Your Wounds are Weapons!

Cindy Gunter RushtonTired? Battle-weary? Broken? Wounded?

Beloved…I have very good news for you!

This is not your position!

This is not your identity!

Soak that in…

You are a mighty warrior! You are a victor! Your wounds are your weapons. What the enemy intended for your harm is actually the very thing the Lord uses for your good. Those very “hits” are not your identity but weapons you will use to set captives free!

Those heartaches, losses, disappointments, struggles, messes are all turning today. They are turning into beautiful weapons–like arrows in your quiver. That pain is turning into wisdom that can be shot forth to bring hope and healing. That lack is turning today into a testimony of God’s faithfulness and miraculous provision that can zone in to the soul in deep need of “a way”. The dryness, parch-ness, burn-out, brokenness, and weariness are turning today into wells that never run dry and a river that flows out in overflow, bringing an arrow of refreshing into the longing heart. That emptiness, loneliness, and betrayal are becoming beautiful and powerful arrows shooting forth great love and satisfying relationship with God, self, and others. Those lies, accusations, doubts, fears that were hurled your way are transforming before your very eyes to become weapons sending forth truth, wisdom, and prophesy. Even the momentary death of your dreams is turning into an arrow sending forth abundant, full, lavish, intentional, and purposeful life. Everything… EVERYTHING

… every single weapon used against you is turning today into your arsenal of weapons.

Felt a heaviness from all of the hits?

Feel like you are standing in the midst of a huge pile of arrows that have been fired into your life??

Today is the day to gather those arrows and lay them at the feet of Jesus. You are not intended to carry around all of that heaviness. You are destined for so much more!!

It’s time to “yoke up” with Jesus and turn all of those into your weapons and arrows! It’s time to let Him transform those arrows and fill your quiver full of weapons of defense and offense–you are made for battle! You are a might warrior! You cannot lose!! No weapon formed against you can prosper! Every single hit from your childhood is before you and beckoning you to step up as a mighty warrior and pick up those arrows as your own weapon so you can fight the good fight! Your arrows will set the captives free! Your arrows will protect you from the enemy–they are your weapons for protection! Those arrows are in your quiver to assist you in taking back the captives for the Kingdom of God and setting them free!!

Today, gather those arrows! Offer them up. Let them all go. Refuse today to be a victim. Refuse to stay in captivity! Refuse to be a prisoner of war. Today, get back up!!

I declare that you are a mighty warrior! I declare that these weapons are now your arrows that you will use to bring Jehovah’s freedom to the culture. These arrows intended for your harm are now your testimonies of healing, sustenance, provision, wisdom, love, comfort, transformation, relationship, freedom, purpose, and calling. Be aware of the schemes of the enemy but don’t miss the greatest truth–he is under your feet! He is defeated! You ARE a victor! You ARE an overcomer!! This is your position! It is not one day or someday. It is your position and your identity TODAY!

Rise up mighty warrior!!

Press Into His Presence!

Cindy Gunter RushtonWhat are you looking for? What do you really want? Do you know?

God offers us exactly what we have been craving!

We search for it in soooo many places and end up empty, burn-out, used, abused, tired, weary, lost. If that is not enough, the enemy knows what God offers and the satisfaction we would find in that. His greatest work is setting up counterfeits to lure us away from all God has for us.

Today, the call is to turn our eyes away from that lure…to stop searching everywhere but that place where we already know we will find what we really want–In His Presence…and to press into His presence! His sweet, sweet presence!!

In His presence, we find all we are looking for! In His presence, we can stop our frenzy pursuit of stuff, fame, education, notoriety, position, possessions. Without His presence, these things vie for our attention and lure us away to a life that is less than God’s very best. We miss the power. We miss the provision. We miss the healing. We miss the love, acceptance, peace, joy, satisfaction. These are all here before us waiting for us to enjoy. They are awaiting us in lavish portions!

Today, God is gently calling us to come apart, taste and see how very very good He is. He wants to be and become all you will ever need. Everything! EVERYTHING! Everything we will ever need!

Come to Him! Then…watch out for what He has in store for you!! Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God (God’s design, God’s way of doing things, god’s lifestyle, God’s culture, God’s atmosphere, God’s presence, God’s provision, God’s healing, God’s rule/lordship) …and ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU!

Today, press past the lesser…the lure…the limits…grasp on to all that Christ died to give you!!

On My Knees by Jane VanOsdol

teatime14On My Knees
by Jane VanOsdol from

How many times have you as a mother been certain that your child would never move past his current stage, and that you were doomed to live out the rest of your days forever stuck where you were, a? la Ground Hog Days?

Well, I’ve felt like that many times in my kids’ lives. When my son was a toddler, trips to the store became a battleground as he often threw tantrums when he didn’t get what he wanted. Discouragement set in after one particularly bad trip when he and the whole cart tipped over– in front of a group of managers-in-training! I was certain I was the poster child for the “how to handle the hysterical mother” lesson that day.

Another time I felt forever trapped in my daughter’s grow-her-bangs-out-stage. Now, this wasn’t a life-or-death situation, but we combed and bobby-pinned and coaxed them in place for months only to have her cut them again when they finally grew out. We repeated that cycle about four times in succession.

Then there was a good two years when I dreaded going into my child’s school (which was also my workplace), because I was always greeted by a battalion of teachers wanting to talk to me about said child’s missing, late or otherwise nonexistent homework.

Well, I did eventually live through each of these stages and many others–some serious, some just annoying–largely due to one thing:  prayer. I learned how to pray through all the stages of my kids’ lives. Prayer kept me sane, gave me perspective, allowed God to work in the situations and changed me for the better. It can for you too.

As parents, we desperately need God’s perspective on the stages in our children’s lives. When we don’t take the time to consult with Him, we are left to muddle through on our own strength and power, without the discernment, strength and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

I learned the hard way that I needed my regular times of prayer with the Lord to be the best mamma I could be.  Each new, precious stage of their lives had me on my knees praying my way through the unchartered waters. Sometimes I was laughing and praising, and sometimes I was crying and interceding for one who had stepped off God’s path or for one who was suffering from a hurt or injustice.

Years ago I started recording my prayer requests in a notebook, and the other day I found an old journal in the closet. What a wonderful look back at how far we have come and a reminder of what is still ahead. I’ll be there on my knees. Won’t you join me?