Tired? Weary? Confused? Have NO idea which way to go?


Stop, beloved. Pull back. Don’t do a thing. Don’t talk. Don’t change things around. Don’t make any decisions-yet. Simply STOP.

There are times that our enemy finds a weapon that takes us by surprise. The time will come. What do you do? You learn from Jesus. You study Him. You learn from Him. You learn to walk out His ways. They ALWAYS work.

It does not make any difference what weapon the enemy uses, the same tactics work against him. You don’t even have to read a big manual to get a huge plan. You just have to read THE MANUAL. Oh, let me help you find the most powerful tactic, the one that all of the others hinge upon. Turn to James 4:7… [Read more…]

50+ Ideas for Taking Care of Mom! by Cindy Rushton

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Tired? Weary? Need some fresh ideas for taking care of mom? Feeling that push and pull on you as you balance all of the many demands in your life? Are you great about taking care of others, yet not quite so good about taking care of YOU? Has it been a long, long time since you have done the little things to just fill your cup back up? How about a few fresh ideas for filling your cup and ministering to your heart! I promise that these will be easy for you to do! Here goes:
–>  Grab Your iPod and go for a long, long walk! I LOVE my iPod. I have it filled with great Praise and Worship music, teachings and workshops, podcasts, tutorials, etc. My iPod has become my “pocket pal” when I work on my chores, take care of business duties, or even get out for my walk. Talk about my best investment!

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Depressed??? Try This…

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Depressed? Down? A bit SICK-AND-TIRED? Weary? Desperate for a change?

Sweet friend, I have been there. Actually, I was so deeply depressed that the best way to describe it is to think about the Grand Canyon with no apparent way out. That is how I felt. I felt too tired and weary to even begin the ascent back out. I was overwhelmed with the load. I could not go on the way I was going any longer.

I do have good news!

God healed me from depression. He broke the chains that bound me for far too long. He gave me a new beginning. I have never gone back. Now, this does not say that I am living in some fantasy world. Sweet friend, I KNOW depression. But, I hate it. I do not ever want to go there again.

Wondering, how do you stay away? How do you stop its vicious attack right in its tracks? [Read more…]

Destressing the Stressed Out Gal with Cindy Rushton

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Stressed? Been stressed a little too long? Too often? Need some help? Well, try the following and see if they don’t help a bit!

–> Go on a Prayer Walk—regularly! Praise and worship the Lord. Pour out your heart. Talk to Jesus the whole way! Listen to His sweet “conversation” with you. Be refreshed!

–> Use a Daily “To-Do” List to operate from. List your TOP FIVE things each day the night before. Go back over each morning during your Quiet Time and pray about your day before you. Take it all to God and lay it before Him. Keep in your own “Brain-in-a-Binder” so you can rest your mind. Go over your list as you throughout the day to keep a tab on how you are doing (also so you will not chase rabbits). Watch how much more peaceful each day will be.

–> Turn on Praise Music—LOUD! Got an iPod? I call mine my “stress-buster.” I LOVE turning it on while I clean or while I work on my daily chores. Not only does it make the work much more fun and easy, but I also find myself taking the Lord into every aspect of my day. Priceless!

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Never Give Up in the Battle by Lucia Claborn

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Are you ever tempted to give up in the heat of the battle? Sure, you are! We (including me) have all wanted to quit at some point in time because life’s situations just got too hard, we could see no way out — no help on the horizon – and thought it better to find a cypress tree and have a pity party for ourselves.

However, you need to know that God didn’t draw you to Himself, and then anoint you with the power of the Holy Spirit to be a quitter! He made you to be a winner, an overcomer, in every area of your life.

You may have never been told that before, so I get the wonderful pleasure of telling you now…God created you to triumph! “Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ Jesus…2 Corinthians 2:14a.

No matter what life’s situation is that you are facing and need to conquer, you must make a decision that you are never going to give in or give up! (This is exactly what the devil wants you to do…give up and quit! Don’t give him the satisfaction of beating you!) One key to victory is continuing to do the right thing with the right attitude and refusing to quit! [Read more…]