FREEBIE! Weeks To Profits: The FAST and PAINLESS Way To Create Information Products Audio Workshop SESSION: 8 Weeks To Profits: The FAST and PAINLESS Way To Create Information Products with Steve Beck

Want to SAMPLE our Ultimate Writer’s Expo? Well, here is a wonderful session that will give you a taste of the wonderful speakers and workshops featured during our Ultimate Writer’s Expo. Stephen and Kerry Beck accidentally discovered a step-by-step formula for creating profitable information products. Want a peek into their “formula?” Well, you MUST join us for this session! Stephen will join us for the morning for a crash course on how we can create best-selling information products. Don’t miss this one!

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Freebie! A New Start – High Hopes

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How about a sample from our Ultimate Women’s Expo? We had such a blast recording our  Ultimate Women’s Expo. Every session was AMAZING! And, many of the sessions included fun freebies. All of the audios are online and the Membership Site is now available on demand–that means that you can enjoy our  Ultimate Women’s Expo at YOUR CONVENIENCE–24/7/365.

Want a sample?

Sure thing! Our freebie today includes Lucia Claborn’s amazing session, A NEW START-HIGH HOPES. It also includes some freebies that are from Lucia TO YOU! You will love these. Well, grab a big cup of tea, settle in for a while, it is time for tea!

A New Start – High Hopes
with Lucia Claborn
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A New Start–High Hopes E-Book by Lucia Claborn
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Daily Faith Builders-Hope Verses E-Book by Lucia Claborn
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Get to Know Ken Bevel from Fireproof!

Ready for one AMAZING show? This is a must for EVERYONE!

Join Cindy live as she interviews Ken Bevill from Fireproof, the movie. Ken acted as Caleb’s best friend in the movie. He was my favorite character. Want to meet him and hear his heartbeat on marriage? Grab a big cup of tea, settle in for a bit…WITH YOUR JOURNAL AND BIBLE! This is one amazing show! Tell your friends to join us!

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A Wise Woman Builds Her Home with Cindy Rushton

Ready for another fun podcast featuring Cindy Rushton? This is one that will fill you to overflowing!

Join Cindy as she teaches us her new topic: A Wise Woman Builds Her Home. Be fired and inspired as she pulls out the word and teaches, inspires, encourages, and equips us to step up to our call to build our homes.

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What Every Good Soldier Must KNOW with Cindy Rushton

What Every Good Soldier Must KNOW!

With Cindy Rushton

Journey to 2 Timothy 2: 3-5 to take a deep look into what a good soldier must know to walk in victory: their call, their authority, their enemy, their armor and weapons, their strategy, their support, and their army!

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