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Cindy2015Welcome to our  eStore!

We are NOW open!

We have a full line of eBooks, Mp3 audios, eWorkshops, personal study courses and online studies by Cindy Rushton and the entire Rushton Family! Take a look at them today. You will LOVE them!

This week we are celebrating our NEW eStore opening. To celebrate, we are offering a 50% off coupon. Just enter the coupon code FAMILY when you purchase anything here on our site. You will save 50% off of your entire purchase!

If you need to learn more about each product, just click the name of the product and you will be taken to our full sales letter with all of the details about that product/course. Don’t forget to see MORE resources coming soon! Connect with us so we can keep you updated all along the way! [Read more…]

Reach for Your Dreams THIS YEAR!

Cindy2015Hello Sweet Friends!

How is your Saturday going? It is STUNNING here in North Alabama. Elisabeth and I got away for a breakfast out this morning. Matthew called to let me know that he had finished his 10K first place in his age division. And, my hubby just called to let me know how well he did shooting with his buddies today. Now, I am covered up with napping puppies and snagging a few moments on the computer. I like it! [Read more…]

It’s Thanksgiving! A Goodie AND A HUGE SALE!!

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Hello Sweet Friends!

It is FRIDAY! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is less than one week away? I can’t!

I just finished up the last details on a fun gift for all of you. Yep! I have MORE than an ezine this week. It has a couple of purposes–one, just because I love you! But, another reason is my silence lately! I have missed you guys SO MUCH! We have had tons going on–Matthew and Whitney got married (I will be writing more on that next week and in upcoming weeks–WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Pictures are on the way soon!), remodeling of my house, and all of life’s etceteras. Please forgive me! I promise that you are going to LOVE now that I am back on track–plus, I have taken this “re-start” to change some things. Well, more on that next week.

For now, I want to give you the link to your goodie this week. Here it is:

THANKSGIVING: Ideas, How-to’s, Recipes, and Tips to Help You Make Your Holiday Super Special (and Easy!)


Fun? I hope it blesses your socks off!


Catch the hug from me across cyberspace! And, as you dig in, come see me at my blog or at Facebook and “chat” with me a bit!

Love ya tons!


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NEW STUDY! Be Virtuous! with Cindy Rushton

The image “http://www.cindysdesktop.com/wp-content/uploads/MomIpod.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Ready for a SUPER study? Today we kick off our study through Cindy’s newest online class, Becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman. Mom-to-Mom Radio Show will feature this entire study FREE! Each week, we will cover another topic as we study through Proverbs 31. This week join us as we dig into the study and learn about how to become VIRTUOUS. Don’t miss this one! This topic will fire you up!

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Want a Marriage Mentor??? We Can Help!

Cindy2015Several years ago, I went on a “cross-country” flights that totally rocked me! It was one of several that typically required for licensing of private pilots. As we flew, I had a Bible Study that changed my marriage, and ultimately, my life. That was the birth of this study. Now, after 7 years we are excited to announce that this study is now available!!

We have made this study simple and easy to use. You can join me at YOUR PACE and at YOUR CONVENIENCE. You can study self-paced through our “flight plans” that are prepared with the purpose of coming alongside of you, teaching you the lessons, strategies, and secrets to building a marriage that lasts forever!

You can join our NEW study TODAY! Learn MORE here!