PRAISE THE LORD! I needed your wisdom-I know when I am in over my head. I am thankful those of you who have pulled me aside to take me UPLEVEL. I know even deeper than ever before that you are only as great as those you surround yourself with. AGAIN, PRAISE GOD! Finally, I needed to know who my friends were. You guys showed WHO YOU WERE PERFECTLY. I never considered all that would result from sending that letter. BUT! God wanted that letter to go out. It has turned up the fire and separated the pure gold while revealing the impurities. It has specifically revealed WHO IS WHO.

There are those of you who showed your innocence by your first comments and your letters and calls to me in private–you are soooo like me. I never had a doubt about YOU. I know that I have articulated my deep love for all of you. I am SO GLAD I was right about you all along. You are open. You are trusting. You just give it all to God. You give to others without restraint. You are cream of the crop. You are excellent. I praise God to know you and to have more than a business relationship with you. I can call you friend. That is more important to me today than anything else.

There are others who have sat back, rolled their eyes, and discredited what is going on. They contribute this to being a personality conflict. They suggest that forgiveness is needed. They advocate shutting up, letting it go and moving on…or reconciliation. Some have even said that I need to apologize for revealing what has been done to me, my family, and my people.

There are still others who have gotten busy. This was their sign to “activate” or get busy with little attacks because they had reasoned among themselves AHEAD OF TIME that this would be my reaction. Some have even been guilty of gossip, maligning, lying, slandering, and libel. In fact, they have carelessly talked to those who now can see it all and would be witnesses against them if need be. Their guilt and lack of conscience is rolling out their mouths AND posted all over their websites and discussion groups.

Today, I must come forth and tell you ALL my final words on this.

First, this WAS a real, intentional, calculated, malicious, cunning attack. It was YOUR BUSINESS because you need to “hear the news” and see that this DOES affect you and you may be the very next victim.

And, real quick, I say “victim,” but let me be very clear–for those who choose to slander or libel my name, we are watching, collecting information, and will not hesitate to take the appropriate legal actions.

Just as New York City, DC, and PA were hit and we now KNOW it affected all of us, even our children. Likewise, this hit DOES hit all of us, even our children. You can say what you want about George Bush, but as you do, you had better note that the man is responsible for sounding the alarm and he went to battle for you, me, and our children. In spite of mistakes that any human can make, he has done things that were led by God to protect our lives. He has been a success in that. He went to battle for our way of life. He sent our boys to the front to fight for us because there is MORE going on than what the typical American will acknowledge or ever know. There are people that, as a core to their beliefs, HATE US AND ARE COMMITTED TO DESTROY US. It is not an accident. It is not haphazard. It is real and intentional. They live their lives ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT preparing and carrying out their schemes. All of their schemes are for one purpose–to destroy us. And, they are good at it. They are not dummies.

So, that brings me to my next thing you guys need to know…

Sweet friends, I am so thankful that you guys love me. THANKS! THANKS! THANKS! I can go through anything knowing YOU are with me. I will be strong FOR YOU! I will not leave you. I will not quit. I will not get down. You should know that this week, we are just basking in all God is doing for us. I will tell you all about it along the way, but for now, I feel that the enemy is playing here. Know the enemy! Know his work! You know this, but you can spot him by his work:

To lie- He is the Father of lies.
To steal.
To kill.
To destroy.

Don’t let yourselves get down by his works. Know what God does when he works….

If he lies, God will raise of a banner of truth. You can take everything you see and hear to the Word. The Word will test it out, show the enemy in a bright light, and cast down all but truth.

If he steals, God will make him repay and repay anywhere from 7 times to 100-fold. I will take that! 🙂

If he tries to kill (take away life or a way of life), he is thwarted. God holds life in HIS HAND. Everything that happens to all of us must go past God’s watch. If the enemy is allowed to touch something of yours, you can KNOW it will never, ever touch YOU. You are safe, even beyond death (if you are a believer).

If he tries to destroy, he will fail. You cannot destroy what God has called, equipped, and anointed. Defeat only comes from within. Attacks from the enemy only result in the opposite of what he wants–he is seen for what he is and the believer is set up for a blessing! A lavish blessing!

Sweet friends, I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED. I want for you to know that the key to my ministry is not in a technique, an approach, or anything you see on the outside. That is not where I place my faith. That is not my heart. None of that is my purpose or my goals.

We are not a product or a service. That is not the core of what we are. That is not what any of you have come to value and trust. In fact, all of those have come and gone through the years. Some were already having the grace lift from them for some time. My business secret is to keep learning and keep growing. We never have one technique or approach or presentation that gets such a high place that we can be destroyed by the enemy “taking it.” Many times, we already know that God wants for us to move to something bigger and greater and easier. We don’t get stuck. I am happy to take my techniques, approaches, and everything that I use as a tool and die to ANY AND ALL OF THEM–I learned this secret by homeschooling my children. I never sacrificed THEM for any of my ideas, even my best ideas! I will let my Father bring my victory. He broke through this week for me. He has showed me the plan for keeping on going. In fact, He has rushed in to let me know it it time NOW for the next thing, the NEW THING! I am SOOOOO excited! 2009 is going to be bigger, better, and purer than ever before! I AM NOT MOVED. I am moving, but I can guarantee, I am not moved. I have a call on my life. I will not allow anything, anyone to keep me from reaching for my life purpose.

You guys have walked with me through some tough spiritual warfare before. You know how personal the enemy can hit you. I am thankful for all of those battles because I have learned how to stand. I have learned how to fight the GOOD FIGHT–no, I do not want anything to do with squabbles, personality conflicts, gossip, murmuring, etc. I will not try to defend myself or get into a squabble with anyone. When I see those things, I flee. I am not even curious. Those are little termites that keep people from greatness. I seek for greatness and to be called faithful by my Heavenly Father. Those are entanglements that keep a soldier from stepping up to the call. Those are character flaws that will destroy a soldier.

We have chosen to stay away from those entanglements as a matter of character long, long, long before I wrote my first book, bought my business license, and even spoke my first public words. I will not waste these days, these vital days, being a part of little things. Like my son, I am called to be set apart for special service. I am too busy with training and missions to get wrapped up in the little things. I love those I serve too much! They are dependent upon me staying pure before God.

Yes! Thanks for reminding me that I will not be defeated. The enemy does not know (or believe) the secret to my success–thanks for reminding me of it. If they had listened, they would have heard it. However, they don’t believe it because they can’t understand GOD. They don’t know ME, the real me. They, like the terrorists who continually hit our country, are not going to be able to hit me where it really hurts me. They do not have access to that. You see they think that my heart is in my business. It is not. MY HEART IS IN MY HOME. NO ONE can touch my family. NO ONE can touch those who safely run to my home for shelter. MY HOME IS A SAFEPLACE. Note, not my house or my business or my stuff. MY HOME. I may not be a lot of things, but I AM a keeper of my home. I have set guard over my home. I am “armed for battle” and I will fight to my death for my home. I will give up everything to protect those I love in my family and those who come “inside the place of my tent” whether physically or digitally. This attack is not even big enough to touch my home. It can’t get that personal because they do not know my real love. It is NOT my business. It is NOT my conference room. It is NOT my stuff. Hit on! They can take all of that, but they cannot get what they want–they want to destroy ME. God is protecting ME. I am perfectly happy to sit back and watch Him battle for me. I will not be defeated. I am more than a conqueror. I am a victor–past tense, present tense, future tense. The enemy better know my God is fighting this one for me and he will pay big, big, big.

Finally, this IS about you!

I do not tell you this to appeal to your curiosity. I am not interested in sympathy. I am certainly dismayed and disappointed that so many have gone into “gossip mode” by talking among themselves instead of being still, hearing God, and letting HIM reveal the truth. I am also dismayed that so many have thought this was simple. This puts you even more at risk.

This is not one thing. This is not one hit. This has been active and going on for at minimum a year. Yes, I have wondered how I could be so brain-dead and trusting–again, my only excuse is that my family has my first and foremost focus and I am so accustomed to the hits on me and my family that I just kept going. I am SO sorry for dropping the ball–I had NO IDEA. If I had only known that some of you were being treated sooo poorly by these people, I would have stepped up immediately. When I did find out, I immediately began to help you. I have to KNOW what is going on. When I did, that is where I did say that enough was enough and finally see the problem.

Yes, for those of you who have NO CLUE what has happened, I am not the only one getting hit, many of those who ARE my friends (fellow speakers and supporters) have been hit as well–that was where I drew the line (I can take the hits. I will NOT allow my precious friends to be hit on my guard. And, that brings me to our answer dear friends…

I have been asked a question over and over and over this week. How can I protect myself? How do I KNOW? How can I discern? How do you know if the people I am associated with are genuine or a part of this scheme? Oh! I feel your pain! THIS IS MY LESSON AND TRIAL THIS WEEK! As much as I want to trust everyone, reality is that I need to surround myself with those who SEE, DISCERN, and can guard me. I need to protect those I love. So, here is what I am doing:

1. Pull back. Stop. Do nothing. Say nothing. We have pulled back. We are sitting back, watching, and waiting. It is AMAZING what God has shown us so far. My fear that I would not be able to trust anyone (similar to that feeling that little abused children feel after abuse) was a lie from the enemy. Not only can I trust. I can tell. I can get help. I can be whole again! You can too!

2. Keep pure! Go back to what God taught me early on–you cannot get entangled in gossip, murmuring, criticism, etc. If you find people who are “talking” at this time, you should question their motives. Are they trying to “pretend to be innocent?” Have they waited and waited for this opportunity to kick us around too? Are they trying to cover up and act like it is not them? Are they trying to make it look like I did something that deserved all of this? NOTE: NO ONE does anything to cause unfaithfulness in those they love and trust. Unfaithfulness is in the heart of a person. They are very, very selfish. Sure they love to justify sin, but you can’t love someone enough to keep them from hurting you and you can hurt them enough to keep someone from loving you. Those who are innocent are staying clean. They have a pure conscience. Test. Test. Test.

3. Stay on the high road. Enough said.

4. Look at fruit. You should know their fruits. I am willing for you to watch me and judge my fruit. Here is how you can watch me, after this letter, I am back to work with a vengeance!):

My websites:


(We have others, you can find them through those sites)

Cindy Rushton (you will see my nobby head there–just make sure you use a real identity)

http://twitter.com/CindyRushton (you will see my nobby head there–just make sure you use a real identity)

I am willing to walk before you as long as it takes to show my heart and my actions. I am in NO HURRY. You will see the truth. I am believing God for that. I give my reputation, success, and entire life to God right now as a living sacrifice.

I look forward to the fruit from what has been sown in this time. We will all stand before God one day to give account on every word and action from this situation. If you guys don’t see it now, I am SO excited to stand before God and let HIM reveal it on that great day! I am truly concerned for those guilty here. I am concerned for them and their family. I KNOW them. I can’t stand to see what they are doing. My only prayer is that they will confess their sins, repent quickly and get on track! I believe that they are better than this.

5. There IS a battle! You need to know that there IS a battle. I do not ask you to join me. I simply beg you to be on guard for yourselves, your family, your businesses and your people. Too many of you have already taken a hit because you love me. I am very sorry. I am concerned for all of you and I am working hard to be sure that you are taken care of. Be very, very careful. Test everyone. Sit back, watch, wait. Listen to what is being said. SEE what is being done. They will be known by their fruits. Mine are out here on the table–I am not changing the transparency of our lives. I AM ON RED ALERT (more on that in a bit). I am willing to give you time to see the truth. It is a big blow. However, also DON’T worry. I have had over 10,000 emails (almost 100% of our open rate at this point) come in this past week from those who KNOW MY HEART and appreciate my stand (I can’t answer all of you, but I DO appreciate you and your faithfulness). Yes, we are going to make it. People will know my heart. People will KNOW your heart. Let’s keep it pure. Allow God to reveal the truth. The only way to battle is to get face down before God and let HIM loose to fight this kind of battle FOR YOU. Don’t fear!

6. Know what they are afraid of. They have only ONE FEAR. They will do anything to keep it from becoming a reality. Only problem…their fear is driving them to do things that will reveal who they are. Want to know their fear? THAT OTHERS WILL KNOW. Well, they are here among us. One has even weighed in trying to throw a grenade in a different direction to “pretend to be innocent.” Just for the record, NO I am not worried about people stealing my materials and topics. They have done that the whole time I have been in business. And, NO, I don’t care about my conference room–after someone logged into my conference room in an attempt to sabbotage the conference with vulgarity we cannot risk families having to suffer at their hands. This again, is only ONE way to do things–it does not stop the message, which IS our main goal! I don’t care about money–God uses my husband to provide for our family. I don’t care about any of the stuff they are striving for. I have all of that. I don’t have to resort to underhanded schemes to get it or keep it. Those things mean nothing to me. They drive them.

7. Move on and take the mountain! This was where I was going before the hit. I am moving on. This week has been my least productive on a couple projects–they could not be completed but we are moving on. So, you may be looking for something that is on hold. I have a schedule to enjoy my family all week this next week. This will not be stolen from me. After that time, I will get everything done and make it all exponentially wonderful for all of you. Now, it is time to move on. Let things go. Make the most of this week. Enjoy your family. You only get this time THIS TIME.

So, I end this discussion on my end. I want to let you know that I love you. I appreciate your prayers, support, wisdom. I appreciate those of you who are working hard to help me come up with secure ways to proceed-I will forever be in debt to you.

For those who want to know our future, we are rock-solid. We are not moving. We are believing God that those who are bound up in this evil work will come to repentance, cease their work, and either leave or get back on track. I am also praying that the rest of you will be protected by God, not give way to fear, and that you will not let the enemy steal ONE MORE MOMENT. Today is the day to turn off the computer, turn off the phones, and get alone with your family. Enjoy them. Get ready to make a memory this next week.

I love you!


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