On the Calendar…

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Hello Sweet Friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was so sweet. I had all of my children home to visit. It was so nice to have everyone around for Mother’s Day. Such a blessing!

I can hardly believe that NEXT Mother’s Day I will be SEEING my first GRAND-baby with us. Yes–he is growing sooo fast now. Whitney is looking absolutely adorable. We are on the countdown now to August 27th. Such a precious time! 🙂

Well, I thought that I would just drop you a quick note to let you guys know that this week will be a pretty quiet week. I am editing all of the UHSE 2010 audios and getting them online for all of you. Also, I am adding tons of freebies to the membership site. We will take off from all recording this week and pick back up strong next week. Make plans to join us for our Tuesday, Talk-a-Latte Chat at 1PM CT on May 18. More details next week.

Want some awesome goodies until then? Well, don’t miss our UHSE 2010 set. It is the very best ever! If you haven’t grabbed access to our replays, don’t miss these! Here is the link to learn more:


For those of you who are subscribed to our ezines, I have to tell you that you are going to love what God put on my heart! I am going to be revamping my ezines completely. So, hold tight for big news and total changes. I promise you will LOVE it!

Well, until then, big hugs! Have a super week!

With much love,


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Our Schedule This Week…

Hello Sweet Friends!

Ready for another big week? Oh! This one is going to be super, super big!

Before I dig into the week, I do want to give you an update–We did run and finish the Swampers 5K. I am excited that I ran 3 minutes faster than my best time on that route. It was a blast! My guys–Harold and Matthew–did very, very good. It was a fun family time. Thanks for those of you who cheered us on.

Now, this week is going to be ALL ABOUT UHSE 2010. We have ONE WEEK until the Membership Site is launched and we kick off UHSE 2010 Expo Week. It feels like Christmas around here. TONS to do. Plus, while I am doing it, I have to keep a secret about all of the great goodies that are awaiting our members. It is just spectacular! I am filled to overflowing. Not only do we have the best audio set EVER, but the goodies in the Mommy Grab Bag and Vendor Hall are just amazing. Our sponsors and speakers have been soooo incredibly generous. It is just awesome to see so many people who love the Lord and want to come alongside of homeschooling families as their encouragers. I love it!

Well, if you are homeschooling, don’t miss this event!

First, you can come LIVE and hear all of our workshops and receive amazing doorprizes and gifts without paying ONE DIME! You just join us at our website. That is all! This week, we will be at www.Talk-a-Latte.com/chat (see the schedule below). Next week, we will be in our Ultimate Homeschool Expo room (you have to register at www.UltimateHomeschoolExpo.com for our updates OR grab your ticket at: http://www.ultimatehomeschoolexpo.com/UHSE2010.html) Get ready for the best homeschool convention EVER! You will LOVE it!

Speaking of best convention ever… [Read more…]

Big, Big Week Ahead!

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Good morning sweet friends!

Ready for another big, big week? Oh! This one is going to be super! We have sooo much going on around here.

In fact, before I dig in to all of that, I owe all of you a huge apology–my week last week just ran out! We are on the countdown to the Ultimate Homeschool Expo and talk about taking every single moment of my time. It is bigger than ever. You are going to love, love, love it! In fact, take a peek at the page with all of the details: [Read more…]

Mark Your Calendar! Another Big, BIG Week!

We are now in the last few weeks of counting down to our 2010 Ultimate Homeschool Expo. In just ONE month we will be recording Expo Week! Can you believe it? Now is definitely the time to be sure that you are signed up. There are two ways to sign up:

Completely FREE!
Join us live and enjoy our awesome workshops! Just sign up now at: http://www.UltimateHomeschoolExpo.com Look in the upper right side-bar–sign up for our update list. Only our update list will get access to our event during expo week. Either join there at our site OR grab your set/membership to our event. That brings me to the next option…

The Whole Deal!
Can’t make it for all of our workshops? Want to download our workshops to enjoy later at your convenience? All you do is grab our set! You can grab it now at: http://www.UltimateHomeschoolExpo.com Scroll down the page and grab your set at the bottom of the page. You will LOVE it! It is the best ever!

Speaking of the best ever…

This week we have a FABULOUS line-up of workshops. We are going to open them all up for you guys to join us live. It is as easy as going to a web-page. Actually, all you do is go to our web page at the time of our workshops and enjoy! You will love these! [Read more…]

A Peek into Our Week–March 29-April 2

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Hello dearies!

Ready for a big, big week? I am! I got a great Sunday afternoon nap and snuggled up with my crew for an evening watching movies. Now, I am refreshed and recharged, ready for a SUPER week! And, boy do we have a great week ahead!

Right now, we have some fun things going on at my sites: [Read more…]