It’s Thanksgiving! A Goodie AND A HUGE SALE!!

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Hello Sweet Friends!

It is FRIDAY! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is less than one week away? I can’t!

I just finished up the last details on a fun gift for all of you. Yep! I have MORE than an ezine this week. It has a couple of purposes–one, just because I love you! But, another reason is my silence lately! I have missed you guys SO MUCH! We have had tons going on–Matthew and Whitney got married (I will be writing more on that next week and in upcoming weeks–WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Pictures are on the way soon!), remodeling of my house, and all of life’s etceteras. Please forgive me! I promise that you are going to LOVE now that I am back on track–plus, I have taken this “re-start” to change some things. Well, more on that next week.

For now, I want to give you the link to your goodie this week. Here it is:

THANKSGIVING: Ideas, How-to’s, Recipes, and Tips to Help You Make Your Holiday Super Special (and Easy!)

Fun? I hope it blesses your socks off!


Catch the hug from me across cyberspace! And, as you dig in, come see me at my blog or at Facebook and “chat” with me a bit!

Love ya tons!


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