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Cindy2015Hello Sweet Friends!

Are you enjoying a sweet week? I am! I have been working hard to get ready for our Thanksgiving. I made a goal last month that I wanted to work bit-by-bit so I did not have a big, exhausting frenzy the last few days. Well, I am glad to announce that SO FAR, SO GOOD! ha!

Today has been a lazy day–quiet before the storm? ha! I spent the day finishing up some updates for my shopping cart. My to-do actually read, “Add the newest products to the Shopping Carts online.” Well, I had NO IDEA that there were so many of my newest sets that were not available all year long. AND–these are the very best EVER! You guys are going to LOVE these! More on that in a bit.

Do you ever have times where you do not even realize how much you HAVE gotten done? Ever have those times that you may even feel disappointed by all that HAS NOT been done yet? I began this year with HUGE plans. Now, I KNOW that I have been working hard and being very intentional about everything that HAS gotten done. But, there is THAT LIST–KWIM?

Well, I am SO glad that I got this time to really look back over this year. It has truly been our very best ever. Both my son and son-in-law are back from the Middle East from serving in our military. In fact, my son-in-law IS our son-in-law (I do prefer to call him our son-in-love). He and Elisabeth are blissfully married. Joshua is now not only walking and trying to talk, but he is RUNNING and just two weeks ago said the sweetest word–MIMI! 🙂 Harold is doing great in Law School. And, not only do we have over 25 new products (REALLY!), but they are carrying an anointing that is very special. Just looking back over them makes my heart soar with excitement. I KNEW God was moving and working, but these just blow me away! I am fired and inspired to wrap up this year and countdown to 2012. I am SO thankful for an amazing year!

Speaking of thankful, I have a super Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale going on from now until Midnight on next Monday.

Special Black Friday-Cyber Monday Sale!
Yes! Let’s celebrate another great year! Just use our Coupon Code on any of our sites and for ANY of our products and you will save 66% off our regular prices–yes, that leaves EVERYTHING just 1/3 of regular price!! Yep! Here is the coupon code so you can stock up:


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Yesterday I sent off a big package of yummies to Elisabeth. She and her sweet husband, Howard, live in South Dakota–he is in the Air Force and stationed there in Rapid City. Tomorrow, she and I will be “Skyping” as we cook together long distance. I am SO proud of her for digging in and making her first Thanksgiving Meal, complete with turkey. 🙂 I sent her a big package of her favs so we could bridge the miles. Although I miss her BEYOND crazy, I am so thankful that we can creatively make memories across the miles.

We are also excited that Matthew is back from Iraq safe and sound. We are SO thankful to have him HOME just in time for Thanksgiving. It gives us sooo much to be thankful for this year. I am excited that Matthew, Whitney and my sweet GRAND, Joshua will be joining us for Thanksgiving Dinner. I am SO ready for all of the yummy dishes. It will be fun to see how Joshua likes all of the Holiday dishes. Yes–I will take TONS of pics!

Speaking of the Holiday dishes…

I was gathering my recipes to send to Elisabeth and found this printable that may help you as well. It is Our Holiday Menu. Ready for a treat? Every year we have the following meal for our lunch meal at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I make plenty to have left-overs for a week! This is pretty much the same menu that my mother always has for her holiday menu, only I have added in a few Rushton favorites to my menu! Hope you enjoy!

Download at…

Well, I pray that you have a simply WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with your family. Don’t forget to take some time to just be still and thank God for the blessings He has given you this past year. You may be like me, not even realizing how much HAS been done and accomplished. Take some time to just soak it all in. Enjoy every moment. These ARE the days that we will remember!

Have a super Thanksgiving!

With much love,

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