Homeschooling the Easy Way Ezine ago we began our Homeschooling The Easy Way Magazine. It has always been a magazine filled with encouragement, inspiration, and practical (very DOABLE) tips for making homeschooling easy. Now, it is produced as a monthly ezine that is free for all subscribers.

Our purpose is to encourage a return back to God’s design for the godly home and homeschool! Each issue includes articles that encourage homeschooling with a lifestyle of real learning that returns to the OLD PATHS that have worked for centuries. Topics range from hearing God in your homeschool to balancing all of the many demands that the busy homeschool mom faces day-to-day to teaching lessons in a simple, EASY way to VERY practical ideas that are sure to make homeschooling in your home EASY too! You won’t want to miss a single issue!

What is it like?

Each issue is sent by email. I send an email alert to let you know that the new download for the week is ready. You simply save it to your computer, print it out to read, and ENJOY! Actually the best way to describe it is by letting you give it a try! Ready? Here are a few of our downloads from Summer 2008. I include all of them because they are part of a series that will give you a good start (re-start) as you homeschool. I think you will enjoy these! Here they are:

Let’s Get Ready for the New School Year!

Getting Started on the Right Track!

Reach Your Own Philosophy of Education

Homeschooling: Digging Into All of the Options (give this one plenty of time to open, it is a larger file than usual)

Setting Up Your Home for Real Learning

Easy Record-Keeping

Scheduling: Help for the Stressed, Inconsistent, Want-to-be Flexible and Organized Mom!

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