Marriage 911! A Crash Course for Those Whose Marriages are Crashing or a Lesson in Aerobatics for the Show of a Lifetime

Cindy2015Dear friends,

Marriage stats are not looking great. 50% of all marriages end in divorce. This stat is no different for Christian or non-Christian marriages. The sad thing is that getting a marriage license is much, much easier than getting a private pilot’s license. It can be obtained in minutes in most states whereas typical pilots take over a year or more to obtain their Private Pilot’s License.

My husband is a pilot. Several years ago, we went on one of his “cross-country” flights, one of several that was required for his licensing. As we flew, I had a Bible Study that changed my marriage, and ultimately, my life. That was the birth of this study. Now, after 7 years this study is now available.

We have made this study simple and easy to use. You can join me at YOUR PACE and at YOUR CONVENIENCE. You can study self-paced through our “flight plans” that are prepared with the purpose of coming alongside of you, teaching you the lessons, strategies, and secrets to building a marriage that lasts forever!

Why This Study?
1. We all need an intense program to help us understand God’s plan for marriage–His design, His secrets to success, how to biblically love our spouse, what to do in the event of “problems” along the way, and what we are working toward.

2. We need someone, “a Private Pilot Instructor,” to “ride” with us while we learn and instruct us on the secrets that will make it easier.

3. We all need a different view from time-to-time. Up in the air, things look totally different. We can see a bigger picture. We need someone to take us up away from the myriad of details so we can get a different view–a bigger picture.

That is EXACTLY what this course is all about. So, we lovingly introduce our newest online study:

Marriage 911! A Crash Course for Those Whose Marriages are Crashing or a Lesson in Aerobatics for the Show of a Lifetime

You are going to love, love, love this study. It is designed with the busy wife in mind:

1. Go your own pace! Study through with me–I will give you a new lesson every month. This gives you time to dig in and enjoy the lessons without being rushed. Of course, if you need more time, just take it. This is YOUR pace! The lessons never expire!

2. We bring everything to you. Every month, you will receive an email with the link for your new download page. It is ready to download and enjoy!

3. Everything you need is included. We include everything you need, well except for your Bible, journal and mp3 player. If we mention an article, audio, or any other resource needed, we include it on your download page–FREE! It is right there waiting for you. You don’t have to purchase anything extra for this course.

4. Never have to worry about missing a lesson. Let’s face it, sometimes we just get TOO busy for a while. Well, we make it very easy for you to catch up at any time. Each week, we list the links for your previous lessons on the download page. You don’t have to worry about missing lessons from the past. In fact, in the event of a computer crash (we pray you never have anything like that happen), you can pick up right where you are in the study. The links for all of the past “Flight-Plans” are included on the download page. Easy. You don’t have to give it a second thought.


Wow, Cindy, I just got the new Marriage Flight-Plans, and I am so blown away by the content! You are such a blessing to me and my family. Thank you for all of the content and bonuses that you included. This is exactly what I have been needing. You did it again.

Thanks again,



Thanks so much for these wonderful “flight-plans.” Steve and I just downloaded the first one and listened to it while having a picnic lunch -you call that “pow-wow.” We had a wonderful discussion about how we would purpose to connect with one another. This is already helping our marriage today. I can’t wait for the future “flight-plans” to arrive. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


PS. Steve now thinks we should take flight lessons. WINK

Speaking of “Flight Plans,” we have amazing lessons on the horizon. Want to see a list of just a few? Sure….

The Plan
“God’s Plan for Marriage”

* NOT GOOD! God’s Plan for Intimacy
* It’s a Covenant Thing
* Helpmeet or Hurtmeet???
* Completer or Competer???
* Leave, Cleave, Become One
* Love and Respect
* A Gentle and Quiet Spirit
* Wither Thou Goest…
* Lessons from the Wayward Woman
* Heirs for Life
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

The Supplies
“Essentials for the ‘Course” of Study”

* A Look at 1 Corinthians 13–LOVE
* God–A Three-Fold Cord
* The Word–Your Flight Manual
* Power-Up with the Holy Spirit
* Fill Your “Home” with Good Things
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

The Lessons
“Lessons Heart-to-Heart”

* Fire Up Your Marriage!
* Submission…DO WHAT???
* Castles Under FIRE!
* Make TIME!
* Build Your Home
* Study Your Spouse
* Guard Your Home
* Dangers that Destroy
* 3-Legged Race
* Standing in the Storms
* Maintain Your Home
* Rebuild from the Rubbish
* Build a Legacy
* Invest Your Very Best!
* Love Is…Unconditional
* Love Is…A Decision
* Love Is…Passionate
* Love Is…Intentional
* Love Is…FOREVER!
* R-E-S-P-E-C-T
* Forgiveness
* The Godly Helpmeet
* Pulling Out of a Crash 101
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

“Test-Taking 101”

* Forgiving the Unforgivable
* Pulling Out of a Crash 101
* Standing Through the Storms of Life–Together!
* Dealing with Life’s Curve Balls
* Fight RIGHT!
* Rebuilding from the Rubbish
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

Extra Credit
“Bonuses that Build a FOREVER Marriage”

* Establishing Common Interests
* Romance Toolbox!
* Forging a Forever Friendship
* Firing Up the Romance Fires
* Get Connected
* Date Your Mate
* Priority
* Purpose
* Vision
* Faithfully Yours
* Little Things Make It Great!
* Duct Tape YOUR Mouth!
* Pow-Wow with Your Spouse
* Laughter
* Let’s Make a Memory
* Family Stories
* Honey Do’s
* How to Help Your Man Be All He Can Be
* You Made It–Cheerleader!
* Make Your Bedroom Super Special
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

Making The Grade
“Keys to Making the Grade”

* Never, Ever Quit
* Mind Your Marriage
* Be Intentional!
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

Continuing Education
“Lessons Along the Way”

* Seasons
* No Quitting
* Best Friends Forever
* Write a Beautiful History
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!

Getting Your Masters
“The Ultimate Accomplishment”

* Building a Legacy Together
* Glory!
* Make Your Marriage SOAR!
* Destroy Your Man in Just 5 Years…OR Help Your Man Be ALL He Can Be???
* Plus, much, much, MUCH MORE!


Cindy, I have felt so lost as a wife. I have prayed and prayed for someone to help me learn lessons like this. What an answer to my prayers. I am with you all the way. I want a marriage that soars!

Dianna Smith from VA

Love it? I do! I am so excited about this course. And, we have finally found the perfect format. Here is how it works:

Every month, you will receive an email with the link for our new “Flight Plan.” A “Flight Plan” is simply a lesson (on the topics above). We send one “Flight Plan” every month. That gives you plenty of time to listen, take notes, listen again, and really soak in the lessons. You are going to love it!

1. Short And Easy To Digest (OK, some are longer, but they are broke up into several parts).
2. Includes Everything You Need.
3. Builds As You Go.
4. Forces You To Succeed Long-Term.
5. Helps You Make Real Progress.

Each lesson is designed to be “to the point” and immediately actionable. You will be able to use each lesson immediately in your own marriage. Just peek at the outlines of our first Flight Plan:

Get Connected with Your Spouse-

* You’ll learn how to intentionally connect with your spouse–why you should and how God intends for us to connect with our spouses.
* You’ll learn about the importance of planning time to pow-wow with your spouse and how to make it happen even in a very, very busy home.
* You’ll learn about how to make the most of your time with your spouse so you make sweet memories and bond even closer.
* You’ll learn how Harold and Cindy stay focused and stick to their priorities by pulling aside in the busyness of life to dream, brainstorm, and plan together.
* You’ll learn how to connect with your spouse by intentionally bringing romance into your relationship.
* Plus, much, much MORE!

That is not all! The first flight plan includes extra bonuses: articles, a “Love Journal” assignment, and a fun Romance “Cheat-Sheet.” And, that is only the FIRST “Flight Plan” in our study! You can dig in TODAY!

Wonder what it costs?

This is the best part!

We wanted to make our “Marriage Flight Plans” as affordable as possible. So, we decided to make them less than the price of a pizza. Yep! Only $4.95 per month!

You will be set up on a membership that bills you directly each month. You don’t have to do anything after you join, but enjoy!

We will send your “Flight Plans” every month! Oh! Actually, some months along the way, you will receive bonus goodies that are completely unadvertised. It may be an additional audio that takes you deeper into the topic. It may be that your particular “Flight Plan” ended up being a “mini-retreat” and we included the entire recording as your download. There are even weeks that you will receive bonus ebooks, articles, and downloadable goodies. You are going to LOVE this series!

The One Limitation…

Yes, we have one limitation that you need to know about up front. We set up this study in a format that begins at lesson one and continues until all of the lessons are taught. Because of the format, if you sign up, you will begin at lesson one. You will receive a new lesson every month. The only limitation results from this format. If you cancel your membership, you will have to begin at the very beginning again. We can’t drop you into the sequence where you left off.

Just in case you are wondering, if you need to change your email address, that is ok. We will gladly help you change it out.

One final thing…we have already been asked if these audios will ever be available individually. The answer is yes and no. Some along the way MAY be available for purchase, but these are being recorded specifically as part of our course. It would be very rare when we make these available since it is hard to pull a teaching from the middle of the course and really make sense.

The retail prices for all of these items individually is $1974.85+ and growing each month (we keep adding even MORE to this course!)!

Join us now! Marriage 911: A Crash Course With All of These Freebies!

Get Ready for the “Show of a Lifetime!!” (Cancel at any time and we will still be friends!)

(Even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Saturday)

Marriage 911! A Crash Course for Those Whose Marriages are Crashing or a Lesson in Aerobatics for the Show of a Lifetime - Online Membership Course
Marriage 911! A Crash Course for Those Whose Marriages are Crashing or a Lesson in Aerobatics for the Show of a Lifetime - Online Membership Course
Marriage stats are not looking great. 50% of all marriages end in divorce. This stat is no different for Christian or non-Christian marriages. The sad thing is that getting a marriage license is much, much easier than getting a private pilot’s license. It can be obtained in minutes in most states whereas typical pilots take over a year or more to obtain their Private Pilot’s License. Join Cindy Rushton as she comes alongside of you as your Marriage "Flight Instructor." She will inspire, encourage, and equip you for your call as a godly wife. Don't miss this course! Click on the title of this course for more information.
Price: $4.95

You will be able to dig into our very first “Flight Plan” that is waiting just for YOU!

See ya on the inside!

Cindy2015Cindy Rushton

This study promises to be your most favorite marriage resource(s) EVER!

Build Your Marriage, Build Your Home By Cindy Rushton

Cindy2015Build Your Marriage, Build Your Home

By Cindy Rushton

“Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.” Proverbs 14:1

Building your marriage? Is it on the back-burner? Busy with the children and the house and homeschooling and working in your business? Just dropping at the end of the day with nothing left over?

I am not trying to give you another thing to do with your busy day. Rather, we need to get back to God’s design for the godly home. Take a peek at this passage from 1 Corinthians 11: 7-9

“The woman is the glory of the man. For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” 1 Corinthians 11: 7-9

Our number one priority after our relationship with God is our marriage. We are created to be a helpmeet. Not a small thing! Not an extra thing. It is absolutely essential.

I have gone through entire years of focusing on different roles that I must fulfill to the detriment of my main calling—to be a wife. My husband is just so easy to please. He doesn’t demand or push me to take care of him. Rather, he is like me. We just stay busy on all we have going on. We mean well. But, if you are not building your marriage–intentionally building your marriage–even a godly marriage begins to fall to pieces over time just due to neglect. The entire home begins to crumble around us.

I remember the first year of homeschooling my children. As the last days of the school-year rolled around I realized that in my enthusiasm of turning my heart back home toward my children and really enjoying motherhood to the fullest, I had not nurtured my marriage as I should have! Days had gone by where both of us were so busy with our other roles that we had very little time, much less energy, to connect. The year just flew by with very little focus on building our marriage. Ever found yourself like this?

There are so many different facets of womanhood. We constantly juggle so many roles. It is so easy to get so wrapped up in one area that we lose sight of all of the others!

Our main calling, first and foremost, as women is to the awesome role as a helpmeet for our husbands. We are to bring glory to our husbands so they may in turn bring glory to God.

Isn’t this beautiful? We are those hidden women who reflect all of the glory back to our husbands…who build up our husbands and promote THEM…who do all that we do to help them subdue and have dominion over the world!

Where there is a beautiful marriage, all else falls into place. Two become one. There is security, stability, and a good model of biblical priorities in the lives of the children. There is a ministry to the world. This is the means that there is glory reflected from the family and the marriage. In turn, this glory magnifies God to our culture. Others see God’s perfect plan for man and woman! There is hope. There is abundant life.

The catch here is that beautiful marriages do not just happen. It takes work. Hard work. It takes commitment. Years of commitment. It takes priority. Intentional priorities.

Want a great marriage? Build your home! Build your marriage. Have no idea where to begin? Let me help. Have a good marriage? A good carpenter always looks for new tools. A good carpenter never thinks he is done. He keeps on building. Marriage is the same way! Let me share a few tools that will make your good marriage even better–or, prayerfully the very best. Ready? Dig in with me…

–> Always build! We don’t have an option. We must intentionally build our marriages or they will fall apart around us. We must be intentional about what we do. Our marriages need to be on our calendar. Our marriages need to be on our daily to-do list. Don’t shove them to the back of everything. The benefits flow to everything and everyone else. So, build your marriage.

–> Don’t hold anything back! Give your all–all your gifts, talents, bents, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom! Be a real helper to your husband! Give him assistance during the tough times. Protect his heart and his name. Step in the gap and pray hedges of protection around him in all that he sets forth to do. Adapt yourself and your whole life to him—to God’s plan for him. Wrap your life around his with the intention to make him great. To bless him. to bring him glory. After all, as you bring him glory, he reflects glory to Jesus, Who reflects glory to our Heavenly Father. It all beings with you. Don’t hold anything back. Pour it all out!

–> Be his best friend!
Do the little things to build your friendship. Take time to just enjoy him. Take time to LISTEN. Take time to enjoy the things that he enjoys. Look for ways to pal around. Develop a close, intimate friendship with your very best friend!

–> When in doubt, die to your ways and your ideas and your plans! OUCH! Decide now that you will live your whole life as your husband’s chief support. Only when we die to SELF can we really have an abundant, lavish life. Be the one who gives him that respect that he needs. Be the one who knows all that he is and yet still admires him more than even his little 2-year-old boy! Be the one who loves him unconditionally, enough to give up all life could possibly offer you to build him up! Die to all you had in mind for your life and commit to promote him. Watch what God does when you take that first step!

–> Contribute to his growth, his enlargement, his excellence! Patiently nurture him and encourage him to develop interests (Bible Study, SWAT team, metal detecting, sailing, email–He needs down time too!) that will help him to re-fuel, re-charge, and become strong. Beautiful, forever marriages all have several key elements. One of the most important is embracing change and growth, encouraging each other to expand, keep learning, keep growing, and helping each other press on toward big dreams together. It knits you together in a forever love story!

–> Affirm your man and his manhood—get excited about his leadership, his masculinity, his sexuality, his work! Reassure any insecurities! Enjoy his masculinity. God created him to fill your gaps. ENJOY that rather than despising it. Yes, so often we get frustrated, exasperated, and despise the differences between man and woman. Such a contrast to God’s plan. God wants for us to enjoy our differences. He wants for us to affirm one another. Ask God to help you enjoy your husband and all of the blessings that he brings into your life. Why not begin a list of things that your husband does to provide, protect, and lead you? Keep that list going. When you find yourself struggling with the differences, take time to dwell on your list. It will change your perspective and help you to build your marriage.

–> Be the one person who always believes in him.
Be the one person who always has total confidence in him. Inspire him to greatness! Encourage him dream big and go for his dreams. Have vision for all God wants to do in his life. Encourage him. Be his teammate as he works toward that calling. Relieve him where he needs relief—where can you come alongside to help him??

–> See a weakness? Of course, you will. That is part of becoming intimate and real with one another. The question is what do we do when we see a weakness? Do we point it out? Nag them about it? Ask our friends to PRAY for him? Worry? Fret? Fear the future? OR…Do we come alongside of them and offer them strength, back-up, support? Do we take it all to God in intercession with prayer and fasting? Do we jump in and give them inspiration and encourage them. How do we respond when we see their struggles? It makes a world of difference! One choice builds our homes. Another choice destroys our home. Cry out to God on their behalf. Find ways to make it easier for them, any way you can. Help them succeed! Love them in their weaknesses and struggles. Be joyful and positive, always uplifting and encouraging! Let God supply your needs, not your husband, things will relax…you may change your heart! At minimum, you will be building your home instead of tearing it down with your own hands.

Sweet friend, what is your choice today? Will you build? When you build your home, you build your marriage. When you build your marriage, you build your home. Sweet friend, let’s commit to build! Decide now to pour yourself into your husband! Build your marriage! Let the little things go so that you have time to get to know your husband, so you will have time to minister to him in little ways. Take that time for the relationship and you will find that all else will fall into place! Invest your best into your home. You are building a home, a marriage, a godly legacy! Oh, wise woman,  BUILD your marriage, BUILD your home!


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