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Discover the "insider secrets" to getting organized for your best (and most stress-free) homeschool
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Dear Friends,

Would you love to spend an afternoon--or a week--with another homeschool mom and plan out the details of your school year? Wouldn't it be great to have someone take you step-by-step through planning out your goals, choosing techniques for teaching those new studies, deciding upon your curriculum selections, setting up your daily schedule, and fitting in LIFE? Well, beloved, this could be the most valuable resource you'll ever find:

A complete, SEVEN VOLUME E-Book Library for filled with printable pages for your planner, articles that are written by another busy homeschool mom, tips that will make remedy those little problems along the way...AND a complete AUDIO LIBRARY of E-Workshops that will inspire you more than you could ever imagine!

Volume I:

Homeschooling the Easy Way
by Cindy Rushton

Cindy Rushton writes, "We are asked very often what we recommend as THE one book to get if you could only get ONE. Well, this is always our suggestion! This book compiles a wide range of homeschool help--real help! You are sure to LOVE it! "

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"Homeschooling the Easy Way" includes over 23 chapters and 200 pages (with an additional 24 pages of printable planning sheets). This book is packed with chapters written from the heart of a homeschool mom who has homeschooled her children for over 15 years. You are sure to find idea after idea that will make this year the very best ever!

Cindy, I can't say thank you enough. At this point words truly do not adequately express my heart felt thanks for taking time to write this book. You have blessed us so much. This is the first time in 7 years of homeschooling that I really feel confident that *I* can do it! This book came at the perfect time in my life. Keep up the great work! Again thank you so much. Susan C.

Here's exactly what you'll find in this
step-by-step, how-to manual:
· Tips for teaching every subject--the EASY WAY. So that you can begin homeschooling today without all the trial and error most endure.

· More than one method to choose from .Cindy gives a wonderful mixture of ideas for teaching just so you can reach your children where they are--with their interests and learning styles. You find ideas that give you the freedom to teach YOUR way to each of your children.

· Techniques explained in-depth.
Cindy takes you step-by-step through each technique. You find details that will make it do-able!

· Written in Cindy's personal, friendly, easy-to-understand style. You won't need to purchase a dictionary just to understand what Cindy teaches.

· No need to buy a bunch of additional curriculum. You can begin homeschooling with this book, a Bible, and your library card! You won't waste time and money buying resources that waste money and do not work for you.

· Includes a strong focus on how to make homeschooling a LIFE--alongside of the rest of your life. Complete with help for managing all areas of life while you homeschool!

You'll never need to buy another homeschooling book, as this explains everything you need to know in easy to understand lingo.
But that's just the beginning
of this comprehensive set of ebooks
that are designed to help you get your homeschool organized and on the right track!

With "Homeschooling the Easy Way" manual,

you'll also receive...

Volume II:
Let's Get Organized

Not one single area of your life will be left out as Cindy helps you to get your homeschool organized now. This book has quickly moved to the top of our books as one of the best-selling books of all times. I think you will see why very quickly. Just take a look at this list of chapters from this book:

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  • Quick Tips For the Perpetually Late, Disorganized, Stressed Out Mom!
  • Hearing God 101 Redeem the TIME to Make This Year Tops!
  • Let’s Set Goals...
  • Quick Tips For Setting Up Your Daily Schedule!
  • What’s Eating Up Your Time???
  • Scheduling...EASY??? Yep! Just Look!
  • Scheduling Tips
  • A Typically Untypical Day
  • What is an IEP and Why Do I Need One?
  • Planning FUN and EASY Lessons...
  • Studying Presidents and Elections?
  • Easy Record-Keeping for the Reluctant Homeschool Mom!
  • Organizing and Cleaning Your Home
  • Setting Up Your Home to Learn!
  • Rain Gutters—INSIDE!
  • Stocking Up On School Supplies...
  • Relax, Have Fun, and Homeschool With Learning Centers
  • EASY Homemaking Ideas For The Busy Homeschool Mom!
  • Quick Homemaking Ideas...
  • What about Children and Chores???
  • Struggling to Teach My Children...
  • Once-A-Month-Cooking: How to Make Your Plan Work
  • Restoring Balance To Completely Overloaded Lives!
  • 67 Ways to Reduce Stress (NOT an exhaustive list!!)
  • Making Time To Rest, Re-fill and Renew!
  • Slow Down...
  • Just Too Busy!
  • FREE Printable Planning Pages for Your Planner!!

You will LOVE IT! And...we are not done yet!

Volume III:
Make Your Own Brain-in-a-Binder
Order this book individually--here

While our Let's Get Organized has become a bestselling book, this book has been at its side the whole time! Just THIS book is worth the price of this package! Here's a summary of just a few things you'll find in this fantastic publication:

  • Year-at-a-Glance Calendars!
  • Birthday and Anniversaries to Remember!
  • Yearly Events to Remember!
  • Several Cute Options for Undated Monthly Calendars!
  • Our Popular Weekly Goal Planner!
  • Complete Address Book w/ Emergency Information and Contact Information!
  • My Favorite Websites!
  • Special Notes!
  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Planner
  • Homeschool Planner (complete with homeschool printable pages!)
  • Discipleship notebook pages (we include pages from our MYO Discipleship Notebook!)
  • Menu planner
  • Chore and Home Management
    PLUS! Much, much, much more!
  • With over 260 pages, this E-Book is so jam-packed with great forms, you'll be hard pressed to find another resource with all this valuable information in a single publication elsewhere.

    Remember that this system is designed JUST for the homeschool mom! Simple, but complete! You are sure to find that this planning system will resemble your BRAIN-IN-A-BINDER! Covering areas of concern for today’s busy female brain, this one is sure to be your favorite! Plus! You can print JUST what you need and print as many copies as you need forever!

    Volume IV:
    The Ultimate Mommy Menu Planner
    Compiled by Cindy Rushton and the Moms from the Time for Tea Discussion List

    Our Organization Bundle would be incomplete without this INCREDIBLE book!

    Order this book individually--here

    Bored with the same old, same old meals? Just wish you could get just ONE fresh idea? What if you could link up with over 40 other moms for menu plans... meal ideas... recipes... shopping lists... and even planner pages? Well, YOU CAN!

    THE ULTIMATE MOMMY MENU PLANNER includes over 280 pages full of great recipes, meal ideas, and menu plans from over 40 REAL-LIFE homeschool moms, printable planning sheets, tips sure to make managing meals easy, plus much, much more!

    Volume V:

    Getting Back to God's Design for the Godly Home
    by The Rushton Family

    Order this book individually--here

    Planned originally for our retreat attendees, this manual is one of our best-selling books of 2005! it is available as an E-Book! Better than a program...perfect for review...a memento that you will want to keep FOREVER! We introduce you to our NEW 2005 Workshop Syllabus Workbook! Included in this syllabus is much, much more than mere space for note-taking! We are including a piece of our heart for you!

    When I asked myself, “What would I want for YOU to take home with you from our Retreats???” This syllabus became my answer! Not just articles and tips on what we speak about during the retreat...but, much, much more! We have articles sure to encourage and equip you for your calling by the more! Want to know
    more about the book? Check out the chapter titles:

    • Time Out! To Fill YOUR Cup!
    • I Think I am Solar-Powered...I NEED The Son!!! by Elisabeth Rushton
    • Daily Manna
    • Our All Time Favorite Bible Study Resources...
    • 50+ Secrets for Survibing Your Struggles!
    • Help! I Have NO Idea Where to Begin Homeschooling!
    • Getting Started Homeschooling On The Right Track!
    • Quick Tips for Making Homeschooling Great!
    • Easy Record-Keeping for the Reluctant Homeschool Mom!
    • Setting Up Your Home to Learn!
    • Planning FUN and EASY Lessons
    • Our TOP TEN (OR MORE) Favorite Books EVER!
    • Let's Try Notebooking!
    • A Notebooking Shopping List...
    • Step-by-Step Help for an EASY History Study
    • A Timeline Notebook--Easy as A, B, C!
    • Let's Try Lapbooking...
    • Let's Make Easy Booklets...
    • Gearing Up for Another Big Year! OR! What I am Going to Do On Summer Vacation...
    • The Story Behind Matthew's Cutting Edge by Matthew Rushton
    • Tips from Great Men and Women in Business by Matthew Rushton
    • Quick Tips on How to Begin Your Own Busines (And...Call It School!) By Matthew Rushton
    • 10 Tips Sure to Make Your Business Great! By Matthew Rushton
    • So...You Wanta Be a Writer? Get a Website! Easy E-Books and Books on CD...
    • Develop the Disciplines of a Writer!
    • Quick Tips for the Perpetually Late, Disorganized, Stressed Out Mom!
    • Restoring Balance to Completely Overloaded Lives
    • Just Too Busy
    • EASY Homemaking Ideas for the Busy Homeschool Mom!
    • Quick Homemaking Help!
    • Tips to Help Make Managing the Kitchen EASY (Well, Easier!)
    • What About Children and Chores?
    • Destressing the Stressed Out Mom!
    • Scheduling Tips...
    • How To Destroy Your Man in Just Five Years!
    • How to Help Your Husband to be ALL He Can Be!
    • 101+ HOT Ideas for Romancing Your Sweetheart!
    • Romancing Your Woman--Easy Ideas for You Guys!
    • Romancing with CHOCOLATE!
    • Quick Dating No-No's
    • A Spicy Shopping List for the Romantically Inclined...

    You will LOVE IT!

    We really enjoyed ourselves atCindy Rushton's Time of Relaxation and Refreshment, where I learned just as much from her generosity as I did from her seminars. Cindy's method of homeschooling - a much more relaxed method than I'd been making myself do - is exactly what I need. WhatFlyLady did to my house (well, she made me do all the grunt work, but gave the advice), Cindy Rushton has been to my homeschooling (again, making me do the grunt work!).

    Three things from Cindy that I am most excited about are: 1.) Individual quiet time with God to start out our day (I've been doing this alone in the early mornings, but haven't encouraged my kids to this alone), 2.) notebooking, and 3.) copyworking instead of my previous method of an argue/beg/yell/plead session with my nine-year-old boy in an attempt to get him to write.

    Cindy, I can't thank you enough for the great retreat this past weekend. I was so refreshed and renewed . I am so on fire right now. I got a bunch of your books and tapes. I have already read the Charlotte Mason Primer and am almost finished with the Notebooking book. So many great ideas. I am so excited. I have read about Charlotte Mason and loved her ideas but did not know exactly how to put them into practice. You gave many practical ideas for us to use. I am ready to begin. My eyes are being opened so much. Already today, I have seen areas in which I need to help my children build. My daughter is wanting to write a play today. Other days I might not have helped her put much into it. I plan on saving the sermon note she wrote yesterday by putting it in a notebook whereas before I would end up throwing it away. Anyway, I could go on and on. I just want to thank you for all of your help. I realize much time and planning went into this past weekend. You may ask yourself if it is all worth it and it is. It has changed my life and our family's life. Keep up the great work. Oh, by the way, do you go to Curves the same time every day. Thought I might try to meet up with you some day there. Thanks for the gift certificate. Have a great day. Love, Janie

    We really enjoyed spending time with you guys at the homeschool / homebusiness conference!

    I've been listening through
    our set of the conference audios while working on orders and doing "catch up" work here... They are just excellent, chock full of great info and instruction. ( You should be charging much more for these! ) I know they're really going to help lots of folks to get where they want
    to go with their home biz goals.

    Best Wishes,
    Jim Erskine


    Hello! Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the retreat this past weekend. You have challenged me in my homeschooling. My only two regrets? That I couldn't come both days...and that I couldn't be in two places at much good info...but only one ME! I am now printing my own brain in a binder!! I hope this is THE one to help me to

    finally organize my life!!! Again, a great day!!!!


    Cindy - Just want to thank you for this weekend. The Romance Workshop helped me a lot. The "How to Destroy Your Man" REALLY has caused me to repent in godly sorrow for the way I have treated my husband. I am praying and seeking to have a better relationship with my husband.

    Sandy M.

    Just a short note to thank y'all for a great workshop on Friday and Sat. You have put in LOTS of work and we appreciate that. The manual too was a labor of love and the handouts were great. Both families were just so generous…we could see all the speakers’ desire to do everything as unto the Lord and that blessed us so much. Thank you!

    That was our very first workshop of this nature and you bet we are planning to attend future ones.

    I think there was supposed to be an evaluation form towards the end? Well, we were not around so we missed filling that. Sorry! Just want you to know that overall rating is A+ J


    M. Gibson

    PS. Both of you have GREAT kids (but then you already knew that, didn’t you… J)


    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this past weekend (TRR). Although I didn’t get to stay the whole time, I feel refreshed and rested and ready to tackle a new year. Well, almost. I still need a little more resting and romancing time…then, I’ll be read. J

    Thank you for sharing with other homeschoolers the tricks of the trade. You are a light in a dark tunnel. Thank you for sharing true light!

    Keep up the good work!


    But that's not ALL!! There's EVEN MORE!

    You'll also receive...

    Volume VI:
    Homeschooling the Easy Way Magazine Reprint Book Volume 2

    Another INCREDIBLE volume!
    Our Homeschooling The Easy Way Magazine is published with the goal to encourage a return back to God’s design for the godly home and homeschool! Each issue includes articles that encourage homeschooling with a lifestyle of real learning that returns to the OLD PATHS that have worked for centuries. Topics range from hearing God in your homeschool to balancing all of the many demands that the busy homeschool mom faces day-to-day to teaching lessons in a simple, EASY way to VERY practical ideas that are sure to make homeschooling in your home EASY too! You won’t want to miss a single issue! With this special, you will not miss ONE article! Above, we have included the other two volumes. This package would be incomplete without this volume too. Check out all of the articles that it includes:

    Volume Two...

    Some of the article titles include...

    • Heart-To-Heart: Making Memories
    • Teach ME Lord, That I May Teach
    • Ideas for STRETCHING That Travel Budget
    • Fine Arts…The EASY WAY
    • Music Studies in the Homeschool
    • Build a Holiday Recipe Notebook
    • Great Christmas Read-Alouds
    • Featured Homeschool Business: Matthew’s Cutting Edge
    • Country Cookin’
    • Letters We Love
    • Ancient Paths and Good Ways
    • Children Won’t Wait
    • Slow Down
    • Making Time to Rest, Re-Fill and Renew
    • Just TOO Busy
    • Solitude
    • Teach YOURSELF
    • Need a DO-Able Routine?
    • News Alert
    • Schedule Pleeeeeeassseee
    • A School Day in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool
    • Lifestyle Help for Those Frustrated with Their Weight (and Health!)
    • Making YOUR OWN Brain-In-A-Binder
    • 13 Guidelines for Finding and Keeping Balance
    • Keepin’ On Going
    • Just for Giggles
    • Paper Attack!!!!
    • Notebooking Reproducibles
    • Great Copywork You Will Love
    • Our Notebooking Adventure
    • A Heart for the Home
    • Two Great Bright Business Kids... Drew Perry and Elisabeth Rushton
    • From The Editor’s Desk: At Battle!
    • HELP! I Have NO IDEA Where to Begin Homeschooling!
    • Develop Your OWN Philosophy of Education
    • 67 Ways to Reduce Stress!
    • On eBay!
    • Restoring Balance to Completely OVERLOADED Lives!
    • Getting Your Homeschool Organized
    • Quick Tips for Setting Up Your Daily Schedule
    • Dry Spells, Holding Patterns—WHEN IS IT GOING TO RAIN!???
    • F...FUN!!!
    • Our EASY Family Bible Reading Plan
    • Ready for a Nature Walk???
    • Fall Nature Study Ideas...
    • Let’s Make a Memory...Over a GREAT Book!
    • Just for Giggles...Ever Thought???
    • Notebooking! Sure To ADDICT You Too!
    • A Quick Notebooking Shopping List!
    • Journaling!?!?!?
    • Letters We Love!
    • Great Homeschool Planning, Organizing, and Record-keeping Reproducibles (only found here!)
    • Plus! Much, Much More!

      I can't believe the difference in my homeschool for me in the past week since reading your book! You're information has truly been helpful! Please add me to your ezines so I don't miss ANY articles. Anna T.

    Volume VII:
    Christ-Centered Christmas!
    by Cindy Rushton

    Oh! This bundle would not be complete without sharing a bit of our home with you. This book does JUST that! We are SO excited to add our NEWEST E-Book to your organization set! You will LOVE this book!

    Our best-selling book, Christ-Centered Christmas
    has recently been TOTALLY revamped and expanded into a huge manual! Need fresh ideas for making your holiday season special? OR for cooking every day? Looking for fun and (VERY)easy recipes that will never tell that your favorite menu is take-out? Ready for a whole bunch of FUN ideas for your family memories? This is a book that you simply CANNOT miss!

    Cindy Rushton, unashamedly confesses that she is a holiday NUT! EVERYTHING about this season excites her! Being a very busy mom, she has looked for easy and quick recipes and craft ideas that can be whipped up quickly and WITHOUT STRESS(!). This book features all of that plus MORE! Don’t miss this one!


    Not only do you receive this exclusive SEVEN VOLUME
    E-book library when you order, you ALSO receive a wonderful
    library of audio workshops featuring
    Cindy and Matthew Rushton!

    We have an AMAZING list of audios for JUST FOR YOU!

    Audio E-Workshops Included:

    10 Fun and Easy Ideas for Making Homeschooling Great!
    High School! YES! It CAN Be Easy Too!
    Homeschooling: Digging Into All of the Options
    Just Wish I'd Known...
    Organization 911! Help for the Messy Mom!
    Restoring Balance to Completely Overloaded Lives

    Matthew Rushton's Audios!
    Audio E-Workshops Included:

    A Challenge to My Fellow Homeschoolers
    Commitments of a Homeschooled Teen

    Hi Cindy,

    I have been listening to the audios I bought from you and I just had to tell you what a blessing you have been to me. We have had a very long and difficult year and I was just ready to quit. I was seeking the Lord every morning and just crying out to Him. I had lost the joy in being with my children (3 girls). They are great and well disciplined but I had stopped focusing on what wonderful people they are and instead I was focusing on the work that was not being completed or not being done correctly. I was believing they were lazy and not motivated. I have been taking that love for learning from them by being overly critical.

    God has just spoken so clearly to me through your messages and His word. My husband came up with a family theme this week: Ephesians 5:19-20 "Be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord, giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." Although we're at the end of our school year we're going to go out with a "bang" and get them stirred up for real learning. By the way we are going to be blessed with another baby in December.

    Thanks again Cindy for being a vessel God can use and for sharing your love for Him, your family and homeschooling.

    I love ya and haven't even met ya!

    I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless you.


    Hi Cindy!

    I believe this weekend was
    a true encouragement to everyone in my family. The kids really enjoyed hearing Matthew speak on purity, business and homeschooling. At lunch today, my middle daughter shared stories she had heard from Matthew about successful entrepreneurs…they all had a small business as a child. I expect great things from Matthew!


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    Happy Homeschooling!
    Cindy Rushton

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    Copyright (c) 2008 Cindy Rushton. All Rights Reserved