A Peek into Our Week–March 29-April 2

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Hello dearies!

Ready for a big, big week? I am! I got a great Sunday afternoon nap and snuggled up with my crew for an evening watching movies. Now, I am refreshed and recharged, ready for a SUPER week! And, boy do we have a great week ahead!

Right now, we have some fun things going on at my sites: [Read more…]

Our Talk-a-Latte Chat! Back to the Heart of Homeschooling with Cindy Rushton

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Our Talk-a-Latte Chat!


Back to the Heart of Homeschooling with Cindy Rushton

Just when you are in DEEP need of a bit of encouragement, Cindy rolls in with yet another great workshop! This one is tops!  This workshop takes you on a FAST TRIP through the Word of God to glean principles that are sure to not just make homeschooling EASY and FULL OF LIFE, but also to help get back to God’s perfect design for the godly homeschool! In Cindy’s typical style, she pours forth until we are all overflowing with encouragement, inspiration, and practical ideas perfect for yet another year of Homeschooling!

Don’t miss this one!

Here is how you join us:

Join Us Live Online (On our website!!):
http://talk-a-latte.com/chat/ (room will be open tomorrow about 15 minutes before we go live)

OR here are the call-in details:
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 38181#
PIN: 1# (Or your Talkshoe PIN)

Yes! You can share that information with your friends. We would LOVE for them to join us!

Ready for a Year that Counts???

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Hello Sweet Friends!

Ready for a big, big week? Oh! We are hopping around here! I suspect that you may want to join us for some fun things that we have going on!

Before I dig in and give you our weekly update, I want to tell you how much I have MISSED YOU! I took off the whole month of January to work behind the scenes on some of my projects. Oh! I am busting at the seams to tell you all about all of the things on the horizon! Actually, everything kicks off this week!

First, our ezines are all back up and going strong. Actually, this week, I am combining all of them and giving one mini-ebook that I think is great for all of you. It is written along my personal theme for this year, A YEAR THAT COUNTS! Want that? Oh, you will LOVE this ebook. Here is the link:

Download A YEAR THAT COUNTS by PDF ((A SPECIAL NOTE: This PDF has expired links and offers–I thought you would want this one so I am leaving it available, but be aware that those links are not working at this time. Thanks so much! And…enjoy!)):

((If you like it, feel free to share it with your friends!))

That is not all that is going on!

We are gearing back up with our Talk-a-Latte Chats. Excited? I AM! They are NEW, FRESH, DEEPER THAN EVER, AND even have an IMPROVED chat room! We have a new set-up for our chat room. It is now on our website–no more ads or headaches–hopefully (!!). If you can go to a website, you can join in. EVEN WITH DIAL-UP! EVEN WITH A MAC! For real!

Speaking of Talk-a-Latte…

For some time now, we have had requests from many of you for a special subscription program for Talk-a-Latte. You have not wanted to miss even one of our sets. There are some of you who have joined EVERY single seminar, retreat, event, and class that we have offered since 2006. Yep! I have noticed! You are Talk-a-Latte Mommy Pals through and through! You are going to LOVE what we are doing this year!

This year, we are changing up the organization of Talk-a-Latte. We will give full-focus to our Talk-a-Latte chats and ULTIMATE events and retreats. Those will be our live events. BUT! Wondering how we will make room for our special homeschool workshops and personal retreats with Cindy? That is where Talk-a-Latte Mommy Club comes in! YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!

Talk-a-Latte Mommy Club is a monthly premium membership for Talk-a-Latte. What does that mean? It means that you can choose to be a part of our Mommy Club  for only $12.95 per month and you will receive the following each and every month:

Our Talk-a-Latte Audio-of-the-Month!

This audio is ACTUALLY an audio SET of the month. It includes 2-4 (sometimes more) audios on a topic. These sets will become sets in our Online Store. Once they hit the Online Store, they will cost $14.95-29.95. Members get these sets completely edited, with RSS feed (for easy downloads) each and every month as long as they are members. Want to peek at some upcoming AOM sets? Here are just a few that are being planned:

Secrets to a Passionate, Forever, Happier and Happier Ever Marriage
Get Connected!
No More People Pleasing!
Legacy Letters
Standing Strong
The Path out of the Pit
LIVE Today!
Just Say, “NO!”
Organize Your Life!
Submission: DO WHAT???
Attitude Check!
Mommy Bootcamp
Spring Clean!
A Strong Woman
Fire Up Your Marriage!
From Desert to Dessert!
Christmas on a Shoestring
Put on the Full Armor of God
Taking Care of Mom
Doing ENOUGH???
Just TOO Busy!
Help! I am SO Tired and Weary!
Hey! I Want Consistency, Order, Peace and Quiet!
The Battle Between Your Ears!
Restoring Balance to Completely Overloaded Lives!
Secrets to Abundant, Lavish Living
Know Thy Enemy!
Secrets to Starting Your Day Right
Let’s Get Fit and Healthy!
Midnight, Malls, and Many Letters
Time for a Quiet Time Getaway!
Blessing Blockerscomp
Talk Like a Warrior!
Fill Your Cup Back Up!
Say Goodbye to Super Mom!

Each month you will receive access to your download page that will include access to your audios. Plus, that is not all!

Special Pricing on our ULTIMATE events!
Our TAL Mommy Club members will receive 50-75% OFF of all ULTIMATE events sale price! Yes! You probably know that our ULTIMATE events are offered at awesome prices already, but our TAL Mommy Club members will save even more! SURPRISE: Mommy Club Members this month will receive access to our upcoming Ultimate Women’s Expo (February 11-13) as a gift for subscribing this week! We will have regularly surprise bonuses like this!

Talk-a-Latte Mommy Club Shopping Area!

If you have been on my email list for any time at all, you have probably noticed that every year I offer a CRAZY SALE. During our CRAZY SALE, everything is priced at rock-bottom prices. Well, for our TAL Mommy Club premium members, this will now be EVERYDAY prices! Yep! Our Talk-a-Latte Mommy Club members have access to their own shopping area that gives them crazy prices on all of our products all year long! We want to bless our most loyal customers. Not only will you find everything we have to offer listed in one place, but you will be able to grab our resources at the best prices whenever it is your best time. Everything we offer at this time is posted in our shopping area right now–at CRAZY prices!

PLUS! BONUS! BRAND NEW Homeschooling Workshops!

Every month, we will include a brand new homeschool workshop set too! Talk-a-Latte did offer weekly classes for homeschool moms–every Monday night. We are not going to forget all of you who loved to learn with us. Now, we are going to record brand-new workshops just for you and include them on your monthly download page. We will be including topics that will help you all along your journey like:

Nature Studies
Practical Skills
Quiet times/Discipleship
Fine Arts
Unit Studies
Great Literature
High School

Want to join the Talk-a-Latte Mommy Club? It is EASY! Just join at our website and  you will become part of our Talk-a-Latte Mommy Club and you will be able to dig into this month’s download page immediately! Join us now:

Talk-a-Latte Mommy Club
$12.95 per month/$99.95 for the whole year!

One more thing!

I am SO excited to be joining my friend, JoJo Tabares for her SAY WHAT YOU MEAN CONVENTION this Wednesday. She asked me to be one of her keynote speakers for her event. You can join me at her website for a super workshop. Hint: I am going to be teaching on how to build a passionate, forever marriage. The part that makes me nervous is that my focus is on communication. OUCH! Do we EVER get that one down???

Make a note to join us live–come and support me dearies! I will not only teach, but I will also be giving out a freebie that will only be accessed there for those who join us AND for those who are subscribers to our Marriage 911 Flight Plans (http://www.CindyRushton.com/FlightPlans.html). You won’t want to miss that one! Here are the details:

Building a Passionate, Forever, Happier and Happier-Ever-After Marriage
with Cindy Rushton
Learn more here: http://www.SayWhatYouMeanConvention.com

Did I say, “BIG WEEK?” Yep! This week is full of wonderful opportunities! Mark your calendar and plan to join us.



Ready for Another Big Week???

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Ready for another big week?

This week is another low-key week around here. I will be digging into my “to-do” list behind the scenes. There are lots of new things on the horizon around here. I am buzzing!

Changes for the radio shows! [Read more…]

Come Meet Judge Roy Moore Friday ONLINE!

Another big show! Join us!

TOPIC: So Help Me God: The Ten Commandments, Judicial Tyranny, And The Battle For Religious Freedom

Join Cindy for a bonus show this week! Yes! We welcome the Honorable Judge Roy Moore from Alabama. Don’t miss this show! In this show, Cindy will discuss with Judge Moore his story, what has been going on with our country, and what we are to do in this very important time in our history. Have questions for Judge Moore? Send them to Cindy by email: cindy@cindyrushton.com today and she will gladly ask your question. Mark your calendar today and make plans for the whole family to tune into this show. And, tell a friend!

Want to support Judge Moore in his campaign for governor of Alabama? See his website: http://www.Moore2010.com


Listen now to the replay: