I Think I Am Solar-Powered…. I NEED The Son!!! by Elisabeth Rushton

I have always loved being outside and in the sun! I do not know exactly why, but I do!!

Hot weather. No prob! “The hotter the better” is always my mind-set!

Now getting a sun tan isn’t just about “ME” though. When I am suntanning, I usually do my quiet time, work on articles, read through and do my school work and copywork. I love that time to just have time to meditate on God’s Word and pray (talk) to Him!! Something about that time takes my focus off of the busyness, the pressures, and everything else that life can bring my way…and turns my complete focus upon Jesus. [Read more…]

Forgive… by Elisabeth Rushton

Betrayal and hurt. They seem to come in a “bow-wrapped package” that life throws at you.

No matter how young or old you are, you have more than likely known a friend or two to betray you. But how did you handle it? Did you forgive them the second that it happened? Did you go on like nothing ever happened? Or did it take a little more effort?

If you have been really painfully hurt like I’m talking about, [Read more…]