Let’s Make a Memory…Over Tea!

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A cup of tea???

Tea…What comes to your mind?

As I think back over the years since that first cup of tea, I think beyond the various types of tea…the beautiful tea rooms and homes that have welcomed me for the ritual…the unique cups and teapots, each with its own story…all those details blur.  But, one thing brings me back to “tea” over and over again…relationships!  Relationships forged over moments shared over a cup of tea. Sweet, sweet memories that forge forever relationships.

My very first memories of tea were on the front porch, truly Southern Style with Iced Sweet Tea.  There was never a meal served or a family gathering without plenty of Iced Sweet Tea.  Just visiting Mamaw, I could always expect a big, tall glass of Sweet Lemon Tea whether we were working in her kitchen or swinging on the front porch enjoying her flowers and sweet conversation. [Read more…]

A School Day in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool by Cindy Rushton

The image “http://www.cindyrushton.com/images/Cindy2.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.So, what does a Charlotte Mason Education look like in the home?  There are as many applications of the Charlotte Mason Approach as there are families.  There is no right or wrong way to implement these ideas…just take these wonderful ideas and implement them your own way!  That is just what we have done…our own way!

In our home we have implemented a well-rounded plan for our lifestyle of learning.  Our plan includes seven aspects of a Real Education.  Come join us as we walk through our typical day in our Charlotte Mason Homeschool…

Quiet Times…Our days begin with each family member having his/her own personal quiet time.  This is not pre-determined by me.  Each member of our family spends their quiet time based on their own abilities and preferences for study and worship.  The one thing that is determined as a standard is the set time and the respect for the quiet time of one another.

Chores… [Read more…]

Let’s Make a Memory…Over a GREAT BOOK! by Cindy Rushton

The image “http://www.cindyrushton.com/images/Cindy2.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Hummm…was it the giggles the whole way through adventures with Pooh?  My constant sobbing through every page of The Little Preacher? Our total addiction to every single page of Pilgrim’s Progress? The giggles and strategy as the children would run off to “play” every single bit of Daniel Boone’s life—with stiff warnings from Mom that NO ONE really got the hair-cut!  Peeking outside to see the hard, hard work as forts were raised and mud pies “baked” for our beloved “soldier.” Oh, the precious, precious memories! Precious memories that are OURS forever!
Want the best homeschool year yet?

Why not make it a priority to curl up as a family over the pages of a great book each day?  Get the water going…pull out some nice snacks…settle down for tea (or hot cocoa!!)…and dig into great books!

Game, but have no idea where to begin?? [Read more…]

Fall! Ready for a Nature Walk??? by Cindy Rushton

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This is MY time of year! Every day has a special new treat for you as you look outside the window! Our view outside of our window changes every day during this time of year. It is simply amazing!

Don’t let this fall slip by! Why not take a break in the midst of your busy to-do’s today to take a nature walk? The lessons are awaiting you, so why not give it a try? Here are some things you may want to try out as you grab your backpacks, nature journals, you are in for a treat! [Read more…]

Our TOP TEN (OR MORE!) Favorite Books EVER!!

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By Cindy Rushton and The Rushton Bunch!

If there is ONE question that we are asked more than any other, it is this very question, “What are your favorite books ever??”  Sooo, I am compiling this list just for YOU! These are the books that we think EVERYONE should read!

Basket of Flowers by Christoph Von Schmid
Clean Your Boots, Sir? By Anonymous
Dangerous Journey (Oliver Hunkin…took original words and set to beautiful illustrations!)
[Read more…]