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Cindy2015Hello Sweet Friends!

How is your Saturday going? It is STUNNING here in North Alabama. Elisabeth and I got away for a breakfast out this morning. Matthew called to let me know that he had finished his 10K first place in his age division. And, my hubby just called to let me know how well he did shooting with his buddies today. Now, I am covered up with napping puppies and snagging a few moments on the computer. I like it!

I just got a few emails with questions about our live workshop this coming Monday. I thought I would take a few moments to share them and my answer in case you have the same questions. Well, before I dig into those questions, let me first tell you the background on this seminar. This is one workshop that you will not want to miss.

This past year has been a pivotal point for me. I guess you can call it my “Business Mid-life Crisis.” This year my business has paralleled my personal life at moving into a new season. I have felt the tremors coming on for some time, but I really did not know what God wanted to be different so I just stayed on the path that I knew He wanted me on—which is exactly what we should do. (SMILE)

Through the years, I have balanced homeschooling, home business, marriage, mothering, ministry, and serving in my community. This year, I have honestly sat back and wondered how I did it all. Maybe it was youthful energy. Maybe it was insanity. Definitely it was the Holy Spirit filling the places that I could not fill on my own, pulling it all together, and making the impossible happen. This year, I hit a wall where my plans were just not happening, my to do’s were not getting done, and I was at a “T” in my life and I had to figure out which way to go if I wanted to reach for my goals and dreams. Ever been there?

Something absolutely crazy happened that I thought was the way to go. I went to a casting call for a TV show. I got the call back. I was sent home to make videos of my life, my family, my friends, etc. I filled out mounds of paperwork. And, I got right down to production. I spent weeks (actually months) getting everything ready so I could leave for 4-6-8 months for filming. Then, my email came back letting me know that I had gotten far, but they thought I could do this on my own. UGH! In other words, the turn I took at the “T” led to a dead-end. And, lots of confusion.

Since then, I have been doing exactly what this seminar will teach you. I have pulled back to:

1.    Dare to dream again! Up until now, God has blessed me so much in making my dreams a reality. He told me years ago to dare to dream BIGGER. I remember thinking, “But, God, you have already given me my biggest dreams. What should I dare to dream?” Oh! Asking that question has unleashed God to really work in me this year. Not only is He asking me to dream for bigger things, He is also asking me to dream for a bigger list of dreams and put them on my calendar TODAY. Well, this is one thing that we will look at Monday. And, not just MY DREAMS, but I am going to come alongside of you as you pull out those dusty dreams and get moving toward them AND as you dare to dream bigger dreams and as you dare to dream a bigger list of dreams. You are going to get started putting them down on paper AND on your calendar THIS YEAR! You will love this!

2.    Get a clear vision of my life purpose. I really thought I was here already. However, I have seen something in myself that has shown me that I put myself and my life purpose in a box. In doing so, I put my dreams and goals into a box of what *I* could make happen—that is sooo small compared to what God wants to do. We all know that when we only reach for what WE can do, we are going to fall short of all that God has planned for us. We limit ourselves. We limit our lives. God had different plans for me than this particular show, I seriously do not believe it is BIG ENOUGH. I really believe it would limit Him. He still has totally impossible-without-Him plans for me. If there is something in my heart that has a desire to go this direction, I have to ask myself, “How is God going to do it? Will I dare to go that direction?” I have found that my only limits are my own personal vision. Relate? Well, we are going to do some deep work on clarifying our vision in this workshop. You are going to love, love, love this! I even have a completely separate audio that will take this one even deeper. It will be included in the membership site. You are not going to want to miss this. It is life-changing! And, it is life-changing THIS YEAR!

3.    Set goals that get you set! Now, this is an area that I really do well. Well, once I have a vision. I have spent the past few months really looking at my dreams—all of them—and breaking them down into doable, measurable, and solid goals (action steps). Now, I am hitting them one-by-one as God says, “Hit it girl!”  If you struggle with this, then you are going to LOVE our time Monday. I will show you how to get everything ready to go and on your calendar for next year. What is your dream? We will set goals that get you set to reach for your dream! And, soak this in—THIS YEAR!

4.    Get Unstuck, Get Moving, and Get it DONE! Very rarely do I get to a place where I am stuck, paralyzed, and just cannot get moving again. In that place, I have more excuses and exceptions that I care to admit. Little obstacles, distractions, chaos, and interruptions derail me. That is the time that it seems that if I take one step, I get clobbered and stuck again. Again, this is rare for me, but it has happened every time that I have been at a crossroads in my life. I think that part of this is because of my perfectionism, but I also think that most of it is because this is my preferred method of procrastination. (Talk about true confessions—that one hits deep!) I don’t know what may have been holding you back from reaching for your dreams, but Monday, we are going to dig deep and help you to get unstuck, get moving, and get it done! This is the year to read for your dreams. Just ask yourself today (not December 31st) how you feel about THIS YEAR? Is it what you wanted for it to be? It is another year that disappoints and discourages you? It is another year that you have a big list of resolutions that are not met? Well, ENOUGH of that! Monday, I will show you how to get out of your own way, get over YOUR obstacles, and get moving toward your goals and dreams. You will never be the same again!

5.    Clean out, revamp, restructure. There are two main times of my life that God has brought me to a place of pruning. Funny, both have been with new seasons of my life. This year, He has pulled out the pruning shears with a vengeance. I am SO glad that I knew what He was doing this time and that I could trust Him as He cut away some of my favorite “branches” to my life. Hear the snips in your life? Are you scared to let God prune those things you have LOVED? Is it time for Him to get loose in your life? Well, if you are ready to get moving toward your goals and dreams, the answer must be, “Yes, Lord!” or it is not going to happen. This is the perfect time of year to clean out, revamp, and restructure. In the next few weeks, everyone will be pulled back and busy with STUFF. In that time, you can get your life on track for success! You can gear up for your best year ever. And, I will show you step-by-step.

6.    Invest in yourself! This is the hardest thing for me. Sweet friends, if there is an “Achilles heel” for me, this is it! In fact, I have been chewing on one video segment from my daughter all fall. She said that I was a success because it involves others, not myself. She continued in saying that I was a success at marriage because it was all about my husband. She said that I was a success as a mom because it was always about my children. She said that I was a success as a homeschooler because it was all about my children AND the families who I help to homeschool. She said that I was a success in business, not because my name was on the books or audio sets, but because it was always about those I reach and minister to. Then, she said the one thing that I really struggled with—that I was a failure at taking care of myself because it HAD to be all about me. UGH! Relate? Maybe you have been taught, just like me, that taking care of yourself is worldly, selfish, and ungodly. Well, that teaching is dangerous (and unbiblical—join me and see!)! It keeps us from stepping up to our call. Yes, we may accomplish some things, but we will set limits that hold us back from reaching our life purpose and living our dreams. We can do all of the other things perfectly, but miss this one and we will not live the life that God has called us to live. This has been a BIG lesson of 2010 for me. Don’t miss as I share on this Monday.

7.    Press toward the mark! This past year I accomplished one of my “impossible” dreams. Actually, I did it twice and plan to try one more time as I run into the new year. Yes, it was running. I ran my first 5K on New Year’s Eve. Actually it began 15 minutes before midnight and we ran out of the old year and into the new year. As I neared the finish line, tears came flooding down my face. I had dared to dream, found the race to train for, set daily goals to train up, pressed past my hindrances, obstacles and excuses, got moving, and then pressed toward the mark. It was step-by-step. I finished. I finished well. And, found myself not just meeting my dream once, but I am now setting higher dreams (on my calendar). There is nothing like it! I don’t know what your dream is, but they are all the same—it is the same process to reach for them. It doesn’t matter if they are little dreams that you can do today if you carve out time to go for it or if they are going to take a lot of work and a lot of investment on your behalf. It is the same process. And, it takes getting your eyes set on the mark and pressing toward that mark! Well, more on that Monday.

So, what is your dream? What do you want for your life next year? When all is said and done, what do you want to look back upon? Just when do you plan to get moving and make it happen? Need some help? Check out our upcoming podcasts, online events, traveling calendar (Yes! Cindy is on the road coming to YOUR area!), ezines, and our social media! We are here for you! Also! Don’t miss our books and audios available at our online e-store!


Now, to the questions:

1.    Cindy, normally, you set up your events for free when we join you live, but this one is not set up that way. Why?

Great question! Yes, most of the time, we do set up events with that option, but this is not a typical event. This is a an afternoon retreat where I will be coaching you through this topic. I had toyed with the format for this topic. I was just going to set it up for my business coaching clients, but it is way more far reaching. It is perfect for everyone. And, it really needed to be a longer study—normally those require registration for attendance. But, Harold and I prayed about it and felt that it would be perfect in this format. We will only have one “crash-course” live session. Everything else either has been recorded or will be recorded and added to the membership site. You will love the set-up. But, it is very different from our free workshops.

In this format, we will have an afternoon retreat on this topic. Then, I will also record and add other topics that are complimentary to the membership site. I am very pleased with this set. Of  course, you will see it advertised again later for $99.95 after everything is online. It is definitely a crazy price now. So, don’t miss this! You will want to hear this one over and over and over!

2.    Hi Cindy…I would like to order a ticket for your “dreams” retreat on Monday, however, I’ve been called in to work that day.  If I can take my lunch break at that time I’ll catch about 1/2 an hour of it…my question…will a download be available so I could listen to the rest later?

Thanks for your email. Yes. Not only does the price include admission if you can join us, but it also gives you access to the Membership Site where the download will be available along with a whole set of audios on topics that I cover even deeper.

Plus, if you have to miss the live recording, you can still access the unedited audio immediately after the session (I will include a link where you can download that). I will edit the audio and have it available as soon as possible (I HOPE to have it by Wednesday so everyone can download and listen while they prepare their meals or travel).  Hope you can join us!

3.    I just got your email about the new TAL seminar on Gearing Up to Reach For Your Dreams in 2011. I still have $10.00 in Mommy Homework credit. Would it be possible for me to use that to grab a ticket for the seminar. It sounds WONDERFUL and motivating! Thanks and just let me know.

Absolutely! Just email me with your request and I will add you to the list. If you need to know how much Mommy Homework Credit you have, here is the link to the current listing: NEW MOMMY HOMEWORK CREDITS

Ok, dearies. Go ahead and slot me on your calendar Monday. We will gear up to reach for your dreams together. I can’t wait to see you there AND to see what this year holds for you! Here is that link again: (EVENT IS OVER–Please connect with us for our upcoming events!)

Have a super weekend! See ya online Monday!


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