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Cindy2015Cindy Rushton is the mother of Matthew (28) and Elisabeth (25) and Mimi to Joshua (5), Achilles (3) and new Baby Rushton.

Cindy currently lives in Greater Nashville Area. Cindy is the author of almost 150 books, Bible studies, Action Guides and homeschool resources. She has produced thousands of audio workshops and teleclasses. She edits and publishes two magazines, Time for Tea and Homeschooling The Easy Way. If that is not enough, she also manages her own blog: Cindy’s Desk(Top!)! and she hosts and produces the popular  online radio show, Mom-to-Mom Radio Show. Cindy is also enjoys working as a background actress for shows like ABC’s Nashville and various movies/videos.

It all began as Cindy sat in a Ladies’ Retreat as a nineteen-year-old newlywed.  For the first time in her life, she was taught what the Bible had to say about godly womanhood. Sure, she never missed a church service from the time she was 2-years-old.  Sure, she was brought up in a Christian home. But, these things were never specifically taught.  Actually, if we are honest, these topics are not the ones that give warm fuzzies, thus they have been and still are avoided by many ministers and Bible teachers.

During that retreat, Cindy sat in prayer thanking God for teaching truth.  As she sat in prayer, the rest of the world going on around her, God whispered His call to Cindy, “Will you purpose to get to know what I have to say about godly womanhood? Will you teach it?” You know her answer…the rest is history!

Take a peek around our site. Get to know Cindy and all that she has going on. You will find a friend who will come alongside of you during your journey. She will be there to encourage, inspire, and share practical ideas that are sure to help you step up to YOUR call.

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