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Each issue features articles written for the purpose of ministering to YOUR heart!  Articles range from topics covering developing a closer walk with the Heavenly Father to ministering to the heart of your husband to discipling our children with a Godly heritage to ideas for homemaking from the heart to becoming a vessel that God can use!

Each issue is jam-packed with timely articles that are designed to give you a time for renewing your mind and refreshing your spirit during your Time for Tea!

Our prayer is that when you join us during that quiet moment of your day, you will be encouraged and fed in your soul, mind, and spirit!. Our greatest desire is that you will be encouraged by ALL of our resources to seek to follow the Lord as a godly wife and mother! Grab a copy (AND your cup of tea!) today!

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Back Issues??? Yep!  We Have Them!

Want to read our back issues of Time for Tea?  They are all available in Reprint Books! We now have SEVEN reprint books in all (the first two volumes are combined into one book).

Topics Included In Each Volume:

Time for Tea Volumes 1/2
Includes the following articles: Nature Studies the Natural Way, Nature Studies to Remember, Nature Studies...Who Me?, The Seasonal Table, A Spring Visit to Mother Nature’s Toyshop, Setting up a Nature Notebook, Our Favorite Resources, Writing a Process of the Lord, Encouraging our Young Writers, Copywork...Answers to Your Questions, Scrapbooking in the Homeschool, part one, Binderized! Using Notebooking in the Homeschool, Memories, Narration...Beyond the Test!, Narrating at Crooked Pines, In Charlotte Mason’s Dictation Class, How to Use Narration, Samples of Our Children’s Pen, Scrapbooking in the Homeschool...Part 2 The Process...PLUS MANY MORE!
Time for Tea Magazine Reprint Book Volume 3
Includes the following articles: Proverbs 31 for the Homeschool Mom, Letters We LOVE, Education is an Atmosphere, Homemaking on Top Huckleberry Hill, Great Resources for Homeschooling Homemakers, Education is a Discipline, Unschooling and The Charlotte Mason Approach, The Formation of Habit, The Importance of Routine, Charlotte Mason on Habit!, Schooling or Educating? How to Get Free From School At Home, Testing for Life in Your Homeschool: Seven Natural Vital Signs, Preparing Your Home for a Lifestyle of Learning, A Christmas Tea Party!, At Battle, Education is a LIFE...Even for MOM!, Time for Tea With All of You! (Letters from Subscribers!!), Worldviews...For Such a Time as This!, Education is a Life, The Presentation of Living Ideas, Choosing Resources for Read Alouds, The Process of Learning: God’s Way, Making a Toddler’s Lifestyle a Learning One, Real Education: Charlotte Mason Style, Jumping Into The Charlotte Mason Approach, Making Plans While Following Delights, Preparation for Your Future Writer, From Tribulations to Hope, Relationships...Ahhh, Marriage!, What About Teaching the Older Child???
Time for Tea Magazine Reprint Book Volume 4
Includes the following articles: Stepping Up To The Call...Time for Pruning??; Hedge of Thorns (Narration by Elisabeth Rushton); Letters We LOVE; Iron Scouts of the Confederacy (Narration by Matthew Rushton); Matthew’s Bookshelf; In the Herb Garden: Calendula; Developing Your OWN Philosophy of Education; Commitments of a Homeschooled Pre-teen By Matthew Rushton; Digging Deeper into the Study of Education; Education is a Science of Relations...Relations with God; Stepping Up To The Call...Daily Manna; Come Home... It’s Time for Tea; Friendship Quilt: A Treasured Heirloom Keepsake; In the Herb Garden...A Little About Rosemary; Cherishing Your Marriage; How to Break Your Child’s Heart in 10 EASY Steps; Time for Tea; Stepping Up To The Call...Fill Your Cup with Vision; Focused: A Story and A Song; Fill Your Cup FULL of Romance; Teatime Thoughts from Teatime Treasures; Would the PERFECT Mother Please Step Forward; Making *Not Back To School* Special; Scheduling Our Days to the Honor and Glory of God; Our Simplified Approach to Real Learning.
Time for Tea Magazine Reprint Book Volume 5
Includes the following articles: Teatime Thoughts; Exodus; Quick Tips for EASY Record-keeping; The Story of My Knife Business (by Matthew Rushton); Give Me A Burden, Lord…YOUR Burden; Mentoring One-on-One: A Note from Debby; Teatime Thoughts…Dessert for the Soul; Tired from the Journey? SIT DOWN; I AM: Everything We Will Ever Need; Fill Your Cup Back Up; The Zombie You Live With; The Students Write: A Notebooking Acrostic; A Sampling from NOTEBOOKING! YES! YOU CAN BE A BINDER QUEEN: Timeline Notebooks; Let Us Strive for the Gold; Betty’s Bits; Trials or Stepping Stones. Ministry at Home: A Ministry of Rest; and from each issue, Letters We Love.
Time for Tea Magazine Reprint Book Volume 6
Includes the following articles: From My Heart to Yours; The Great I AM: Abba Father; God is Our Portion; Through the Seasons in Life; Tea Time???; Some Funnies Just to Lighten Your Heart; Lessons I Learned Along the Way; The Struggle to Honor Our Husbands; Kitchen Korner; From a Mother’s Heart...Enjoying the Journey; Lord, I Want To Know What Love Is; The Great I AM: Ishi, Our Husband!; Seeing The Unseen; Dreams For Sale; Purity The ONLY Way; Some Funnies To Lighten Your Heart: Coffee!; Betrothed in the Desert; Kitchen Korner: Let’s Have Tea!; A Letter to a Newlywed; Marriage: It’s A Covenant Thing!; A Wise Woman Builds; Preparing for Christ; Assorted Non-Sense to Give You A Giggle!; Consider the Sixty-Six Books of the Bible; Making Memories at the Mall; Real Excuse Notes Written By Parents; A Heart for the Home: Awesome Activities; Great Christmas Read-Alouds; Just What IS Godly Womanhood?; Kitchen Korner; Letters We Love, Answered by Matthew; What Counts?; Some Funnies Just to Lighten Your Heart! A Diet We Might Can Do; 1 Corinthians 13—The Christmas Version; Just TOO Busy; Teach Me Lord, That I May Teach; Build a Ministry—A Family Ministry.
Time for Tea Magazine Reprint Book Volume 7
Includes the following articles: From The Editor’s Desk: At Battle, What a Way To Battle! Worship, A New Beginning! Time for Tea with Tracy Traylor, 50+ Secrets for Surviving Your Struggles, Die Hard, Time Out, Oh! It’s My Flesh Again, Dealing with the Dragons in Life, Ministering to the Hurting, Maintaining Friendships, I’ve Learned, Socks! Talk About a BATTLE, Celebrate Fall, The Sin of Worry, To My Child, Quick Tips for BUSY People Who Want to Get Things (Well…The BEST Things!) Done, Kitchen Korner..., Some Funnies Just to Lighten YOUR Heart, Restoring Balance To COMPLETELY Overloaded Lives, 67 Ways to Reduce Stress, Look! There’s Potential Behind the Problems, His Wheel—His Will, The Necessity of Discipleship: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Remaking Martha, Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude, Time for Tea for Teens—Unconditional Love, In Pursuit of Destiny, The Race, Great Truths, Ready to Make Your Own Home and Family Organizer??, Quick Tips For the Perpetually Late, Disorganized, Stressed-Out Mom, Taste and See, Develop Your Own Plan for Easy Meals, SIX FREE Reproducibles for YOUR Menu Planner, Oh! Socks! HELP; Did You Know???, Bounce Dryer Sheets, Some Funnies Just to Lighten YOUR Heart, A Heart for Home: Tips, How to Destroy Your Man in Just FIVE Years, How to Help Your Husband Be ALL He Can Be, What is Love???, Great Days Ahead, Women of Influence, The Story of The Urban Homemaker, Time for Tea with Marilyn Moll, High School! Wrapping It All Up, Passionate about The Passion of Christ, A Pastor’s Response to the Passion of Christ, No Excuses!
Time for Tea Magazine Reprint Book Volume 8: Getting Back To God's Design for the Godly Home
Includes the following articles: Time Out! To Fill YOUR Cup!, I Think I am Solar-Powered...I NEED The Son!!! by Elisabeth Rushton, Daily Manna, Our All Time Favorite Bible Study Resources..., 50+ Secrets for Survibing Your Struggles!, Help! I Have NO Idea Where to Begin Homeschooling!, Getting Started Homeschooling On The Right Track!, Quick Tips for Making Homeschooling Great!, Easy Record-Keeping for the Reluctant Homeschool Mom!, Setting Up Your Home to Learn!, Planning FUN and EASY Lessons, Our TOP TEN (OR MORE) Favorite Books EVER!, Let's Try Notebooking!, A Notebooking Shopping List..., Step-by-Step Help for an EASY History Study, A Timeline Notebook--Easy as A, B, C!, Let's Try Lapbooking..., Let's Make Easy Booklets..., Gearing Up for Another Big Year! OR! What I am Going to Do On Summer Vacation..., The Story Behind Matthew's Cutting Edge by Matthew Rushton, Tips from Great Men and Women in Business by Matthew Rushton, Quick Tips on How to Begin Your Own Busines (And...Call It School!) By Matthew Rushton, 10 Tips Sure to Make Your Business Great! By Matthew Rushton, So...You Wanta Be a Writer? Get a Website! Easy E-Books and Books on CD..., Develop the Disciplines of a Writer!, Quick Tips for the Perpetually Late, Disorganized, Stressed Out Mom!, Restoring Balance to Completely Overloaded Lives, Just Too Busy, EASY Homemaking Ideas for the Busy Homeschool Mom!, Quick Homemaking Help! Tips to Help Make Managing the Kitchen EASY (Well, Easier!), What About Children and Chores?, Destressing the Stressed Out Mom!, Scheduling Tips..., How To Destroy Your Man in Just Five Years!, How to Help Your Husband to be ALL He Can Be!, 101+ HOT Ideas for Romancing Your Sweetheart!, Romancing Your Woman--Easy Ideas for You Guys!, Romancing with CHOCOLATE! Quick Dating No-No's, A Spicy Shopping List for the Romantically Inclined...PLUS! Much, Much More!

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Time for Tea Magazine Reprint Book Set! ALL EIGHT YEARS!

Time for Tea Magazine Reprint Book Set! ALL EIGHT YEARS!
SAVE! The WHOLE Set! Time for Tea Magazine Reprint Book Set! ALL EIGHT YEARS! Includes all 7 volumes in one set.